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October 19, 2020
To Telus Customer Service
My Name is GIovanni Amadei and I am a loyal customer of Koodo part of Telus for several years and love their service for my Mobile Phone plan [protected]), as the coverage and reliability and customer service has been great since day 1.
I am writing to you about an unfortunate situation regarding a transaction with a Telus sales team that unnecessarily, became awkward and then went bad. Several years ago a team of Telus reps knocked on my door and said they had a great deal to offer me for a mobile phone plan. They told me about an offer to give me a new phone of my choice, and several incentives that would make it worth my while to buy the phone and switch my mobile phone service over to Telus. It seemed advantagious, so I chose an I phone and signed up for service.
Several days later, the phone arrived and it was not an Apple product and not the phone I had selected, so I called the rep and they said I needed to call Telus, which I did. The Telus rep said the phone was a good phone and I should keep it, but I insisted that I wanted the phone that I ordered instead, and that I was returning this brand new one back that I had not used, because I had not deactivated my last phone with the other company.
Telus refused to send me the phone I asked for so I told them I was not willing to pay for something that I had not ordered, yet they insisted that I pay for it, which I would not, and they charged the cost of the phone (approximately $700) to my TD visa card. When I saw the charge on my next statement I called Telus to ask why they had charged me and to ask them to remove the charge. Telus would not so I called TD and told them that the Telus bill was unauthorized and fraudulent and that they should remove it from my Visa card statement. TD said that I could not prove that it was fraudulent so they would not remove it from my visa bill, and I said I was not willing to pay for something fraudulent and TD insisted I pay for it. I then told TD I would cancel the TD Visa card because of their betrayal, and I wasn't using it because I had switched all my banking over to CIBC for the last few years since my mortgage, payroll, chequeing, savings and Visa card were now all with CIBC and I was paying service fees to keep my TD card and accounts open.
Last week I found out that Telus reported this incident, which was now valued at over $2000.00, to the Credit Bureau and now it is on my credit bureau file and this is particularly vexxing to me because I did not cause this bad situation to happen, nor did I cause the crisis with TD, which resulted in my cancelling their services. Years ago Telus and TD stopped harassing me with phone calls and threats, after I spoke with TD and told them that I had terminated our working relationship because I was disappointed in their betrayal of my privacy and for not protecting me from a fraudulent charge. TD offered to give me another visa card and invite me back as a customer if they removed the charge and I said no thank you, that I don't want to do business with them after the way they betrayed me.
The purpose of this letter is to demand that you do the right thing and remove this negative report from my Credit Bureau File because it's fraudulent and I am not culpable for something I did not initiate. You are responsible for this bad report and I am not, so remove it ASAP, so we can fix this unjustified attack on my credit, and so that my working relationship with Koodo/Telus can continue without incident, and so that if I ever need TD services again, I will not have to choose not to do business with them, based on this unjustified negative report.
Giovanni Amadei 

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