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E Aug 13, 2018

I have had an unlimited voice&data mobile account since 2011. On the 15/03 2018, I applied for international roaming as I traveled to the UK for 2 weeks. After the application I recieved an email with set up instructions for when I arrive there and when I come back. Despite have elected for both voice & data roaming, I only had voice for the duration of the trip. The numbers provided for customer care never when through and I gave up trying to call Telkom to assist. Upon my return I changed back my setting as indicated in the the following month I recieved a bill of R20, 000 despite having put a spend limit of R10, 000. I called customer care who threw me from post to pillar and then later told me that I was liable. I insisted that the matter be escalated which was done after a number of phone calls. (Case Number: [protected]). The real issue is since March 2018, my monthly bill has been triple what I signed for at contracting stage. To date the over payments amount to about R10, 000. I have made numerous calls to the call Centre which has not been much help and they all said I'm liable for roaming and each time I have explained that there is no international roaming deactivation instructions on the email I recieved with my application. I asked for the matter to be escalated and I was told to deactivate the roaming at the Telkom shop. I went to 2 different shops in Secunda and Witbank in Mpumalanga and the staff at both had no clue how this should be done and who should do it. I called back the call Centre and told them the problem and I was told to fill in the same form I submitted for the application. Strange enough there is no where on the form where one can deactivate international roaming. I submitted it anywhere to try and stop the triple deductions. Last month July I then stopped the triple sections on my account awaiting the finalization of the matter but Telkom went on and deactivated my account and threaten to hand over account to attorneys. I am really concerned that I should be charge 3 times what the contract stipulated and there is the general attitude to blame me for omissions and shear incompetence at Telkom.

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