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I tried to cancel one of two lines attached to my T-Mobile account, over the phone (611), without success. I spoke to 5 different representatives, and no one could solve the problem. The last representative shared her credentials with me: Len A, employee number [protected].

I'm currently living in The Netherlands, and am not able to go to a T-Mobile store in US to cancel the service. This means the only option available is to (try to) do it over the phone. When I spoke to all 5 representatives, I provided the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number, but when they asked about the PIN code created when I opened the account (three years ago), I couldn't remember it. This seems reasonable, especially when it comes to a PIN code you never use during your lifetime as a customer.

They tried to reset the PIN code twice, and in fact I received two new PIN codes (first 3153, then 1093). However, they still couldn't access my profile in order to proceed with the cancellation I was requesting.

No representative could provide me with a feasible alternative to the problem. On top of that, T-Mobile employees kept insisting that the only way to have the line cancelled was to fly back to US (really?!) and make the cancellation in a T-Mobile store in the US. Not sure if it was a bad joke or if it was for real, but just in case: The Netherlands is more than 4, 000 miles away from the US!

Since I'm not willing to spend €1, 000 in flight tickets and am not willing to take 2 days-off at work to follow T-Mobile guidance so as to solve this bizarre problem, I will stop paying T-Mobile bills from now on. This seems to be the only option available at this point.

Finally, because T-Mobile coudn't care less about their customers, they don't even have an e-mail for incidents/complaints! Reason why I'm using to make the incident public and to protect myself against late payment fees (or whatever fees) T-Mobile decides to charge in the future.

T-Mobile: what a shame! You should try to improve your CRM processes ASAP. No company with such a poor customer experience survives in the long run. Good luck!

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