Telkom SA SOCbad service, no resolution for 3 weeks...

M Aug 13, 2018

Our business landline has been cut-off due to cable theft for the past 3 weeks. We were then advised to change to wireless. A consultant from the Gateway branch has sent through the request to activate fault forward facility in the meantime, also to cancel ADSL, and I would need to cancel the uncapped online.I have requested for the account to be linked online to do the cancellations, but to date haven't had an agent verify the details. I have called 10217, opt1, I was transferred to 4 different departments, each of which said they were transferring my to the correct department or to the manager. 1, 5 hours later I still have no resolution.My clients have not been able to contact us in the interim and therefore a loss of income. In the meantime, can the FAULT FORWARD request be activated so that our clients have an alternate number to call us on.I am also still waiting for a credit of R500 for an error on my Telkom cell contract from June this year...Really tired of this bad service.

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