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Tagged - gold balance has been temporarily suspended!

I bought $200.00 in gold, it was paid for and came out of my bank account 05/20/18 TAGGED/HI5 IFWE INC [protected] Debit-$200.00 and tagged says:Gold balance has been temporarily suspended! please...

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Tagged - account deleted without warning

I received SEVERAL RACIALLY INSULTING COMMENTS on my profile. I reported the users and NOTHING WAS DONE TO RESOLVE IT. I decided to RESPOND and MY ACCOUNT WAS DELETED. NO WARNING! I WANT MY ACCOUNT REINSTATED. Thetes supposed to be an ISSUED WARNING to ALL parties involved BEFORE SUSPENSION/DELETION of accounts. This site has obviously become RACIALLY BIASED/PREJUDICED. I always speak on RACIAL POLITICAL subjects. Ive been a member since 2010! K.[protected]@gmail.com

Tagged - my tagged account

I have three different emails and non of them won't reactivate. I tried to create an account AGAIN and says another user Yas this email which is me!!! It won't let me go thru my Facebook or my...

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Tagged - tagged account

I can not log into my tagged account i would like to know why it says my account is inactive every time i try to log in with my email and password it says my account is inactive and wont let a link send to my email to reactivate it back what's the problem?????and im 18 so why cant i get into my tagged account because thats the account i need to regain access to and its not letting me log into my account

Tagged - my tagged gold is suspended please remove my block thanks

My tagged gold is suspended and i want to remove my frozen tagged gold to normal to play my pet games back to normal.i was trying to convert my gold in cash told me that my accounts was suspended...

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Tagged - c ant login anymore they say my account is deleted and can't be used anymore

Its been two weeks now since it was deleted and now am trying to login but its not possible My account was : [protected]@gmail.com pasw Cody20144 but am not allowed to login anymore .I tried to register with another account and they say it was allready taken .I son't know whats going on, You can answer me on my email above .I have met some wonderful people on there but I can't get acces anymore
Thanks for your help


Update by Cootje
Apr 16, 2018

Its been two weeks now since it was deleted and now am trying to login but its not possible My account was : [email protected] pasw Cody20144 but am not allowed to login anymore .I tried to register with another account and they say it was allready taken .I son't know whats going on, You can answer me on my email above .I have met some wonderful people on there but I can't get acces anymore
Thanks for your help


Tagged - I can't sign in

I created a tagged account using my mobile number but when I'm trying to sign in with my number it sends access code then directs me to register a new account. The account I'm trying to access is still there so when I tried to create new account with same details and pictures it blocked my email address. I's there anyway you can link my email address to my account so I can sign in http://m.tagged.com/profile/6062491000

Tagged - favoritism

I have read the term and conditions of tagged have been a member for over 10 years. I have never had any problems with tagged into now. I feel somebody on the support team has a problem with me or prejudice against certain people. I play the game Pets on tagged been playing everyday for years . I sometime would have to submit a request to the support team and they use to help you or reply back now i don't even get a reply back. I have had three of my accounts deleted this your due to picture and these are the same picture on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram. I have never posted a nude picture. I have read the terms and conditions a few times. Its a whole lot of
naked women pictures with private areas out that's not been but you deleted three of my account back to back and its not right.

Tagged - good or peats kya hai

JS ke baare mein sari Jankari aur information chahiye Jise Mai apse ko talasha ko aur isme pets kya hai aur gold kya hai in Mein apps ko kaise chalaya jata hai aur isme is EPS me kaise joining ki Jati Hai Uske baare mein nahi Prakar ki jankari chahiye mujhe aap mujhe de sakti ho please do reply come back aap se request hai girls gold और पेट क्या है


Tagged - my account at tagged.com

I had an Account at Tagged.com which I had Cancelled and I also, had a Confirmation e-mail says "you can Retrieve your Account any time" but while Trying to retrieve My Said Account, a Message appears -
The account has been cancelled and can't be retrieved.
My e-mail Address is as Under :-


will you please let me know the reason for the Same ?

regards !

