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Tagged - lies

a site on tagged [protected]@yahoo.com.au now tagged is telling me they sent a email to yahoo.com.au to recover my password so i can get in my site however from what i read all on tagged support site they are the biggest idiots on the internet and they like playing with people as all american companies do total idiots?I wish you people would grow up and get a life?i have allready sent a complaint to tagged.com with no results?that was22-9-2017?i do not wish to ring them because it is 2017?i have allso tried tagged way of recovering my password?we have tried for 2years to open the site?it was closed down for no reason? I think these problems can be sort out on the internet?and i enjoy My tagged sites and all other site a lot and treat them with respect?I Hope you can Help me if you can you are a very good person? My name is FRANS POEZE [protected]@gmail.com REGARDS?

Tagged - tagged dating phone app

I created an account using Google sign in and can't get back into my account I tried resetting my password and it says failed to change password. The account email is [protected]@gmail.com. I also tried creating a new one and after a couple hours the same thing happened using my Facebook account. Which email is [email protected] Please help me get back into my account/accounts. I love ur app and was talking with a woman for the past 3 months and was about to meet her. I'm very disappointed and need to get into my account.

Tagged - fake account of mine that's been cloned twice from my facebook account that got hacked

Hey there, my name is Rachael one of my friends was on your site and they came across two profiles that was made up of my Facebook photo but I've never heard of this site or even signed up on it they've put photos up of me my family I want them took down as soon as they can I don't want these photo up especially photos of my little nephew if you would like to contact me yourself call me on this number ‭‭+[protected]‬‬ or could you email at [protected]@gmail.com

Tagged - Hi5

I didn’t know how my Hi5 account suddenly became deactivated and the email addresses i use with it was also considered as inactive. I tried to change password using tagged but it was "failed to...

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Tagged - my account

Yes I would like to know why did yall disactivated my account I jave had my account since 2012 with NO COMPLAInts ot problema now do to some dude harrssing and stocking me he reported my account and without question yall canceled it ill apperciate it of yall give me my account back.. K. C was the [censor] who reported it and its crazy just like that yall wpuld take my account

Tagged - vip

A few days ago I made a complete accident, I never meant to purchase that vip thing, but my phone froze on the screen and it charged my card. I did the whole google sesrch thing to find out how to cancel my subscription step step. Thats easy, and thats cool and dandy, but what I really would like to know is when will I get my 30$ back because I will not be finessed by a [censor] app. I want my money back and I dont the runaround, somebody put 30 dollars on my card. Obviously that 30$ went somewhere so somebody find it and put it back to its rightful place. Its says in the picture that yall keep my goddam information for at least 6months... And that machine charged my card in a heartbeat, so put those two factors together, = yall have my card info so put my money back!!!

Tagged - account


I want to ask you to reactivate my account, Because I do not know what happened that it has been removed. I have been a member of Tagged for years and want to stay for years. I have made a lot of friends and i like the petgame!

Please reactivate my account
My email on Tagged is [protected]@hotmail.com and username is Sweet Angel

I hope to hear from you and that i can use my account again

Thank you

Tagged - unauthorized payment

Today evening (13/08/2017) i have been charged by Tagged for INR 1345.02 without my permission from my bank account i want my money back. How could they charge my account without my permission. help me to get the refund. I was having only approx INR 2000 in my bank account and i need to pay fees of my coaching and they have charged without my permission that's fishy and inappropriate.

Tagged - my account was deleted without warning awhile back, so had to make another one

My account was deleted awhile back, I'd had it for over six years, I had to make another one, but I made it on my Ipad, I have tried to download it on my cell phone, but when I enter my email & address to my new account, it tells me that that account has been deleted, so would you please be so kind to help me with this problem, it seems to be associating it with my old account when I try to download it on my cell phone, I've tried every thing that I know to do, I would like to download it back on my phone, cause I don't always want to get on it on my IPad @ home, it makes no sense why it keeps associating it with my old account that got deleted when I try to download the site Tagged on my cell phone, I have a new account now, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone would help figure out this problem
Thanks B Brown

Tagged - the service I am complaining about is tagged and hi5 game.

