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i usto work for great fun... and travelers advantage and shoppers advantage... its a big SCAM... i got fired...

I cancelled membership on 2-11-11 and was given a confirmation number. Still pulling $

I called to cancel on 2-11-11 and was given a cancellation confirmation #. They are now trying to pull money and when I called to let them know I had cancelled and gave them the confirmation number I was told it wasn't in the correct format...I explained that the number I had was what was given to me and I would be talking to my bank.

I have notified my bank that Travellers Advantage charge is unauthorized but will probably have to pay a stop payment fee of $30.00+ to make it stop since they won't honor their own promises.

Membership I Did Not Know I Had

I received a postcard in the mail indicating that I was a member of Travelers Advantage, an organization I had never heard of before. It gave me the option of automatically renewing my membership for $139.99 or cancelling it by calling their office. I talked to an agent, then a supervisor, and they indicated that I had signed up through my Visa card in 2004...also, something that was done automatically unless I actively turned it down. I cancelled and got a cancellation number. Other postings on this site suggest they don't really cancel. We will see if they actually act on it. I don't know how many years I have been inadvertantly paying them without knowing it.

Scammed me for months worth of charges on my credit card. I had never signed up

Travelers Advantage customers beware! I had never signed up for their service, yet received months of charges on my credit card. At first they only offered to cancel membership, but a supervisor said they could only refund four month's worth unless I wrote a letter to the company. This whole scam involved a company called Haband, who was also charging me monthly for spmething callled "Perks", which i never signed up for. Apparently they had uswed my credit card nu8mber from a purchase to sign me up without my knowledge, therefore connecting me also to "ravelers advantage". Please check your credit card statements to make sure they are nhot scamming you!


When you agree to sign on for the trial membership of Traveler's Advantage, they actually sign you onto 2 memberships: Traveler's Advantage and Shopper's Advantage. Apparently, each has to be cancelled individually, but no one ever tells you that. Even after cancelling, they continued to charge my credit card their monthly fee.

This company is a fraud, and I suggest you follow up by complaining to the company that allowed them to offer their services. For example, I was offered Traveler's Advantage through Thrifty. I will now follow up with Thrifty and explain why I will no longer rent from them. I suggest you all follow a similar method. Or better yet...any lawyers out here wanna kill a few hours???

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Money scam

They took money for membership out of my checking and also for a motel I did not book of 68.00 I want it refunded at once the 12.00 and extra 1.00 they took plus 68.00 for room at a days inn in mason city iowa.I did not want there membership and I cancelled the following day, after I seen what was done.Deanna Rague 33350 apt 1014 phoenix Az 85086 I got into website by was travlers advantage network.I got on internet by error.I will turn it into better business burae if i don, t hear people are scams.and you won, t get by with this.

The new check scam!

They mail you a check to your business for $9.95, looking like a typical customer payment from one of the online check writing facility. The check has a restrictive endorsement where you agree to charges to your credit card for Budget Car rental, who previously used your VISA card for a car rental.

How did Travel Advantage get my credit card information? They are owned by the same group as Budget car rentals.

I immediately put a credit hold on my VISA, never to do business with Budget again.

Case closed. Bye, bye Budget Car Rental!

Lied and robbed

Travelers Advantage is a subdivision of Affinion Loyalty. They are crocks!

They booked a flight for me using my credit card miles and failed to inform me that this was a bulk ticket that they purchased and set their own rules on. They then made promises to redeposit my points that they now refuse to live up to. American Airlines varified for me that they are lying about the need to wait for a refund from the airlines. It has been one lie after another and I now have no ticket, 54, 000 points gone, $211.00 gone, and they want me to pay $250 to have my points redeposited months down the road. They are crooks!!!

Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Charged my credit card for $16.99. When I called they told me that it was part of a "free trial" promotion through Budget Truck Rental, and that despite cancelling my transaction with Budget Truck Rental, therefore eliminating any benefit, they kept my information and subscription. Refused to refund the charge.

Fraudulently uses credit card number

My wife and I used travelers advantage and purchased cruises and other trips. They cost as much as other cruise services and never sent me the 5% cash back that they guaranteed and I finally gave up, losing about 50 dollars. When I canceled travelers advantage, they used my Discover Credit card number to charge me an annual fee ($149) for Complete Home, also a company from Trialegiant. We never even signed one of those little checks they send with the small print, designed to trick you into joining. It is pure, criminal fraud. I am looking for ways to file criminal charges, but be warned.

unaware charges

Unauthorized charge I believe came attached with (which I did subscribe with). traveler...

