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Telkom SA SOC - what are the consultants of the telkom stores get paid for?

Date of incident 02 December 2016

I have walked into the Chatsworth, Durban, KZN, South African branch of Telkom store. Initially, at first the store management says we cannot pay our Telkom account, but we must go pay at any that allows you to pay your account bills i.e. Pick n Pay. We were frustrated but then we can so some acceptance. We then weren't getting our bill posted to us, so we had to go to Telkom get our printed bill, then go pay elsewhere. Now, Telkom says they can't give our Landline bill, and that we must phone the call center to get the amount payable. This is ridiculous. First, we can't pay our bill at the store that offers the service. Now they can't help to even give the amount payable. This is insane. They just sit and laze around, and give a whole lot of attitude problems from the ordinary staff to the manager. The store should rather close than be open. I don't know what those people are getting paid for.

Update by FrustratedCustomer
Dec 02, 2016

A small typo.
Heading should be:
What are the consultants of the TELKOM stores get paid for?

Telkom SA SOC - change of banking details

On or about 24 November 2016 we phone telkom to change our banking details, the lady who assisted us changed the details as the debit order were suppose to be deduct on 30 November 2016. I even...

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Dec 02, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - telkom wifi

I have a problem with my wifi and reported it at Telkom 3weeks ago I'm still waiting for them to allocate a technician to come and fix it when I call to follow up they tell me they have allocated a technician but they don't know when the technician will come. Every time when the rain comes the wifi gets damaged but the neighbors are using Telkom as well their wifi doesn't get affected by rain and when we report they take time to respond


Telkom SA SOC - mobile online order

Good Day,

I have almost had it with Telkom. I placed an order online on the 17th of November 2016 for a Samsung A5 Gold. On the 18th, I then called to find out the status of the order, I was then told that my order is not processed until someone calls. The lady gladly assisted me to place the order. I have been calling to follow up, asking to when I will get the phone and nobody has the right information. A very efficient telkom agent assisted me yesterday and said I will get the delivery by Monday and I informed him I cannot wait until then. I know really need the phone today so I called once again and holding for a very long time, I then got assisted by a lady who told me to call [protected] and my phone will be delivered today. I called the number, gave them my tracking number and the one guy told me the address they have been given is wrong and they will fix it and deliver Monday, the second guy called and told me that the driver left the parcel behind and he doesn't know why so I will get it on Monday. I REFUSE to wait a minute longer and expect that phone delivered TODAY! I have almost had it with telkom and your sloppy customer service and regret changing networks! Its either I get that phone today by close of business or I go to the shop and get it myself! My tracking number is [protected]. Thank you for your assistance!


Telkom SA SOC - lied to by sell direct, creating confusion with telkom, who don't respond to complaints.

Hi Mandy, Attached please see the Telkom account we received yesterday. As explained to you last Saturday, both P9 lite phones have the little micro sim cards in but with no network signal...

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Telkom SA SOC - my landline and internet

Three weeks ago we had a very bad storm. Telephone lines and poles were blown down.
We reported our phone and they came to fix the cables on the property.
Neighbours and other peoples phones worked after that.
Our phone still out of order.
When we go outside we can see that the cable from our house to the box is broken.
We called AGAIN and told telkom what the problem is. Still... nobody fixes the line.

We are really getting fed up with this service.
If it goes on like this we are cancelling our service and will get a new service provider.

PLEASE fix our line! We are going for the fourth week now..

Cell number [protected]
Landline [protected]

Telkom SA SOC - unethical

19 days ago I received a contract from Telkom including a Samsung A3 (6)

Yesterday morning ( 28/11/2016) I woke up to find that my top left hand corner had a purple blotch, this steadily got worse throughout the day, to the point where I am unable to use my phone.

I phoned telkom at 09h20 yesterday morning, getting through to a lady by the name of Martha, she works at the centurion centre. Calls from the Benoni branch were being diverted.

I explained my situation and asked if a loan phone could be given while mine was in for repairs, I also asked if a replacement phone could be issued due to the phone not even being a month old.

Martha said a loan phone could be given but wasn't sure about replacing the phone.

I proceeded to ask if I could have a reference number for the call placed and she was unable to give me one.

Yesterday afternoon at 16h50 I arrived at the direct Telkom store in Lakeside, being helped by a nice guy named Thulani. To cut a long and tiring story short, I had to speak to the assistant manager. I waited until 18h00 to speak to top it off when I requested a direct line to the manager, another collegue gave me the general benoni branch landline number. When I explained that I had used this number, this lady became very snotty with me, telling me how she is a permanent employee and that Telkom never gives loan phones, also informing me that if I wouldnt leave she would lock the doors, turn on the alarm and leave me inside the store, how I must phone the number and just leave a message ( all I wanted was to speak to a manager ) She threatened all of this in front of other customers.

