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I went to Target with the receipt to return a watch, in an unopened box, purchased just the day before. The watch was $299.
The customer service rep treated me as if I was a thief?

She came up with all sort of excuses, but never actually wanted to refund to my credit card?

Here I was with a receipt and an unopened watch box with the watch!

She called security? To ask if the watch's accessories s/n should match the box lettering?

How would security know this? Who would know this, but the manufacturer?

I asked for a manager as this was going no where, for a long time. The manager showed up and said that the box had to be cut open to verify the contents. I thought well any idiot knows that - and it doesn't take an idiot to tell me that.

Needless to say, I will never shop at Target- ever again.
Hello, Amazon if you are reading this.

PS: I've spent, verifiably, over $4, 000 at target in the last year with only one other return ($49 childs gift.)

Mar 13, 2019

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