Fraud and scam

I used to get great service from the moore office-now i got lied to and hung up on before i was able to make a tentative reservation... i decided to try it again because i had gotten good car rental prices before but it was the same as the website i went to... and the guy on the line didn't know some car rental companies don't let you take the car out of the area... i am canceling after only 1 reservation!!! It is too bad the new agents don't understand english or know where they are booking people.

  • 26
    263794 Sep 19, 2009

    I work at a hotel in St. Louis and everytime someone mentions Travelers Advantage they are mad at me because I can not do what they are promised. This company should be stopped and to anyone that uses them after reading this is a fool. There are no such things as a bigger better deal just call the hotel and pay them so you don't end up looking stupid now if you drive the SSEnterprise you might get a good discount if you do not hit the building. Look if you can not afford to travel ummm DON'T we at the hotel are not responsible for footing the bill for people who can not afford to travel stop using third party companies and above all stop traveling if you can't afford it. Don't go to the hotel with 8 people and say "Oh its just me, I need two beds and by the way is there a back door" we are not stupid nor braindead save up your money BEFORE you travel and get two rooms and stop lying WOW I have heard eveything and quite frankly if someone is hosed by a third party because they are trying to save a buck they get what they asked for and I think the third party is doing a good thing by stealing money from some poor smuck and getting away with it. Good luck and see you in St. Louis

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  • Sg
    SGPDX Sep 22, 2009

    Why should we pay full price when we could get a discount? In this economy, only a stupid person would pay your hotel full price to stay, and your hotel would be stupid to expect anything different. You've also clearly never negotiated your way into a better deal, or owned a business, where you are able to negotiate EVERYTHING. Perhaps you should get out of the customer service industry if you insist on such a bad attitude.

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Four months now and still no digital camera

I signed up for Traveler's Advantage offered by Wells Fargo. The first month was free and as a bonus they would give me a video camcorder/digital camera. I have never received any info that I even signed up. Not even a simple confirmation letter with an account number. It's now 4+ months and I've gotten nothing! The only confirmation is the monthly charge for the service that I'm not getting!! It sounds like they're offering similar "deals" involving mp3 players or other incentives. Don't do it! If I found the other reviews about this NOT FOR FREE Orbitz/Travelocity site, I would have never done it!

  • Na
    Nathan Halabrin Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    SAME exact problem with Travelers Advantage. I signed up for the "free" camcorder through Wells Fargo (my bank) as a promotion. Months later, no camera, no info regarding the program, just an $11.99 monthly charge. I've made 2 complaints by dialing into their customer service number which on some days is a nightmare to get through. At one point a cute little VM told me "Due to high call volume TRY AGAIN LATER!"

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  • Ju
    Juan Nov 04, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • De
    Derrick A. Shafer Jun 06, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The exact same thing happened to me bur I was told that I would have the camcorder in 4-6 weeks. I am at the 12 week mark and no camcorder.

    The traveler's (dis)advantage offers of up to 50% off hotel rooms is also a scam as During the first two weeks of the scam process; I was issued a
    "travelers advantage card" with a member number on it #9712-62883957. I tried to book a two day Hotel reservation for a trip to the Avila Beach, CA. area with them. They quoted me enormous rates, and almost refused to accept the fact that I wanted to think about it on two hotels that they quoted me prices on.
    I called back to these same hotels myself and was able to beat their rates, myself, by $200.00 for my two night requested stay for two.
    Finally, the only reason I thought I would be receiving the bogus camcorder was because I found-deep within the bowels of the initial magazine that Travelers Advantage sent me was a tiny card stating to fill it out to receive my free digital camcorder. Did anyone else find this card? The BBB is my next blog site on these criminals, then the California Attorney General.

    Derrick Shafer-I don't mind using my name. I want these ### to know who is making statements against them. Email Address: [email protected]

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  • miss_x Sep 21, 2009

    You said "The BBB is my next blog site on these criminals, then the California Attorney General."

    You go boy! Get 'em with all you got! That's what we all have to do..

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  • Ma
    manajing Jan 12, 2010

    I have just recieved a letter which offers me one of the services. It says that if you want to cancel your membership you can call 1-866-640-5691. Maybe that works to cut the manthly fee you're paying.

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  • miss_x Mar 15, 2010

    Well manajing, I guess they are trying to improve their services with all these complaints going on!

