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on 4/11/15 we were strong armed into buying a vacation plan. I took copious notes on all the rules during the meeting. We were told if we don't make our money back in 5 years, we would get a refund. Well, we only used the 1 free week at a condo in Orlando and it was just awful. Moldy bathroom, torn screens, an iron which did not work properly and burnt my clothes, ants crawling around the unit, and much more. Since that trip to Windsor Palms in 2018, I am extremely reluctant to ever try another property. We were also not informed there are no accommodations which are dog friendly making use of this program almost impossible since we have 2 dogs. BTW, there were many dogs at Windsor Palms!! I had gone back to the office where we signed up for this plan and it was empty shortly after our presentation. Nobody could tell me where they all went. I Called the main Global Connections and nobody could help either. I want to know how to get a refund and give back this terrible vacation plan . I don't pay the annual fee unless I use the program but I will have a hard time ever using it and wasted $4496 to sign up!
I believe our membership number is GD012941

Misleading Sales Pitch

On vacation, we were stopped by a trolley vendor and asked if we wanted to get a free $50 Visa. We said no...

False Promises

Global Vacations is a complete SCAM. We were unable to cancel within the 3 days. We have received absolutely...

False advertising, dishonest company

In the mail I received an advertisement for free airline tickets and accommodations. Obviously, when...

Rip off

As a former employee I will say that they are not the worst club out there... they were quite honest about the fact that their inventory was last minute cancellations and leftovers in the industry. So if that's what you can live with, and are free and open to going wherever they send you..its a great deal and you'll get into condos for sure. The problem is, that they are scam artists, and the reps dont know this while they are working there. They take your money, and never pay the reps. The pretend that you cancelled your contract or defaulted on your payments, and they keep the commissions. There is also no salary. They don't own ANY resorts, so they are a roadshow, which moves around from city to city, so when the complaints get too high in a city, they move on. Availability is scarce, that's why it's cheap. If you're happy with Orlando and Mexico every year...then go ahead, it's good.

  • La
    Larry Hughey Aug 27, 2015

    It seems Global Vacations targets hard working individuals who have a decent credit raring and invite them to come hear a presentation promising a I-pad that isn't worth carrying home as an enticement. A fast talking sales presentation is made to you and they act as if you're best friends and they want only the best for you. If you bite as I did, they then saddle you with a program that renews every year and charge a large renewal fee. If you complain they tell you it was in the contract you signed and if you don't pay you'll be turned over to a collection agency and they try to blackmail you into paying by ruining your credit. If you try to use the vacation program. it is so complicated you'd need to be a professional travel agent to make sense of it. It appears my credit is going to suffer badly because of this due to the fact that I refuse to pay anymore. They have netted a nice profit from me and have provided nothing of value. What a waste of time and money. Larry W. Hughey
    5333 Miramar Dr
    Canal Winchester, OH 43110 740-703=9912

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Bait and switch

We were told if we listened to a 90 minute sales pitch we would walk out with a gift certificate for 3 day...

Award Notification

Well, here I sit, comtemplating mailing this "Registration Information Form" for my "free" airline tickets in...

Enter the contract on your own risk

We watched 90 min presentation and were not impressed. In the session after salesman managed to sell us a package for close to $3K. Since I can cancel within 3 business days, I did not worry too much since I had time to research. I did research .In Florida alone they had 182 complaints, other rating was Poor to Awful.
I faxed cancellation and called to confirm. This is where they started to play the game. Department is in the meeting, call later. Person is out, call later. Finally I got to the right person and after I asked for confirmation of cancellation, they did not ask me for name or ID # like they usually do but for fax confirmation number. I told them in addition I will mail certified copies. Mail clerk at post office told me that zip does not match the address. I had no doubt now A SCAM. I immediately called the credit card blocked (disputed) the payment.
Enter this deal at your own risk.

  • Ka
    Kathy clemons Jan 09, 2013

    RCI Global wants us to turn our Bluegreen points into their company.I am not wanting to trust them but my husband is ready to reduce maintance fees what do you think?

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  • Ka
    Kathy clemons Jan 09, 2013

    What do you think should we take our bluegreen points and sell them to RcI global to reduce maintance fees?

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  • Li
    LITHARIO Mar 13, 2013

    I have had the exact same problems canceling my membership. I joined in 2007 and attempted to cancel the next day (within 24 hours) I got the exact same run around "That department is in a meeting." "I'm sorry we are not able to cancel you at this time as your account isn't set up yet." "That supervisor is out to lunch now. Can you call back later or leave your name and number and they will call you back."
    Now, 5 (almost 6) years later and it is still on my credit report even though I canceled within 24 hours and they are claiming I owe $2800!!!

