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Complaints & Reviews

I want a refund asap

Terrible. I ordered a laptop because my previous one was broken, so I desperately needed another one.
That's why I paid for an expedited shipping and delivery.
Guess what? It never arrived. It's been one month and there's no sign of it.
I am very disappointed.
Very hard to get in touch wit them. They rarely answer.
What I want is to get my money back. I don't want to think whether they are scammers or not (because they are), I want them t refund as soon as possible.

Dangerous Chairs

We bought 2 grey/gray office chairs via eBay, from eBuyer.com. My wife was sitting on one of the chairs (she is quite petite) and as she rose from the chair, the arm of the chair broke into pieces and she tumbled to the floor hitting her head against the wall. I complained to the managing director of eBuyer.com and he laughed at me. They couldn't care less.



We tried to settle with them but in the end, we have filed a lawsuit against the company. It's the only thing they understand.

Company sent wrong item then completely ignored queries

I ordered a desktop PC from ebuyer which I received after a week or so (slightly late, but no big deal). Having checked through the hardware, I noticed that one of the components was of a lower specification than that specified in the ebuyer item description when I bought it.

I then proceeded to go through close to 3 months of trying to get a useful response from customer service.

Unfortunately customer service responded (very slowly) with copy and paste answers that were largely irrelevant to my problem. After about 5 weeks of this I changed tact and simply tried to find out whether the original description of the item on the website was wrong, or if I was sent the wrong component. This simple request resulted in customer service telling me that they couldnt help and asked me to email presales instead, which I promptly did.

I waited yet another month and received no response. I then searched for a complaints department email address which I sent another email to and also received no response.

It has now been 3 months and I have not been able to get a single relevant response to my query and I have decided to give up, even though technically ebuyer owes me something since I got a lower specification computer from what I paid for. I will certainly not use them in the future nor will I recommend them to anybody I know -- their customer service is terrible, I would rather pay more for better service.

  • Ur
    Ursula Feb 13, 2009

    purchased a lowrance iway 100m. the cd was defective. eBuyer.com would not replace it with a working mapcreate 6.3 for my gps. had to call paypal and discover card to reverse my charges, but they were no help either. lowrance finally helped me by 1) warning me to stay away from etailers like eBuyer.com, and 2)they sent me a "real cd" mapcreate for my gps.
    so cheers to lowrance, and jeers to eBuyer.com.

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Bad service

My credit card was debited and I was promised a delievry date of the 17-12. My Scanner never arrived.
I contacted Ebuyer's courier, City Link who told me they had not received the goods. Trying to get in touch with Ebuyer is impossible. They have withdrawn all telephone support in favour of 'e-notes' Don't
bother sending one because they NEVER respond to them! If your purchase is over 𧴜 and you pay by Credit Card (Not Debit Card) then the credit card company has a duty to recover your money.

I have also written to Ebuyer by Recorded Delivery giving them 7 days to refund my money or I take them to the small claims court. I suggest if you have problems with this company you also contact BBC Watchdog because if enough people complain, they are more likely to name and
shame this disreputabel outfit.

I have never experienced anything quite like this. A company shouldn't be allowed to operate if they cannot be contacted via reasonable means. It's not right that these people can continue to hide behind their web-site!!

  • Sh
    Shadow 2013 Feb 28, 2013


    Reviews written: 2

    Written on: 26/02/2013
    Review of ebuyer www.ebuyer.com
    Visit ebuyer.com

    I have been an ebuyer customer for a few years now without too much to complain about until now. I tried to purchase goods from ebuyer on the 19.02.2013 for delivery on the 26.02.2013 their website stated that the product was in stock and they took payment from my bank account. I contacted them on the 22.02.2013 to confirm that the order would be fulfilled and they stated that there was no problem after checking with their warehouse. On Monday the 25.02.2013 they changed the status of my order from pick in progress to order placed on their website all this being done without my knowledge or consent. So I naturally contacted them to try and find out what was going on. They then stated that the item was out of stock despite deceiving me on the Friday prior to that point I then pointed out that they had already taken the payment for Goods and service that they were not able or willing to provide this is Fraud as they knew they were unable to complete the order and they had not even bothered to contact me but just took my money from my account I informed them that I would begin action against them as they had breached the terms of the contract and the Law as well they had breached the Sale of Goods act the Distance of selling regulations and the Goods and services act. They then requested that I spend more money with them to upgrade the order for a different item to which I refused to do so as a decent company would have offered to upgrade the order at their own expense as Ebuyer have committed fraud clear and simple this call took 21 minutes at 10p a minute I might add. I then received a call back from another adviser who was again uncooperative and again I informed then that I would begin legal proceeding's against Ebuyer for the cost of the original order as well as replacement goods as they had fraudulently and blatantly breached the contract with myself those proceeding's are now under way using the above laws. This company are highly unprofessional and just plain dishonest as can be seen by the facts above in short I would not recommend this company but just state buyer beware and take from this information what you will.

