Telkom Mobile SACellphone contract which i have been asking to be reinstated for the past month is still t being dealt with.

L Mar 09, 2017

I finally made a payment to Telkom mobile after not being able to pay due to unemployment, payment went off as debit order on the 25th and 26th of January 2017, after 48 hours i contacted the customer service and was told to wait for 7 working days for the payment to reflect as my account was in collections, after 7 days i called in again and was told my account was cancelled and i asked the lady i spoke to if she could log a case for it to be reinstated and asked her to change my primary number to the one i was calling her on and gave her the number, clearly she didn't because when i called again to check the progress i was told their back office had been trying to get a hold of me on the old number that i had specifically asked to be changed and therefore closed the case. A second case was logged, case number : [protected] and the agent i spoke to told me the person that was dealing with it had been given to someone else hence the delay and i begged for her assistance and she told me she will send an email to the person busy with the case and i also gave her the number i can be reached on which is [protected] and the affected contract number is [protected]. I don't think this fair i need to know if they are going to reinstate or not and not leave me in the dark, its so easy for Telkom to take people to collections but when its their turn to assist customers they incompetent

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