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CB Business and Industrial Teleperformance 101 Neshonoc Rd, West Salem, WI, 54669, US
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101 Neshonoc Rd, West Salem, WI, 54669, US
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Teleperformance - fired even tho I was not at the 6 point mark/ harassed constantly by my manager

On jan 3 2020 I logged into to work as I am a work from home agent. My boss then told me to go into coaching and called me on my personal cell phone to tell me they were letting me go per there attendance compliance and that I hadnt reached the 85% and was at 82% for the month and only at 5.75 points. I have reviewed your handbook and no where in there does it say anything about being fired for not being at compliance, it says if you go above 6 points when I brought this to my boss's attention she told me that they dont havent to go by the handbook all the time and that they can modify rules whenever they need to for production. I told her if that was the case then they need to update the handbook and everytime it happens and give a new one out so we know the new rules. She stated they do not have to do this either. So baiscally I was fired for 3% but I know other agents in this center and can provide you with there names to check and see that they are over 6 points. My boss has had it out for me since I spoke up becasue she was always looking for a way to fire me. They didnt tell me for 3 months that I didnt qualify for fmla anymore as I have a child with an illness that is ongoing. I feel like this was planned. Further more this center is the most horrible place you have. The center manager greg von arx has slept with supervisors under his command and caused her and her husband to fight on company property and when the hr person aaron and center manager john shilling asked him about it he lied to them and told them no. Althought there is also proof of this I have as well. Messages he sent to her and she sent to him. Greg also would drink on company property when he went to visit her at night when she worked. He also smoked weed and drank with his reps. I dont think that upholds the standards you guys say you have for working with this company, further more the woman he was sleeping with was fired and then came back and is now working there again. I believe he used the fact that I know about this to give my boss the go a head to fire me. I have a copy of the handbook since they wouldnt give us one to keep as well which you have to when you employee someone. There were so many rules that are not followed buy this company. You have a center manager who was drinking on the property and sleeping with people in the center causing issues and it was over-looked by management and hr and they knew what was going on as everyone in the center did as well. Hr if you call them takes forever to call you back about fixing issues or when you file complaints or feel like you are being mistreated. When I called my hr at this center he took months to call me back and didnt until I emailed him that I would contact his boss instead. He did nothing to help me and made me feel like everything that was going on was my fault. I want you to know that I consider this a grave grievence and will be posting on social media sites the proof I have about the center manager in this company and also hiring a lawyer as well as filing for unemployment. I cannot believe you would treat someone who worked hard for your company the first 3 years I was with them like this when my daughter became sick. I had nothing to protect me and the hr and my boss did nothing to try to help me and instead they harrassed me when I was off the clock by sending messages to my personal cel phone and had a vendetta to get me fired. This is how you show you value your employees? Hopefully someone at the corporate level will call me back to work this out and give me a email where I can send all the proof I have to them so I can get my job back for wrongful termination before I get my lawyer to take this company to court.

Jamie murphy

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Lashon Roberts (Lashon G)
, US
Jan 21, 2023 2:07 am EST

Terminated me without notice and no good reason at all. I had to care for my grandchildren in an emergency situation. I tried to communicate with them as best as I could. They terminated because they thought I was a no show which I had proof that I wasn’t but because they fail to communicate other than emails at the time it was passed over and I was terminated.

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