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Good service

Just a quick review to say that I swear by ebuyer. Super site from a design / usability / price point of view. User reviews are the main way to decide about what to buy. Some problems with late delivery in the past, but customer support is always OK.

  • Sp
    spagan Jun 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to think they were good.
    However, they have just lied about their responsibilities under the Sale of Goods Act - until I usefully contacted ConsumerDirect.
    Now having accepted a return for a 4 month old PC - I'm being told that it is "Physically Damaged" - and therefore NOT covered by warranty.
    I have accidental damage house insurance - and they say that I should claim on that. However, I didn't damage it - and that doesn't seem right.
    After 6 years of good service from EBuyer - they have gone from Hero to Zero in one move!

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  • Be
    Beans Jun 25, 2009

    I have used ebuyer for many years with only the odd problem. But last year I had a package missing from one of my orders, so sent an enote, as it was stated all enote are responded to within 2 working days. After 3 w/days and no reply, I sent a second enote. This was also ignored. So I sent a third and final enote, stating that if they did not respond within the stated time I would accept their ignorance as an agreement on my part. Surprise surprise, they responded, saying that the item was not sent due to insufficient stock and that they have refunded me for the item. At this point I figured it was all sorted. But when doing my accounts recently (7 months after the event) I have found that I never did receive a refund for the missing item, so I have just started chasing them again and will update when I get a reply from them.

    On a different note, I ordered some goods recently which were sent by Parcel Force. I received an email from Ebuyer saying my order had been despatched, but after a few days and no delivery I decided to chase it up. When I tried to track my package(s) online I kept receiving a message on the Parcel Force website saying it is not possible to track the consignment. I contacted Ebuyer (0871 number at probably 15p minute) and found myself on hold for some time. I was told that as it was from a satellite warehouse it would be delivered to Ebuyers main warehouse before being forwarded to me (seemed a bit strange, but what do I know!). After a few more days and no delivery, I phoned again. This time I was told they would look into it and phone me back within an hour. Guess what, no call back! So, the next day I phoned again, and was told the same thing, they would phone back. To which I replied, "I was told that yesterday, and nothing happened", to which I was 'promised' I would get a call back. Guess what, no call back (again). So, the next day I again made another call. This time I was getting a little bit stressed and was told to calm down! The cheek of it! I was told this time that Parcel Force had delivered the order some time earlier (before I even made the first call apparantly), and that it had been signed for by me! This was not possible as I was away on business at the time and date of delivery and there was no-one in my house at the time. I asked for a copy of the Proof of Delivery as I was willing to take it to court, so I was put on hold. On resuming the call I was told that there was in fact no signature after all. This is an unbelievably devious thing to try and do. I will be persuing this one for loss of earnings, stress and the cost of my calls, because I have been repeatedly lied to. Will update on this one soon as well.

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  • St
    steven121 Sep 15, 2009

    ebuyer.com have stolen £499 of my money by telling me to send a faulty TV back saying they would refund it, and to advise me to choose another TV to purchase. I purchased a new TV for £499, and sent the faulty one back.

    A week later ebuyer sent the original TV back, saying they had fixed it.

    So on their advise, I purchase a brand new TV because they told me the original would be refunded.

    Not only that, but the one they fixed, was sent back and they had bent the frame and stand. They decided to hide the whole incident under the carpet, so not only did I have to spend an extra £499 for a new TV, but the old TV was returned bent.


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  • Th
    The Optimist Nov 04, 2009

    I bought a desktop from ebuyer. When it arrived I found that the memory included in the desktop was different from that specified in their description. I started an enote (the only way of contacting them other than paying exorbitant phone charges) asking them to resolve the issue. Customer service replied eventually with a copy and paste reply that was completely irrelevant to my query. I replied again, asking for a direct reply. This happened a couple more times, with an average of a week and a half between replies. Finally, after about 6 weeks I received an email saying that they couldnt help me, and asking me to email presales instead. I did that and waited another month with no response at all. I then emailed the complaints department at an address I found online, which was also ignored.

    Basically ebuyers service is extremely poor so if you expect any after sales service then you're out of luck.

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