(Tagged .com) Zero rating if there was that option for customer service

this canceled note seems to be a block with no reason or further communication to tagged. They have a number they list online stating there main office is San francisco ca. No one ever answer that number. The site Ive had [protected]. All my personal messages and pictures have been stollen from them. I wouldn't ever recommend networking threw tagged ever. I spent hours and days of my life posting my pictures to attract men and women. They comment on my pictures and chat with me. For what for c. e. o. of tagged to get to be a billionaire. I get nothing but dangerous people contacting me. No profit for my personal info. When you take the time like I did with my cute pics and they block you for no good reason of breaking laws or anything. Your better of doing web cam. Also making your own website.

Tagged - sorry. the account for that email address was canceled and can't be accessed

My Email is [protected]@gmail.com My account has been canceled for no reason mentioned or even been notified by Tagged Management, Please look up in my issue and try to solve it ASAP, I need my...

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Tagged - racial/faith abuse

I have constantly faced Racial/Faith related abuse using your service and every single time I reported those user but never on a single occasion I received any feedback/reply from Tagged for reassurance. This ignorance of such abuse on your platform is clearly encouraging those culprits and I should report this to the Government since Tagged has failed to take any appropriate action to address this.

Tagged - I didn't set up my profile

Please cancel my profile since I didn`t make set up for it AT ALL. I don`t know if this is some kind of spam site or what but I dint give any autorization for broadcasting this profile nor did i EVER set up an account on your site.
I request that you immediately erase it permanetly cause I can`t do it myself since I don`t have password!

I´m expecting answer to this request.


Tagged - ban

Tagged / I'm disputing my account getting banned for 30 days
i didnt do nothing wrong ...
i dont get it ...why am i banned ??
i dindt say nothon nore do something wrong..
they say i am banned because of content ?? i dont get it plzzz do something about it ..at least review it ...plzzz check it ou Tagged ... im a grwon man i dont got the time 2 do stupid things.. peetvader paper

Tagged - vip status

Hello, my debit card is being charged $10.99 from Tagged/Hi5 IFWE inc 8 and i am still not showing a VIP status!!! The last time money came out my account was 10/18/17 @ 6:02am why am i paying the fee monthly if im not VIP!!! I want to know how i can resolve this and if we can't resolve this issue then i just wan't to just cancel the subscription!!! Thank you very much

Tagged - I'm disputing my account getting banned for 30 days

I started a live on 10/31/17 titled "Happy Halloween!!! Pu$$y Cat Diva!!!" based on the holiday and photo I was wearing a CAT outfit. Now I grow up on a cartoon TV show called "Josie and Pussy Cat" as kid and it was appropriate, how come on social media for 18 and up that's not appropriate. And furthermore I seen worst comments, lives and photo profiles than mine and they never are banned.

Tagged - unethical behavior

this site is homophobic and complacent with fraud when it comes to earning points or gold as they call it, , i was a long time user and without notice or warning they deleted my account. after trying to get an answer as to why they did this, they only responded with, the decision is final. i advise anyone that is thinking of wasting time on this site to go somewhere else .. furthermore i have a blog with over 200k followers and i will denounce and discourage my followers to use this disgusting site

Tagged - cancelling my account

I have been on tagged.com since it was a social network long before Facebook became popular. Even though today it is a sort of hook up site full of scammers, fake profiles, prostitutes gays and lesbians I remain on the site.

I have never been disrespectful to anyone on the site but I often report inappropriate postings. I get hit with warnings for posting a pic that I see other persons have posted the same (I did not know that other person posted this pic as it is widely available on the internet) or similar pics.

On Sunday, October 16th, 2017 I was on the site I realize I was just logged out when I tried to log in I got a message saying my account was canceled.

It logged me out for no reason at all

Tagged - tagged

After being on this site for years and building up friendships my account was then deleted without warning! I have always made sure I adhered to the rules! I messaged tagged to ask why it was deleted and if they could reinstate it, (they claim they get back to you within 48 hours) but I didn’t get any response. I have had to make a new profile and start from scratch! What makes it worse is that you can’t search people names! So I can’t find any of my friends profiles! In this day and age the running of this site is ancient!

Tagged - can't reactivate my account

I deactivated my account. So when i try to get back in, it said that ill be sent an email and that once i reset my password my account will be back. But after i key in my new password and press save...

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