I have been trying for the last five days to go online to Tagged and HI5 but as of now, all I get is a page with writings. These writings are to go to Pacific areas of the games but it never goes anywhere. I have about 5 profiles on Tagged and One on HI%. MY name on there is [protected]@juno.com. I hope you will be able to pass this on to Tagged and HI5. I am living in Baguio City, Benguet Philippines and this is one of the constant problems I have with Tagged and Hi5.

Tagged - my account

Hi My account address is [protected]@gmail.com and My account has just been deleted for no reason other than what i can assume is the fact that I am Trans This is the 3rd time this has happened and I have been giving no explanation for my account being pulled I would like my account restored or i will be talking to a journalist about my mistreatment due to my sexuality as tagged is the only place i am able to socialize and now I have no contact with my good friends due to my account being pulled. i feel very upset by this

Tagged - how to reactivate my account

I was tried to reactive my account before but I did not got anything to my email. I am already use this to reactive my account : Reactivate your account? Enter your email address below. We...

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Tagged - I can't access tagged using my fb account

No matter what I do. I cannot login. Cleaned my history, update browser. Please fix it pls. ASAP. It always happens. What that hell is wrong with the site? Even on app. It always happen with me. Even on my previous accounts. So I end up leaving those accounts and making a new one. What is wrong? It's never been this way. [censor] hell. If you can't fix this, you better shut the site down.

Tagged - cancellation of account and subscription

I have cancelled my account/profile due to scammers. I also cancelled my subscription but you have STILL taken payment. I am extremely annoyed and request an immediate refund of the monies i.e. over £23.00!

I am annoyed at the amount of fakes and scammers on this site. The site used to be good quality but has gone downhill over the last couple of years and this is why I no longer wish to be a member. When people who are abusive or blocked, how do they still manage to be allowed on the Tagged site?

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Karen Bareham (Miss)

My email address is

Tagged - sudden stop of my account

My email address is [protected]@hotmail.com and I would like to know why was my tagged email account cancelled for no reason at all? I have been with tagged .com since last year and made lots of friends and never had any problems at all until now. When I tryed to loggin, its telling me, sorry. the account for that email address was cancelled... I would like to get my tagged email account reactivated back please as soon as possibile.
Thank you.
Dr. Areef

Tagged - somebody stole my identity

It is a account that has a profile stating its me. They have multiple sites with my pictures and information they stole my phone i cant close it i need the account deleted immediately. The name i...

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Tagged - can't log in

My computer hard disk had packed up & only back on line today. I tried to sign in with my old account but couldn't remember my password. Tagged gave me a new one but it also give me a new account which I dont want.

My email address on tagged...1215_knowles.[protected]@hotmail.co
This is my new password 246_roddy

Can I please have my old account back please.

Tagged - posting pics of people's personal property unauthorized

A member on tagged.com is harassing by stalking and taking pictures of my mercedes benz unauthorized and unwanted and posting them on tagged.com in harassment uid [protected] I want the pics with my property in it deleted and instruct the person to post another pic preferably not of someones property unless they agree. I have my mercedes benz on my own profile uid [protected]. Please have tagged.com remove the harassment by deleting my property off someone's profile and have the member post different pics thank you so much

I really want you all to take my picture off her page I did not agree with here taking my picture her tagged name is Farrah and I'm chalieboy email is [email protected] that's stealing and not right

Tagged - account cancelled

Tagged cancelled my account last night without even informing me, I added a couple of cartoon startrek sexy picture's, when I uploaded them I checked my profile and the pics had been removed by...

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Tagged - slander and loss of cash

Site has gotten so greedy on game we play in attempt to stop black market sales of their currency innocent players are being targeted and treated like criminals and slandered. I just finished fighting to get on account reinstated and now 2 more have been suspended and made worthless without evidence or cause. The loss of those accounts is substantial and over $1000 to me! I would suggest everybody stay away from their games until this is resolved or you could be their next victim. I bought only their gold to convert to pet cash from them directly and yet was suspended and slandered and am soon to file a legal action to force them to right the wrong and reimburse my loss $1000 is not peanuts I will not take their BS I refuse to just play dead!

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