Teleperformanceharassment, illegal termination

I am anureet Kaur working in teleperformance global service Pvt LTD, having it's office at plot no. 408, udyog vihar, phase 3, gurgoan- 1220016.
This regards to my illegal termination which was not right and planned.
I am new for the company and not aware about the dirty politics which was played with me and other members also. It was agreed in the meeting that you will take action against the involved members but I don't see this was done in right way as they all are equally responsible.
I dont think any action taken on them and they are working as normal so please can you brief me why the company terminate only me why not the other members.
And on our floor there are password shares, usernames and personal data which is against the policy of the company, so why not take action on all of them.
And Mentally and Sexually Harrassed With Me Amit Sharma (head of department for countrywide process) called me to the cabin and said that I will save your job but what will I get in return.
 Why did the action not happen when I had sexual harassment in the cabin?

Oct 09, 2019

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