The Dollar General Storebathrooms

T Sep 02, 2018 Review updated:

The Dollar general store in Summer field FL on US 301 . Their bathrooms have been out of order for 2 weeks now and I am a concern customer if their bathrooms have been out of order for 2 weeks now isn't it a health hazard to staff and public, if the bathrooms are out of order due to plumbing problem. The board of health could close the store due to plumbing problem. The staff is friendly and helpful to elderly and the disabled public. I hate to see the store close due to plumbing problem. Especially if one of the bathroom is plugged and no one comes in to fix it.


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    Chris1977 Sep 03, 2018

    Unless they serve hot food, they're not obligated to provide a public bathroom. Use the bathroom before leaving home.

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    Notgettingurway Sep 05, 2018

    Some people dont have any home training and usually leave the bathroom disgusting. We have one public and one not just for this reason

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    Wiscogirl87 Sep 11, 2018

    As a female employee we dont even use our own restrooms at work. You customers more ladies than men come in use our restroom, leave shit stains on our toilet seats and dont have enough courtsey to use the lysol wipes on the back of the toilet put there for that reason. Its gross. Sad we have to go in after every female customer to check.

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    WiscogirI87 Sep 11, 2018

    To you customers that keep complaining. You better not do it at my store. I had an issue with a customer. I the LP that they were stealing. I had to place batteries in their bag myself to make them look guilty. The best part of all of this was I got a gift card for catching the thief.

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