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Do not EVER purchase a cell phone from Target Mobile...everything is hunky dory during your purchase (scam)...oh yes, you will hear how much better Target Mobiles "protection plan" is compared to Verizons...yep! The monthly fee is cheaper, the deductible is cheaper, and it even covers water damage!! What a bargain!! have a claim. Then here is what awaits you...first, they will drill you on what happened to the phone...THEN, you get to wait 3-5 days to receive a box to put your phone in, and send back to them...THEN it will take their service dept. 5-7 days to determine if the phone can be fixed, or if they need to send you a refurbished one, NOT A NEW ONE. THEN, , , if they determine that the malfunction is the phones fault, you don't pay a deductible (although they make you pay that when you file the claim!) BUT, if they find you negligent on any level, you pay the 100 bucks (which you already did when you filed the claim, but they don't return it to you)...and NO, they do NOT cover "liquid damage"...and they have every right to deny your claim too! If they feel you broke it by throwing it, or dropping it with negligence, your warranty is void. Oh, and don't try to lie and say you lost it, because THATS negligent...and void...and don't even THINK of claiming it was stolen either! You have to have a police report, and again, if the report states your windows in the car were down, or you didn't lock your doors, or you were negligent (they love that word), no warranty for YOU!!! But, if you are lucky, they will approve your claim and send you a fixed phone...after about 14 days...which, please...NOBODY is going to wait over two weeks and be without their phones!!! I ended up cancelling my current contract and pay the fee to do so...then I headed to a REAL Verizon store to open a new acct. and get a new phone...another 200.00 on top of the 160.00 I had paid for the "insurance"... SO heed my advice...DO NOT BUY FROM TARGET MOBILE...ITS A JOKE...AND SHAME ON YOU TARGET!!! GET RID OF THESE SCAM ARTISTS


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    Charles_Fin Nov 18, 2011

    The Reps at my local Target Mobile Kiosk are really pushy. They didnt seem interested in what I wanted.

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    Mega Ultra Chicken Jun 08, 2014

    Do Target employees even WOOF WOOF?

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    Fendigirl Dec 16, 2016

    Your statements couldn't be more true. I have had the insurance for approximately 18 months now, since buying my phone. A rep was there at the time of my purchase and convinced me to go with the Target insurance instead of Verizon's, which I've always used. I took the bait since the Target insurance would provide a NEW YES BRAND NEW phone, either same model or comparable if the other wasn't available, should I need the service. I was told my replacement fee would be $149. Initially I was hesitant, since I've never paid a fee for Verizon to replace a phone, but this would be a BRAND NEW phone so I wouldn't have to deal with a new problem from a refurbished phone that really wasn't. So I agreed and have paid almost $11 a month, because of taxes, for 18 months. I finally need the service. My Note is freezing, turning itself off and on, losing the speaker, and randomly opening things up, so I called ESecuritel Brightstar and told them my problem. They said I qualified for warranty service. WOOHOO right? NOPE! I could give them $199 and they would send me a CERTIFIED LIKE NEW phone, let's call it what it is a REFURBISHED PHONE, I'm not an idiot. I explained that I was told I would receive a new phone and it would be $149. I even read the information directly from the service agreement I received when I signed up. I was told that wasn't the case and the refurbished phone may not be the same color, size, or could have cosmetic flaws. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor regarding this. I was told I would hear back from them within 48 hours. They didn't specify if that was working days so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that it was. That would mean, I should have heard something on 12616 or 12716. The absolute latest 12816. As of today, 121616 still no call, so I called. I was told that the supervisor noted in my account, that it would be a refurbished phone and the cost was $199 and they were sorry for the inconveniences. This wasn't acceptable so again I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was placed on hold then sent to a SATISFACTION survey, are you kidding me? I called back, same thing. This happened several times. Again, I called back and requested a supervisor and cancelled my policy. The supervisor, who by the way was the only person of the 8 that i spoke to who had any command of the English language, said what I had and was told was untrue. I informed her that I was attempting to resolve things before taking the matter to my credit card company and the BBB. At that time she said I was making a "legal threat" and hung up again bringing up the satisfaction survey. Obviously they really care how satisfied we are. I will contact both the BBB and my bank tomorrow to lodge formal complaints and attempt to get a refund on the fees I've paid for a fraudulent service. I love Target and cannot believe that they would deal with such a company. I'm still looking for a number to contact Target directly, but I'm sure this has already been done by others after seeing numerous horror stories, some much more costly than mine. If anyone knows a contact please let me know.

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