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Scams, lies, extremely offensive behavior

We received a letter in the mail from US airlines, signed vice president Joanne Cane, saying that we had won an award for 2 round trip tickets in the continental US. We called the telephone number [protected]) and were told that we only had to show up at a suburban location with a photo ID and credit card to pick up the tickets. They said we were GUARANTEED the tickets at no cost. It took us two hours to drive to the suburbs and find a non-descript building that had no visible address. We arrived late and were told that we had missed the 90 MINUTE presentation that was required. There had been no mention of a presentation. They told us we had to reschedule even though they were there, we were there, what's the problem? I told them we had driven a long way and had been given MISLEADING INFORMATION. Mr Cote the project manager told me to grow up, told me that I had no right to ask to talk to a supervisor or someone in corporate division. He said I had no right to complain. He slammed the door on my finger and threatened to call the police. I am a young woman who has attended ivy league schools; I have NEVER BEEN TREATED SO OFFENSIVELY. At best this will be a total waste of your time, better spent doing anything else. At worst this will be an infuriating experience where you will meet truly disgusting individuals whose aim is to cheat, lie, and steal. Obviously, you should not expect to get anything positive out of this. DO NOT CONTACT this company. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company. All positive reviews on this site must be lies. I have talked with them face to face and they are not an upstanding group. It is A SCAM.

  • Th
    th!sman Aug 18, 2012

    Ok now miss ivy league. You make not feel bad at all for not getting a pedigree from an ivy school, apparently stupid is still graduating over there. Of course it's a scam and you just missed your 90 minute window to be scammed. the scammer is pushing you away and you are insisting you want to be scammed?!! surely no one is as blind as he who is blinded by greed. next time it will be the nigerian and from the look of it if you don't learn something real quick they will get your a$$. or may be the new indian scammers on the block.

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  • Ra
    ralph zaccaro Aug 18, 2012

    I got Scammed out of $ 6000 dollars!
    Thet refunded my money as part as their fraud protection!
    Thank you AMEX

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  • Sw
    SWGross Jun 28, 2014

    I agree completely with Julie as me and my wife went to one of their presentations and were even early for it. I never saw such a circus in my life and they even had young girls that had just graduated high school, trying to make a living, working for them. I hope they got paid at the end of the week before the people they were working for skipped town. What a bunch of straight faced liars, cheaters and thieves trying to live the good life on someone else's buck. What a bunch of freeloaders!

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Air plane tickets

My wife and I went to a presentation for this vacation club. They promised us two free airline tickets if we...


We went to a presentation in May of 2011 and as this posting have gotten nothing from this group. They...

Assessment not a complaint

We have been members of GLobal for probably 15 years. We have used their services for 20-25 vacations all...



Shame on you!

On Tuesday August 3, 2010 @ 6PM I attended a Global Vacation Network presentation. The execution of presentation was memorable and exciting. I was planning on contacting Global Vacation Network for membership at a later date when my financing were available. In the meantime I decided to check on the company's ethics through the BBB on line website. I was stunned to see a "C" rating when the speaker announced clearly the company was "A" rated through BBB. Now I felt taken. Next; I made a decision not to be a member when I tried to go on their web site ( to check on their accommodation locations, since they show us beautiful slides of the beach and scenery from mountains tops through out the world.
I could not check on anything since they make you become a member in order to have access of their information. This was the 2nd let down.

In addition I tried to redeem my gifts.
1- Preloaded Visa Card worth $75.

2- Retail Rebate worth $300. thru PPI the company who sponsors Global Vacation Network. I could not redeem my gifts due to the complications in filling out their registration form on line.
You must have a scanner to scan your original gift certificate. Must upload IRS Form W-9 (do not want to give my Social Security #)
Must upload copy of your government issued photo ID. Ok, now I've given my life away for what? Next; I was given a GVN Premium Incentive List of items to choose mine to kept. You have 7 different incentatives to pick at least 2. I am still working on this since I have to go through an online site where all is explain, you will have to register your incentive gift within 30days. No problem, Right

WRONG all incentives gifts come with a refundable $50. or more good faith deposit.
2nd choice; a bonus Gas card $300. you think you will get a Gas card for $300. and you are on a roll here. Nope guess again, $25 back each month with a $100 minimum monthly purchased required. What does this all mean? Make it simply you offered a vacation, just for showing up and staying 90 minutes for a presentation. You offer the Gas card because I drove 45 minutes each way. So why do I feel violated?
I don't think I should give my indentity to anyone and I surely don't think I should spend $100 for $25 rebate coupons. I will inform you I spend more than $100. a month in gas and when a $300 gas card was offered it was an incentive for me to drive 45 minutes each way just for the $300. Gas card.
Global Vacation Network you are a disappointment and I will let all who ask about your company how deceptive you are. Check on your BBB Rating it is "C" not to be confused with "A" those who maintaining an "A" are worthy of staying in business.

