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S Sep 14, 2018

This evening at approximately 745 pm I called *611 to arrange a travel pkg for my husband's phone and to arrange to have another line put onto vacation disconnect. We have 6 line on this account and have been customers for over 15 years. Tonight I was appalled at the service I received. It was immature, childish and extremely unprofessional. I spoke to the customer service rep who was able to put the travel pkg on the one line and when it came to the vacation disconnect and after some time on hold, the customer service representative came back and said that he was able to do the vacation disconnect but it would have to be now or the next billing cycle. I wanted it scheduled for midnight. The person who uses the line was at the airport and required it until 10 pm until she got onto her flight. The rep said it was out of his control and that I would have to call back later. I had already held the line for 30 mins and this was the second time I had called tonight. The first time I had waited 20 mins without service and received a phone call that I had to take. When your rep told me to call back later, this was an unreasonable request seeing as how I had already been on the phone for so long. Also, I had just worked 15 hours and wanted to go to bed. I asked to speak to the manager and was told: "he will just say the same thing I am". I asked a second time to speak to the manager and was told that I could wait and I could just call back. There was a lot of attitude coming from this rep and he was very disrespectful. I asked a 3rd time to speak to a manager and he said I would have to wait while he sent an email and placed me on hold. I believe I was on mute since there wasn't any music playing or any type of recordings. Your rep left me on hold for 45 mins while I called back to Telus from my landline. My third call for the night and I was able to have my vacation disconnect put onto the line [protected]) as of midnight. My third call representative added that he wasn't sure why the previous rep wasn't able to complete my request.
After 45 mins on hold and over an hour + on the line, your rep disconnected the line.
Through my company, we have been good, loyal long-standing customers who pay a lot of money for your services. This was no way to treat a customer. I am very upset, frustrated and disappointed in your services tonight. I would appreciate someone calling me back to discuss this issue.
You can reach me at [protected]. I am the administrator of this account.

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