telkomservice cancellation. no response from email [protected]

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I would like my telkom line [protected] to be cancelled as I move and do not live there anymore. I completed the Service Cancellation form and faxed it to [protected] on the 18/01/2017 - no response. Emailed the form on the following dates: 22/03/2017 and 08/05/2017 and 13/05/2017, but got no response from them - no sms, nothing. I tried to phone 10210 and was put on hold for 48 minutes.
Kindly look into this matter urgently as I am being charged for this line, although I cancelled it for the first time on the 18/01/2017.

Thank you very much,

Ingrid Emilie Eggers
ID: [protected]


  • Ja
    Jan Schwier May 06, 2018

    Telkom account 437127110001: I have been trying for four months to have Telkom stop billing me for a service I am no longer using, since we have moved abroad. I have cancelled, filled out the form and sent it in, have received an acknowledgement of receipt and a promise to resolve the cancellation within 21 business days - nothing, Telkom just continues billing. Now even the [email protected] email no longer works - you simply get a message that says the account can no longer receive mail. Just wonderful - bad service through out and then you can not even cancel, this amounts to consumer theft and fraud in my view. /Jan Schwier

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  • Mw
    MWilliams515 May 17, 2018

    I completed the Consumer Request for Contract and Service Cancellation for account 337630223 on the 09/04/2018, received an acknowledge of receipt back that my account will be cancelled in 21 business days, up until now I still get billed for services I don't have, my reason was stated clearly that I moved to a new location with no Telkom services available.
    [email protected] was used at my first request, now today the 17/05/2018 I noticed that this email no longer works, I resend my previous mail to [email protected], this seems to be the new email address. I will not pay for services I don't receive and after I already asked for this to be cancelled. Service at Telkom is very BAD, very quick to give you a bill but anything other than that Telkom is poor at service delivery, will never recommend or do business with Telkom again.

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  • He
    Henning Lange Jun 21, 2018

    Telkom has a new way for cancelling lines, the [email protected] email does not work anymore. You have to login to the Telkom portal. Register if you have not access yet. Select login to the old portal. Then select manage your account. The cancel service is hidden, you have to click on the arrow next to "View Disputes" until you see the "Cancel your Service" option.

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