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  • Ma
    mattsir12 Jun 08, 2010

    I just signed up for two different offers from wells fargo, The first one was called "AutoAdvatage" (which is a service for $15/month, and it is similar to AAA roadside assistance), the offer stated that the first month is free, and they will send me a FREE GPS, and you could cancel within the first 30 day sand get charged NOTHING, and still receive the FREE gps with no charge! I signed up for the service, waited 2 weeks for them to send me my packet with all account information, and the card to send out for the gps. After i received my packet, and sent out for the camera, i immediately called the service, and cancelled my membership. 4 weeks later, i received an AMAZING GPS in the mail! It was almost to good to be true, but it happened and im very happy! Now today i went to look in the mail, and there is another similar service called "HomeAdvantage" from wells fargo, and this time they are saying the same thing... month free, free gps, cancel within 30 days get charged nothing and keep camera. So bottom line.. I SIGNED UP FOR THAT ONE TO!!! The information came in the mail, and i sent out for the free camera, and then i cancelled the service... so know i just wait another couple weeks.. and BAM!!! another free Camera! THANKS WELLS FARGO!

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  • Li
    LizRob Jul 22, 2011

    I did received my digital camcorder... it took FOREVER... but it's sooooo CHEAP it's actually HILARIOUS. I havent used the services, but will look them over again to see if I can use any.. but most likely will be cancelling my account.

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  • Mr
    mrs.gonzales Aug 24, 2011

    I had signed up for the Auto Advantage for the same $15.00 a month that was offered to me through Wells Fargo and I was paying for this service for a little over a year. When the time had come to use this service. They could not assit me and I had spoken to approximatley (6) Supervisors and had to repeat my need (6) times everytime I had to speak to different supervisors. It was very frustrating for me and my children. I was given the run around in my time of need. This service had not give the service provided as stated. Auto Advantage had me and my children waiting for about 1 hr 30 mins. I had canceld my service as we spoke I was very unhappy with this service and would not recommend it to anyone. I was fortunate that I kept my AAA roadside assistance. They had come to my rescue in 30 mins from the time I placed my call out to them. Thank god for AAA road side assistance!!! mrs. gonzales

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Fleecing the public!

TRAVELERS ADVANTAGE and Bank of America: Fleecing the Public

December of 2006 I called to close a credit card account which I had not used in several months. I was told that Travelers Advantage had charged $115 to the card. I had no recollection of ordering or ever using their services, and said so. The customer service rep (my notes say Kantu B) directed me to Dispute Resolution. Debra cancelled the membership and keyed in "had no idea." She told me I had a "zero balance." The transaction ID was WT31057125.

A month later I receive a bill from the card carrier (Bank of America had recently taken over the account from MBNA, but that was not the reason I closed the account.) There was still $15 outstanding. I called AGAIN, and Davarrus explained that Travellers Advantage had only made a partial refund. Transferred to Billing (more Bank of America musak on hold). Rebeccah and Martine, I guess, said she would zero out the balance.

I'm still receiving bills. Today I called BoA again, [protected]. (BoA, as in constrictor?) Holden said flatly, "We can't help you.", and his supervisor, Brittney said, "You'll just have to pay it. If you don't, the bill will go to collections. I can't understand what the problem is paying $16.23." I got mad, and she told me that Travellers Advantage is part of BoA, and that they have my signature. I said, "Show me."
She got Rachel of Travellers Advantage on the line and clicked off. Rachel told me that I'd signed up in 2004 and been a member ever since. I remember signing up for their free 30 day trial in 2004, and cancelling immediately upon receiving their information packet. Never cashed any of their free checks, or used their services in any way. I look at all of my credit card statements and have never seen any charges for Travellers Advantage since 2004, until November, 2006 (after BoA took over the credit card.)

Rachel said I'd just have to pay it. I said OK, but Travellers Advantage and Bank of America are going to be on the internet and whatever they think to gain by their tactics today, they are going to lose 100 times over. She said they would refund the $15. Sure looks like organized crime to me. How many senior citizens are being victimized by this BoA covert operation?

Guess what I expect to see in my mailbox next month? $16.23, plus late fees. There's a similar, but less well-known operation going on up here in Canada, called Express Transaction Services Inc. The RCMP, Phone Busters, know all about them, and the BBB gets complaints all the time about them, but they just keep on fleecing the public.

So, is my credit card really a convenience to me...?

What a scam. What a ripoff.

I was offered a $1 deal through Comfort Suites for Travelers Advantage Club and was to receive discounts for Comfort Suites and free gas amounting to $40. This was a 90 day deal and I would have the opportunity to cancel before 90 days with no extra charges. I never received any correspondence from this company and then was charged $99.99 on my credit card. I had forgotten about these people because they never contacted me at all.

What a scam. What a ripoff. I’m going to contact the Federal Trade Commission about these people. This is pitiful. Warn anyone you can about these con men.

  • Br
    Brenda Y Oct 17, 2014

    I agree, can never make a reservation on their website for the destinations and dates i need. Their prices are way higher than any other website I've used. Don't bother with their so called offers!

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