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Hello my name is Jahnia Toatley and I am a trainer at Teleperformance work with Bank Of America . On June 27,2023 an incident occurs with my agents where they was talking about a situation and they was headed to lunch but they walked out through the HR area. As they was walking they was being loud I guess and was stopped by HR which was Erica & Jessica I Believe her name is and they got into with them . I was called by a agent to go to HR to see what was going on and so Erica was speaking to me and asking the names of the agents and I was telling them to leave the property because at this point y’all have crossed the lines so I stated I will call Stephanie as I was walking back in the building the recruiter’ Jessica’ stated ‘ that’s why these agent act like this you are so f***** ghetto and that started pointing her finger in my face and wanted to put her hands on me and yes I got mad and she was like ‘ you don’t know who the f*** you talking to or messing with . I was in the office and she contact the site man who is her boyfriend or husband or whatever and he came and was like I want you off my site now and was yelling nasty and rude , I feel that was a racial slur that was made when I didn’t say two words to the lady at all. I don’t want to lose my job I am a great trainer and I love my job and I love the people . I wasn’t rude or nasty to the lady or anything she was very unprofessional and this is her third time saying something to me racism and it not fair at all. I don’t know what will happen now but I don’t want to lose my job.

Desired outcome: I Don’t Want To Lose My Job