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Telkom SA SOC review: Terrible service for fibre order

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On 09 April I went to the Telkom site to order the promotional data (fibre) contract for R399. I was not sure of the lead times to installation, so asked for someone to call me back. I received an SMS confirmation that someone would call me back.

I think it was on 11 April that I was called by a young man from the call centre. After our discussion, I told him to proceed with my order. On 21 April I received another call from a young woman, stating that she is responding to my request to have an agent call me back. I explained to her that I already spoke to someone and that I placed the order. She said that the order had in fact not been placed and proceeded to do so with the order number 1250160691A. The apartment block I live in is fibre ready, and both people confirmed that the installation can take place. The lead time I was given was 7-14 working days. I explained that I had already waited a week, because the order was not placed the first time I requested, and she said that she would try to rush the order. I received an SMS and Email confirmation.

I also received SMS confirmations from Openserve on 21 April with the order number SO13412586_1 and a link to download the App to track the progress of my order, which I downloaded on 26 April. At this point the status was Order Received, and it did not change over the next few days.

On 29 April I tried to contact Telkom. The customer care number on the web does not work and after many attempts I finally got someone who gave me the 10213 number. I dialled this number 3 times. Every time the agent answered, the call dropped. The fourth time I finally managed to speak to an agent, this was around 13:25. By this time I was quite irate. I explained everything to her and asked her what the status of my order was. She told me that the technician had been out and said that they cannot install my service. It would take 4 to 6 weeks. She got very stroppy and raised her voice at me when I told her I had been waiting since 09 April and kept talking over me telling me that the system shows I placed the order on 21 April. I told her not to raise her voice at me. I was already dealing with incompetence from Telkom.

In addition to this, I had no communication from either Telkom or Openserve that there would be a delay in installation, especially one of 4-6 weeks, which I was also very unhappy about.

I told her I wanted to cancel the order and she said I had to call 10210, but it did not quite come across clearly on the line. She kept talking to me in a tone that I did not appreciate, and I asked for her name and surname to report the incident. She promptly put the phone down on me.

On 03 May, I phoned 10210 at 12:38 to cancel my order. I was told that they do not do the cancellations, I must call 10213, which is the opposite of what the previous agent told me. At 12:47 I phoned 10213 again. I spoke to a very pleasant woman who explained everything to me. Apparently, although my apartment is fibre ready, Telkom does not have a contract with Openserve for my area! I asked her to cancel the contract, which she did, with the reference number 7327228.

This is a formal complaint of my dissatisfaction with the incredibly poor service, the lack of communication regarding the progress of the order, or any issues, or in this case the delay before the order could be fulfilled. I am very upset about how I was treated by the agent who I eventually managed to get through to on Friday 29 April. She was very unpleasant on the phone and very rude to put the phone down in my ear. I know that all these calls are recorded, and I request that action is taken against this agent. As a parting shot, attached is still the status on the Openserve App right now on 08 May is still “Order Received”, even though the order was cancelled on 03 May.

Update by Lynette E
Jun 01, 2022 3:41 pm EDT

This complaint is not resolved. I have had no contact from Telkom and canceled the order 3 weeks ago, but they are still sending me messages about the order. I have already secured a different service provider. I cannot understand how they can make such a mess of things and then say that the issue is resolved.

I do not want a TELKOM product. The order is canceled.

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