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Teleperformance review: Invalid termination

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This is an email regarding my job termination. I have been terminated from my job without any justified reason. The reason which has been given to me is, I have used inappropriate words with leads. I am an ex Kolkata police and I know very well about manners and etiquettes. The only thing which I was unaware of was that, a private company has an illegitimate right to terminate its employees without even letting me give my side of explanation. This is not acceptable as I remember very well and you must have got record of it that I never used any abusive word neither I disrespected her on chat inspite of giving a letter of apology to the hire authority as I was told to do and asking for one chance. I was terminated. If it is about telling something in client's tool then considering me as a fresher the matter could have been ended by giving warning or pointer. I told multiple times that this was not intentional as I had been facing the issue with leads from a long time so when the same thing she also started doing I told her that (Did you learn everything inside your mother's womb, someone must have taught you, right?) I used this line as a PHRASE because she was reluctant to help me. And I did not even know that Almash is a girl, Is it justified to terminate on this particular line? Does this mean that a renowned company like TELEPERFORMANCE does not value freshers or new hires, the only people valued are tenured or who have been associated with the company for long or rather I call it a biasness.

This incident took place on July 22nd and my I'd was blocked on July 26th 1:00 am. Ever since I am unable to log in and after few days I was informed that I have been terminated without even proper notice. The entire CCU is one sided least bothered to listen and take a justified action. Earlier also the same issue I tried to escalate but since I am a fresher, before raising any ticket I thought of talking to the HR head, then also nobody paid any heed to my appeal. Is this how a multinational company is being run. I have been associated with international brands but never faced this issue.

I would also like to add that I have come to know that Almash who was the lead that I had chat with and Ms. Soumita Bhattacharya (From BHR Team) are very good friends infact they are more or less like family to each other that is why this unjust took place with me in order to appease her. I have got the phone call recordings where Ms. Soumita Bhattacharya is literally forcing to accept verbally that I have done something wrong and I was also forced to send an acknowledgement mail to her, instead of asking for an apology mail she asked me to send her acknowledgement mail.

I have a family to feed, this job or any other job for a middle class person is way important. I have lots of expectations and hopes from you as I believe that I will also be getting a chance to prove myself that I did not do anything wrong because of which I could get terminated.


With regards

Wasim Khan

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