Taco Bellcustomer service at counter

J Jul 26, 2019

I see you are now getting like Burger King in their counter service. I was standing at the counter waiting to get waited on and the girl at the window kept waiting on the drive thru cars. One would leave and then another one would pull up, then another and another. So the person standing at the counter who was there before the cars started pulling up was left without getting waited on until you just walk out. Very poor customer service.
Thank you.

Jeanne McVicker

  • Updated by Jeanne McVicker · Jul 26, 2019

    Customer service at counter awful. I was standing there for a while today and the lady kept waiting on the drive thru customers and just left me standing there. I was there before the drive thru people kept coming. I just left. Worst customer service ever, just like Burger King.

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