Telkom SA SOCmoving of line from existing office to the office next door.

I went to the Kenilworth branch to request the move of my existing telephone line and fax line to an office next door. An unsmiling assistant took me to a pad and typed in the request with my details and said I would receive a call within an hour.This was on the 16 September 2019
The next day I went back to say that I had received no call and the same unsmiling assistant took me back to the pad to request the move. There was no connectivity on the pad so she took me to a computer to repeat the process and also no connectivity.
She then advised me to phone the call centre.
I phoned and spoke to a pleasant lady who took all the details and gave me a reference number for the requested work to be done. i was told within 7 working days a technician will call to arrange a date to visit and complete the work.
To date no one has called.
How can Telkom talk about a turnaround plan when there basic work cannot be adequately seen to. They are a waste of time and taxpayers money.

Oct 04, 2019

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