  • Jl
    J. Leigh Oct 07, 2011

    I am sorry to say that we joined Global. It worked OK till they closed the office near us and I had to book my vacations on line. Now, after paying over $3, 000.00, I can't get a vacation any where near me. I would have to drive for at least a whole day to get to any place they have available and I started looking in April for something close from then till the end of the year. NOTHING! I quit making the payment and now Universal Data Services calls me everyday... it seems that Global got their money and now I owe a 3rd party. Global could care less about me now that they have their money. What a Rip OFF ! Where is the obligation on the Global side of this situation. There only answer is " Technically, you could drive to Colorado" ???? yea sure with one week of vacation, that works!!!

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Too much hassle

Many of the complaints I have read on here are pretty much on the money with what we experienced with the...

misleading/ False

We attended one of these seminars, 90 min. Very good speaker and funny too. But beware of the sign...

High Pressure Sales

Received postcard in mail from Gobal Vacation Networks concerning a presentation and free 5 day Bahamas cruise - no obligation. No mention of any fees made on the card or when the reservation for the "seminar" was made on the phone. Said "what the heck" and proceeded. The presentation took about 1 1/2 hour of so-called "cheapie" rates for hotels, cruises, airfares but no specifics. Global Vacation Networks wanted about $7500 as membership fee - pone-time offer. Otherwise fee would be about $10000. No more specifics were discussed. We said "No" and got up to leave when they sent another guy named Sean who tried to pressure us into buying. He would not takle "No" for an answer and we again got up to leave and he wouldn't stop his pitch. We were almost afraid that he would physically try to restrain us but he fortunately did not do so as the scene would have gotten very ugly and more confrontive than it was. As we left they gave us this voucher to sign and send in. It would have amounted to a $600 fee paid in advance (not free) for an undisclosed Carnival 5 day Bahamas area trip. We can get the same from our travel agent so we did not send it in.

Essentially a bait-and-switch and a most unpleasant one at that.

  • Ph
    Pharoahdolo Feb 17, 2011

    sorry you feel this way about the gift and we were unable to fit you into our travel program

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  • Ci
    cindymke Aug 26, 2012

    I was called and told I won a 3 day, 2 night stay in Vegas for two with $50 dollars in gas and dining from a raffle at the state fair. I was told I had to attend a presentation, at which point I asked if I would have to purchase anything - they said no. I received an email, stating that the company was meridian vacation (whose website looks amazing) not Affordable Global Vacation. I arrived at the location in Lake Geneva, WI (creepy building and location for such a pretty town) over an hour away from where I lived. The building immediately made my "this isn't right" antenna stand up but I figured I came this far I might as well get my vouchers. As the presentation went on, the very rude and aggressive sales rep talked more about timeshares, resorts and how they lower divorce rates (i kid you not) than the actual vacations you can take through their company. Two couples actually got up to leave during the presentation. I, being the only person there alone, was continually left out of the presentation and was often told my travel habits weren't right (I like to travel alone, and really get into the city I am going and try and be like the locals instead of staying all inclusive).
    After two presentations, we split off to go with individual sales people. I told her up front I wasn't interested - I am a graduate student 11, 000 membership is not going to happen right now. She continued anyway, she asked if I like cruises and I said NO and she continued to show me all the cruise options, at that point I stopped her and said I wanted to leave. She called over her manager who, 1) kept asking my salary 2) didn't believe I traveled alone and asked why I didn't have a boyfriend and 3) when I said I didn't want any level of membership, said "it's under 2, 000 - don't you have a discover or visa?" I explained that I just paid off my consumer debt and wasn't going to add to it. Still he wouldn't let me leave and asked what about the presentation I didn't like - I explained it was more about time shares then vacations you can take and all inclusive resorts with no solo vacation options. At that point he said "we are done, go up front, " and was done with me.
    I wish I would have left in the beginning I was all sorts of upset when I left. I did get my voucher but I am wondering if it is even worth trying to cash it in.
    My advice - DON'T GO!

