Telkom SA SOC — cancellation of service

D Aug 06, 2018

I have also been unsuccesful in cancelling my Telkom line since May 2018.. Cancelled online Ref [protected]
Response is "we are busy investigating cause of the problem".. Followed up on the 18th June 2018 told by Lindelwa Febana that my account will be credited pro rata for the monthly rental charged. Received an email stating case closed.. Yet charged for another month rental, followed up with the call centre today, 6th August 2018 Xolelwa Plaatjie stating that case is closed NOT ACTIONED.. So 2 months additional rental costs incurred..Do not even attempt trying to get a new service as orders do not get processed, no reply to emails and branch staff refuse to answer telephone calls.. Fourways crossing..

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