Taco Bellwaited over 19 minutes for food...

T Aug 04, 2018

03240 1 and Hazel Green Alabama. Order was taken at 10: 49 a. M. three cars came through the drive-thru during the 19 minutes that we were waiting. they were two other customers who did not have food prior to our arrival it took over 17 minutes for them to get their food that we witnessed we don't know how long they were there prior to us. 4 people standing at cash register stating only one person working online running orders and drive-thru. my question is why could one of the four people standing around at the register not go work the second line in order to help out. when's order was received only one of the burritos had no cheese sauce the other three Hachi sauce had to be taken back what are the proximately 8 minutes for new burritos to be made! One had no Fritos!!! Not acceptable.

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