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Did not deliver what was promised

Name: Global Vacation Network
Phone: [protected]
Fax: [protected]
Address: 2849 Executive Dr Ste 100
Clearwater, FL 33762
Original Business Start Date: November 1998
Principal: Mr. Tom Lyons, President
Customer Contact: Mr. Tom Lyons, President - [protected]
Type of Business: Travel Agencies
BBB Accreditation: Global Vacation Network is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: GVN Florida, Inc.

Global Vacation Network did not give us what they had promised if we attended their sales presentation. Here is the letter I sent to them, with the details.
Attention - Andrew Lyon
Saturday, August 7, 2010 4:14 PM
"FloridaGoldenGirl" <[protected]>
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"regina rosa" <[protected]>, "spouse" <[protected]>
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* img217.jpgimg217.jpg

please contact Andrew Lyon at [protected] or [protected] prior to contacting BBB.

Dear Mr Lyon,
I saw this note at the bottom of the BBB post on Global Vacation Network, so I am going to do it - contact you before filing a complaint.

We were solicited for a sales presentation by your company and told that we would be given a free gift choice of many possibilities if we did. We drove 40 miles to the presentation, and listened honestly and intently. We decided to pass and not purchase because of the manner of presentation from the sales people - good cop/ bad cop, call in the second string, then call in the head pitch man - it did not put confidence in our hearts, neither was there anything much about the standing of the company i.e. BBB documentation. Nor were we shown a www. site for us to use with the company.

We decided to wait to see how GVN handled itself over time thinking maybe in the future we would make such a purchase. It was also expensive to our thinking.

We were still potential customers at that point but then we contacted Millennium Travel for our ''free'' gift. There was nothing free about what they had to offer us. Expensive service charges and fees, the fee for the cruise was just about the purchase price of a cruise itself - we know, we checked - and it was also almost impossible to make a claim for a gift anyway, Millennium had so many restrictions that it made it into a crazy game to even try to collect our ''free'' gift, that turned out to be anything buy ''free''.

I shall scan and send you a copy of the ridiculous requirements of Millennium plus they wanted an upfront fee of $50 each to be sent in just to talk to them. Now, this is the company you have chosen to handle your gift program, that make you responsible.

It is obvious that they/ you do not want people to collect their 'free gifts' that are not free at all. Is this anyway to run a company ??? Sure, if you are running a scam company that does not deliver what it promises.

We never got our gift for attending your sales presentation, because of the insanely complicated requirements to even apply for the gift. Also, because I was not about to send a money order into this Millennium Travel - WHO send a money order these days ????? Only someone who does not have a bank account and checking account or a credit card. Poor immigrants send money orders home to their family in 3rd and 5 th world countries, besides, then Millennium can say they never received the money order nor cashed it. That puts it back on the customer and they better have sent it registered return receipt, (like I always do ) and have kept the receipt and made a copy of the money order. Most people don't.

Millennium can then just say they never got it. That's what Certs/ Lucien Co does and we had to file through the State's Attorney's office to get our money back, even with the registered return receipt and the copy of the money and verification that it had indeed been cashed. This shouts SCAM !

Now, here we are. We never got the free gift we were promised for attending your sales seminar. We got instead a paper that dumped us over to Millennium Travel and a flyer THE COMPLETE GETAWAY/ PACKAGE that I just descried to you.

Another huge issue here. If we had been told that the 'free gift' was really a discount plan program with fees and complicated confirmation requirements, we NEVER would have attended the sales seminar. The was never mentioned until we got the crazy complicated list of requirements from your business partner, Millennium Travel. Copy enclosed.

We want what you promised. The choice of a free gift that is free. We fulfilled our part, now, your company needs to fulfill it's part.

Regina & Jose' Rosa
9240 SW 165 St
Miami, Palmetto Bay Village,
Florida, 33157

  • Am
    americajrdetroit Oct 30, 2010


    My name is Jason Rzucidlo and I am the Owner & Web Designer of I received lots of complaints about the Global Vacation Network so I decided to do some investigating. I encourage you read and comment on these articles before attending a GVN sales presentation: (You can also view all of the documents you will be required to sign in a PDF file)

    Many of the GVN offices will show you a phony BBB rating that is not their true rating. Always check BBB ratings at

    Secondly, GVN is offering huge prizes like Lincoln Navigators that are impossible to win. They are only giving away 1 and your chances to win it are 1 in a million. So if they told you that you won one, you probably didn't.

    Good luck in your travels.


