Taco Bellowners daughter

C Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

I've been employed with this location for quite some time now, I love my job and the coworkers that I have but in recent months the owners daughter has shown up and I understand she's planning on taking over for her father but is stepping in and doing things very unprofessionally. Some of the things that she has done is favoritism, picking on certain employees and managers, and creating drama all around. In general since she's been coming around she's created more bad then good, a majority of the crew are uneasy when showing up to work and now are looking for employment else where. There is so much more that I can say but I feel as if it will go nowhere because of the power she feels that she has over us. The way the store is headed with the toxic environment she is creating is downhill which is a shame because of the many employees that have put so much time and effort especially years of service in working for the company, I feel this is a matter that should be taken seriously in seeing as this location serves so many surrounding towns in the area.


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      Aug 07, 2018

    guessing its a franchise if so than not much can be done or will change
    maybe they will have many leave until they get there "yes" crew that put up with her

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