Texas Roadhousehad to go away with an empty stomach!

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I was in a group of ten that wanted to try your new restaurant. I have been to other Taxes Roadhouse restaurants and was thrilled when you opened in the area, but I was very disappointed with our service last night - January 18th.

Understanding that we had a large group we used your call ahead option.
We called the restaurant at approximately 4:55 for a 6:00 pm arrival time.

We were told that we could experience an additional wait time when we arrived. We were ok with that. At approximately 6:30, our pager/name was called and the hostess informed us it would be 5 minutes.
Again, not a problem. 5 minutes turned into 10 which turned into 20.
We approached the hostess again wanting to know what the hold-up was.
We were told the group occupying "our" table was chatting and as soon as they left we would be seated. After an additional 10 minutes - we were told the same thing. My main problem was, we informed the hostess that our group would split up in order to get us in. There were several groups of 5 that came in after us and were seated before us -- why were we not seated first when we said we would split up? When we pondered this to the hostess we were told that was "our" table and they were waiting for it to become vacant. What I don't understand was when we told the hostess we would be split up why we were not seated but rather bound to the original table assignment.

We ended up leaving without eating after waiting 1.5 hours in the store (total of 2.5 hours including phone in time). So because you wouldn't assign us a different table you lost the business of 10 people last night (18 January). I really wanted to try your restaurant and food, and I was very disappointed to go away with an empty stomach.


  • Fu
    fuma1986 Jun 17, 2010

    Tell us about your complaint at

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  • Ja
    James Andrade Jan 01, 2017

    Texas Roadhouse needs to train it's management better and these type of things would not happen as frequently as I'm now reading on this site. Texas Roadhouse has numerous complaints. I wrote one today myself about a bad experience there. I had a problem once before and they had that particular store manager contact me and offer me a free meal. i don't need a free meal. What is needed is when there is a problem a manager should step in and solve it prior to it getting to this complaint site.

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  • Be
    BethWolf Aug 13, 2018

    Very disgusting unpleasant man ( or woman) I have encountered at a restaurant. When taking our order he was like why are you here. He was rude to all of us and we wanted to leave this pee on. I hope they do something.

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  • An
    Antionette Frazier Aug 13, 2018

    We made RSVP for 15 celebrating my son and nephew birthdays wasn't enough room so I ordered food when they bring out it was cold I also placed a to go order of full slab with 2 side kickers of shrimp it was cold also n I was taking that home the manager slams the food back into the bag n walks off very rude and I eat there all the time

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  • Fe
    Felipe10950 Aug 20, 2018

    May 14, 2018 - Waited 1 hour for a table at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Middletown NY. There were plenty of tables available for a party of 9...I even asked to be split up.

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  • Na
    [email protected]@ Aug 20, 2018

    I am appalled to see such activities take place at Texas Roadhouse. I go there with my family and to see such blasphemy just shocks me. I just can't believe it! Its time to remove the management and correct it.

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  • Jo
    Joshcobb Aug 21, 2018

    Your supplier Prime Foods gets their hard boiled eggs from Rose Acre Farms that's recalling 206 million eggs! It's been on every news outlet. If you don't take action you are putting every one of your customers at risk! I have proof of Rose Acre trucks at Prime Foods if you would like proof.

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  • Al
    Albertjr Sep 02, 2018

    Ordered 2 steak plates to go, get home and both steaks were WELL DONE, Dry as can be. We were very unhappy, would of took it back but it's a 15 minute drive back to town. See the attached receipt and steak.

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  • Ab
    Abbyg365 Sep 02, 2018

    We have been coming here since I was a little girl and this past time we came here the steaks were way under cooked to what we asked for. Also, the place where they put us is not sanded down correctly. The wood keeps catching onto my jacket. This has always been our #1 place to go and this last time had really dissatisfied us.

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  • As
    Astorga Sep 02, 2018

    When did it become custom to only give the military discount only off the military member vs the whole bill. Very cheap of you Texas Road house will never eat here again.

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  • Ka
    Kamryn Swan Sep 05, 2018

    I am highly upset with the Texas Road house by my home. I specifically came to Texas Road house for the rolls and they were out, and it just made me very upset because I drove a long way just for these rolls. Also, when we got here, they waited until we were seated and already ordered appetizers and drinks to tell us they were out of rolls.

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  • Mi
    Michelle dildy Sep 20, 2018

    When going to restroom I had to practically ask 2 employees to please move so I could enter the restroom. They were all hugged up in a very sexual position. They eventually moved. Then while waiting to order I witnessed them sharing the encounter so, therefore I did not order. Left and won't be back.

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  • Sa
    Sandy VanDalsem-Hullette Oct 22, 2018

    never had issues before. had a party of 7. was put in a small booth. had to ask severl times for rolls. my plate and anothers plate was wrong. had gotten sweet tea. came around to fill up all glasses. she gave us all plate had onions when didnt order. and my plate a steak meal was put on a child size plate. this is uncalled for.

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  • Bi
    Billergil Nov 04, 2018

    Service was bad ordered a onion did not get it did not get one last time I came the waitress was not very good had to wait 15 minutes to get something to drink this is been a ongoing thing

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  • Ca
    Carolyn Robison Jun 18, 2019

    Started working trainer was so nasty and ignorant treated me terrible called me old. I'm 57 that's not old would never recommend for work. Was told its team work we are family my ass.My son worked here they talked crap on him as well management needs replaced .They need to be managers not their best friends. Terrible place to work.

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  • Ma
    Marshoun Hampton Jun 19, 2019

    Orders well done steak is barley cooked them messed up my sampler order and said they nolonger had potato skins but someone a table away was eatin them

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  • Ca
    Carm7306 Jun 29, 2019

    Ordered curbside take out last night ask for my steak kabobs to be well done since I'm 7 months pregnant and what did I get red, sick isn't the word. Also got the filet steak for my boyfriend same thing very red

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  • Mn
    Mneale Jul 02, 2019

    My wife and I had the same meal with a few exceptions different dressing & load BP When we got home both of us were violently ill, from both ends on our 15 year anniversary. Called and was offered nothing, they try to blame it on what I had for breakfast. We didn't eat the same thing for breakfast but we both got sick 20 minutes after eating TR

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  • Lo
    Love Me15 Jul 30, 2019

    My steak was brunt I told the manger it looked like he was having a bad day he told me he would remake the the steak I literally waited over 45 minutes so I left without it I asked for refund but they were taking all day it was crowd in

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  • Sh
    Sharon Troy Oct 27, 2019

    Placed a to go order earlier today. I ordered a medium rare prime rib. I received a well done rib eye (no aujus). I couldn't get past a prime rib that was tough and hard for me to chew
    I called the restaurant and explained my situation 3 times. Each time I was disconnected. I felt disrespected being hung up on My prime rib is over cooked and tuff

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  • Li
    Liz reed Nov 25, 2019

    I don't have a complaint.I have a positive review.BRITT was me & my husband ‘s server. She was amazing, smiling, friendly, cheerful, everything you could ask for a waitress The food was excellent. 11/ 18/19

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