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  • Ri
    Rick Ufner Jun 17, 2012

    What the heck is going on with GVN ??? Has anyone joined and paid just under 10k and were HAPPY

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  • 5h
    5h3il4 Oct 03, 2012

    I just spoke to Andrew Lyon on the phone today. I thought this company is ridiculous! We have spent more than $1, 400 so far without getting any of the incentives. We got junk gifts that only lasted for a couple of months. Not worth the values at all! We went to their branch last week and I was pissed as hell that they didn't do their part for the program that we purchased. I talked loud enough but did not scream at the front desk so that others in the meeting could hear what kind crap they were facing in there.

    I want people to know that we need to be cautious and very analytical when being enticed with a high pitch sale like this for vacation program and make sure that we are not being controlled by anyone and even big companies how to run our money. Report complaints to BBB, call the attorney general in your state and/or go to a court to file a small claim for the company to get your money back.

    I will make sure that our money is back immediately, or else I talk to an attorney general directly to get the money back and tell others to stay away from this company.

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  • Er
    Erin Smeal Apr 06, 2013

    I was just sitting back thinking about this supposed "free offer" from Global Vacations Network after attending a 90 minute seminar and thought I would do some more researching. At the time we had purchased the "scam" yet within the 3 day cancellation time we went ahead and made sure things were cancelled. I came home and noticed a nice 18 + % interest rate on the back of paperwork. Along with hidden writting. Also I knew it was way too expensive and a total rip off. Though I was still expecting the "free offer" from attending. I had sent in paperwork as directed to do- even sent Priority Mail so there is no loss in Postal Service. Yet here it is weeks later and I have heard nothing. After my little research done, I find that the Great Wolf Lodge Tickets are NOT FREE. There is a process, and paying is involved. Not only is this a scam to myself, but my family (kids too). GREAT BUSINESS ETHICS!!! I GUESS WE HAVE TO GIVE PROPS TO SCAMMING COMPANY'S THESE DAYS. THIS IS HOW OUR SOCIETY IS RAN? I am wondering what on earth they do to the individuals whom actually purchase their products and don't cancell within the time frame. Then to tell indivduals the GREAT WOLF LOGDE tickets can be used in the state of Michigan, knowing this is where the meeting was held- in Grand Rapids, more than likely individuals aren't going to drive out of state for this. I have all of my paperwork still if "high quality management" would like to step up and take responsibility for their company actions. Especially seeing the multiple individuals that have been screwed.

    Erin Smeal

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  • Er
    Erin Smeal Apr 06, 2013

    I apolgize for above comment on GREAT WOLF LODGE TICKETS not being for MICHIGAN, THEY ARE. I am just utterly upset on the fact it is not FREE, as STATED!!! IT is NOT a free gift

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Stay far away from them

We received a card that told us we could receive a free gift just for listening to the presentation. The free gift ended up costing us $98.00 (a GPS). We were also told when we purchased the program that some of the accommodations would allow pets. Then we wanted to seek one of those we were told that none would allow pets. We have asked twice for different locations and none were in the areas that we were interested in. The salesman did start out with the cost of near $10, 000 but lowered it considerably.

We did stay at one condo in Williamsburg and it was an excellent two bedroom condo. The areas that we were interested in were in the Bar Harbor, ME and the Memphis areas.

We bought the package specifically because it was told to us that it was generational and we could pass it on to our children.


They have collected $400.00 for a trip to Mexico. A year went by and they did not plan any trips. I cancelled on January 8th and they are yet to return my money. Chuck Snow is the company representative and every time I call he lies and says the money will be there in 2 weeks.

  • Es
    EStout Dec 30, 2010


    Thank you for your recent posts. The promotions that you mention are provided by marketing companies. I would be happy to put you in touch with a representative that would be able to answer any questions that you have about the promotions you received for attending the presentation. Of course if you have any other questions about the about our travel membership, I would be more than happy to answer them. My phone number is (913) 660-7780.

    Eric Stout
    Operations Manager
    Global Connections, Inc

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  • Am
    AmariD Jan 20, 2011

    The same thing happened to me. I sent a total of $400 for the Mexico Paradise Getaway in which they told me the refund was on the way and I have yet to receive anthing. This was very disappointing, because my husbnd and I were celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I talked to some lady who stated she was in Perto Rico working for this company and she stated she was trying to find me cheap airefare at one point. We ended up paying for our trip ourselves.

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  • Es
    EStout Jan 20, 2011


    My name is Eric Stout. I am the Operations Manager for Global Connections. Global Vacation Network is an authorized distributor, they are a completely separate company from Mexico Paradise Getaway. You can contact me directly and I would be happy to help you get in touch with the necessary people to get assistance. My direct phone number is (913) 660-7780.

    Eric Stout
    Operations Manager
    Global Connections

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