Telkom I will not be paying for a service that I am not using. This includes the Phone and sim card at the moment. Please provide urgent feedback and a viable solution

I am shocked that your employee thinks its ok to threaten a customer and that the fact that she is permanent gives her any right to speak to me that way and to make a decision regarding locking a customer in the store.


Telkom SA SOC - poor service delivery

I am running a small business on the Bluff in Durban. My land line stopped working on Friday 25 November 2016 at 14h30.
I reported the fault via the website on Saturday 26 November 2016 at 08h32, I received a reference no 24CNZ261116.
I went to the Telkom Branch early on Tuesday morning I spoke personally to the manager, and he told me they will definitely sort the problem out either Tuesday or Wednesday.
On Tuesday 29.11.2016 at 14h37 I spoke to Refiloe the call centre supervisor and she told me that a technician wasn't assigned to my problem as yet I however received an escalation number 921433 and she will phone me when it was assigned to a technician, till now nothing has happened.
Today, Wednesday 30.11.2016 at 07h49 I spoke to Thandeka and she advised me still there is no technician being assigned to sort out my problem.
Today Wednesday 30.11.2016 at 12h12 I spoke to Nkanyiso who advised me that there is still no technician assigned to sort out my problem.


Telkom SA SOC - poor & unacceptable customer service

To whom it may concern, I want to express my total dissatisfaction we have received from telkom customer service. On 14/10/2016 we were assisted by an online sales agent, cebo khowa in acquiring 2 x samsung galaxy s7 edge, ref tvc... And was told by him that the best contract for our business needs would be on a telkom freeme 1gb but no full disclosure was made that this is only for telkom to telkom numbers and no other network. Subsequently, we have learned that should we want to make calls to another network, we would have to load additional airtime to make such calls. Now who in their right mind would want to have such a contract, certainly not us. On 1 november 2016, we visited telkom direct in canal walk and was assisted by one of your consultants to have our contracts migrated from freeme to smartplan 100 and was advised that since the freeme contract started that day, they could only migrate the contract in 3 months but they could send an urgent request to "back office" in order to migrate the contract and would take 3 business days. Ref number given was [protected] which has been marked as resolved but certainly has not been resolved. After numerous calls to customer service, I was then told that our new ref number is [protected] and received a sms 2 days ago that the query has been resolved which is again not the case. We are still on freeme contract and migration to smartplan 100 as requested has not been done. We spoke to samantha at customer service and she advised that the query is with "back office" and it will take 3 business days. We run a business and cannot afford to be inconvenienced by telkom sales agents who does not give the full and correct information to customers and now we are having to constantly call to enquire of whats happening... We do not even get feedback from telkom regarding our query. I need this matter to be sorted out today as my business is suffering due to telkom's inadequacy and will be taking this further on all platforms. All that we hear the whole time is that your query has been escalated and someone will attend to this... Well we are still waiting. Customer service at telkom is non existent but who cares, certainly not you! Urgently contact either myself, petrus bekker on [protected] or terrance brummer on [protected]. This needs to be resolved today.

Nov 30, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - telkom landline

I reported my landline to be out of order on the 7th of november 2016.
It is now the 29th of november and still no joy. My initial reference no is 1100crk071116 and my escalated reference no 919395, I have been phoning and phoning and phoning, the last straw today I called, told to wait while they check and I get cut off... I refuse to phone back again, do you think they will call you? No I doubt it... I am running a business from home and have had to use my cell phone, this is totally unacceptable.

Telkom SA SOC - service suspended due to a systems error

My service was suspended for an account that was fully paid. When I contacted the call centre on 24/11/16 they told me that the back office needs to assist and this will take 72 working hrs. I have been calling since yesterday and today with no joy. How long does it take for someone to attend to this? I called today and the Agent was clueless and then gives me a story that my issue will take 8-10 working days. This is completely unacceptable. I am paying for a service that is suspended. this is utter bullcrap and I want it resolved TODAY!

My case number is [protected]

Nov 29, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - adsl line

Inow want the CEO contact number for Technician responsible for fixing my ADSL line. Ref. 920357. And I dont want to hear any excuses! I am going to charge my petrol costs and parking bay costs to Telkom as I now need to travel since Monday to be able to work!

I work from home for my company and not myself and I am now really fed up with Telkom!

Nov 29, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - customer service

Booked in my Samsung cellphone which was still under warranty and was told it will be sent to JHB for repair. I received several sms`s to say they booked it in, it was received, and submitted to insurance and lastly a sms with reference number TRL 031541, that i must pay R188.00 to have my phone released as i did not accept the quote for repairs.

I never even received a quote for the repair, not forgetting the fact that the phone was still under warranty and now i must pay to have my phone released without the necessary repairs. I tried to get the phone back from the store but they said it was still in JHB and after phoning the repair centre the repair centre refused to speak to me over the phone and rudely told the store owner that i must just pay the money and take my phone back. I phoned the number 081180 and after waiting almost half and hour and being cut off several times I was given a number of the repair centre and that number does not exist. I`m not a violent person, but should I get the address of the repair centre in JHB I will make a personal visit to them the next time i am in JHB. For that bit of satisfaction, i will gladly bid farewell to the piece of **** Samsung J1 Ace.

I will never again do business with telkom. Once the two contracts I have with them come to and end i will camcel and go to another service provider.

Nov 29, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - blacklisted for telkom account that I do not have!

In June 2014 I applied for a ADSL line from Telkom. I waited for a very long time and nothing happened. I went into the Telkom store in Tzaneen and cancelled my order. The gentleman at the counter showed me on his screen that the order had been cancelled. a year later, June 2015 I received an account from Telkom for 2 x sims cards. I phoned them immediately and reported this as a mistake. My ref # [protected]. the dispute was declined because there was movement on the account - which is obvious because otherwise they would not have sent me an invoice? I was requested to report this to Telkom's fraud line - which I did - nothing happened I just kept on getting invoices. Eventually they handed me over to MBD attorneys and I was blacklisted. These people does not seem to understand that I have reported and sent all the info numerous times, they keep on harassing me. I went to Polokwane Telkom offices to find out what to do. The gentleman at the counter told me that he cannot find any documentation in my name and requested me to forward all the info to him - which I did. Still they are harassing me at work for a payment! I refuse to make any payment as I have never had an account with them! could somebody please sort this mess out?

Nov 29, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - billing issue

I am really dissatisfied with the level of service received by the after service team the past few days.
I had a contract with Telkom mobile and have been billed in arrears every month. Even this month (November) I am been billed for October.
In store I was told that in December I will be billed for November and was also validated a day later by a customer care supervisor.
Now I am told by multiple agents that In December I will be billed for November and December. How can I be billed for December within the month of December when the month would not be over cause my debit goes off on the 27th.
This is an upgrade and not a new line so your billing should continue as it was but with a higher premium but in this case, the billing changed completely and now I have to pay for 2 months.
Nobody can provide me valid reasons and all they know is that is how the billing works.
I spoke to more than people over days and spending more than 3 hours of my time to be in the same position I started at is really ridiculous.
I will be terminating my contract as it is still within the cooling off period.
Will never refer anyone to Telkom Mobile as I did in the past.
Naheem Shaik.

Nov 28, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - phone cancellation

I was advised to cancel my contract and convert number to prepaid however no one called me to confirm cancellation however I had to follow up on this only to find out my number has been cancelled...

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Telkom SA SOC - smart plan 150

I reported my phone lost and stolen about a month ago (October). They suspended my line as per normal. I then asked them to reactivate my line and they informed me that my line was suspended due to non payment (even though it was paid for, I have the notification from fnb). They then told me in November that payment has reflected and my line will be active within 72h (15 November ). It's now the 28th and still no line. I have spoken to many agents and all the say they will escalate it to the relevant department. They all say that the elusive back office will magically activate my line. But they never do...

I now need to pay for services for this month that I did not even use. Please contact me on [protected]

If this matter is not resolved before the end of this month I will be taking this matter further

Nov 28, 2016

Telkom SA SOC - telephone & adsl line

Tel: [protected] e chelin 7 annandale, 14a st helier road, gillitts

I have been without a telephone or adsl line for more than six weeks.
This is of great concern as my husband has a heart problem and my 88 years old mother-in-law who had dementia lives with us and we feel very concerned
That we cannot get hold of medical attention should the need arise. Due to the positioning of our house cellular service is at most times non existent.

When I phone 10210 I am constantly told they are working on it. On one of the days they said they came to my house and couldn’t access the property despite the fact
That I said they must phone my cell and I will come home from work. On another day I was told they would be coming and I went home and sat there for 3 hours and nobody pitched up.

I have been billed a second month for a service I am not getting.

Is there anything that can be done to help with this problem


Telkom SA SOC - homeoffice lte 20gb + huawei b953

We have moved on 16 June 2016 to Swellendam, Western Cape. I have submitted a Request for Contract & Service Cancellation on 22 June 2016. The reason for the cancellation is that Telkom do not...

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Telkom SA SOC - adsl not working

My ADSL line was faulty almost the entire month of Nov 2016. As i was in hospital for the first week i could not report the fault. Contacted them on 7 November and the call center agent did something...

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