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booking a trip with agent andy

unprofessional, referred to us as "you people" when I called asking where our confirmation emails were, he told me by morning we would have our bookings, almost 11 am and not one of the families in our travel have received anything. He took our credit card numbers almost 24hrs ago.

Yesterday he said he game me a different price then I had noted down which is not the case as he quoted me for each family the exact same price which means I would have had to miss hear him 3x. He doesn't take accountability, is not efficient, professional and disrespectful to your paying clients.

I have booked many of times with Itravel2000 and never had I received this type of treatment.
Extremely disappointing, trying to find a manger to speak to has been also very difficult and frustrating. None of the three families are happy with this treatment.

  • iTravel2000's response · Dec 11, 2019

    Thank you for taking the time to provide a review.

    Our Senior Management is looking into your concerns and will be contacting you directly.


    Customer Service

lazy unprofessional travel agent

i found the perfect place I wanted to book on Upon calling Itravel2000 I spoke with an individual Andy Kapoor. I told him what I wanted to book and the price I saw it for. He told me there was a better room available for the same price and we proceeded to book. Upon completing the credit card info he informed me the package price had gone up over a hundred dollars, then proceeded to tell me it was now sold out and I couldn't book my trip! He told me he would call back if the price dropped again as he was working late shift. Of course I was very disappointed about this!

When I got home from work I went online to look myself and the trip I wanted was still available only 50 dollars more than the original price i was going to pay. I called Andy back informing him it was still online and I wanted to book it! He told me the room wasn't as good because it didn't have a couch... which is ridiculous. No one goes to a resort in Mexico for a couch...
Once I said I wanted to book he told me that it was a good idea before it sold out as the price wouldn't drop .. well why did he tell me earlier that he would call back if the prices dropped?
And why didn't he offer me the room and package I was originally calling for instead of some up sell??

Once the booking was complete, the next day I emailed asking what the dress code was for the resort. He was very vague saying not to wear swim shorts ... I emailed him again asking for him to be more specific for what men can wear and he responded in capital letters "LONG PANTS" which was rather rude instead of taking one minute out of his day to respond properly. I am very disappointed in the service I've received and would not go back!

lazy unprofessional travel agent
lazy unprofessional travel agent
lazy unprofessional travel agent

  • iTravel2000's response · Nov 13, 2019


    Thank you for taking time to provide a review.

    To better assist in addressing your concerns, please email your Trip and/or Locator number, which can be found on the Client Statement, sent by email, after confirming of your reservation with our agency to [email protected]

    Please also include your full name, telephone number and email address.


    Customer Service

hola sun and itravel 2000 unprofessionalism in dealing with customers

I booked a trip to Cuba on June 29th, 2019, departing July 13th for my family and I and I paid in full using my VISA and received a receipt indicating that the payment was received in full as per attached. Months later, on September 10th, I was contacted by the Sales Representative, Ashley Warr, indicating that I was not charged the correct amount on my VISA. Instead of $5520, I was charged $200 less and is requesting additional payment. I find it very unprofessional to be contacting a customer months after they have returned from their vacation to let them know that an incorrect charge was made on their VISA for a payment which was deemed to be in full as per the invoice. If Hola Sun has incorrectly charged me by $200, then they should cover this cost at this point rather than coming back to the customer months later.

Actually, we were quite disappointed in Hola Sun as a whole, even while we were on vacation as we were not able to locate them during the 2 weeks we were in Cuba to get information on our flight details, etc and had to rely on Sunwing instead. So in my perspective, they did not perform their job and responsibilities anyhow and now they are coming back because they are claiming that they did not charge the correct amount. I find this to be very unprofessional on their part and on itravel 2000's part as well.

Please find the attached invoice indicating that all funds had been paid.

Looking forward to a resolution on this issue.

Grazia Santocono

  • iTravel2000's response · Oct 23, 2019

    Hello Grazia,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.

    We are sorry to hear you encountered any upset with your recent reservation.

    Upon reviewing your reservation we have confirmed your file was underpaid by $200.00. Although a Client Statement was emailed to you showing the file was paid in full your credit card statement would have have reflected the correct amount charged by Hola Sun. Unfortunately, the agent did not notice this mistake and as we were not advised by you, upon receiving your credit card statement, that there was a discrepancy we were not provided with an opportunity to address this matter before you travelled.

    Grazia, as a gesture of goodwill and in an effort to maintain your faith in our organization will cover the remaining balance owed on your reservation payable to Hola Sun.

    In regards to not being able to locate the Hola Sun Destination Representative we find this very distressing and have forwarded your concerns to Hola Sun for their review. Please note, the contact number for your Hola Sun Destination Representative is provided on your Electronic tickets and Hola Sun keep a binder in the hotel lobby for clients which lists flight details, transfer information and contact numbers for the Hola Sun Destination Representative.

    Once again, we sincerely apologize for any upset you encountered.

    Grazia, we hope that you may allow Hola Sun and a future opportunity to restore your confidence in our efforts and trust that it will be under more favourable conditions.


    Customer Service


My best friend and I recently took a trip to Cayo Santa Maria and stayed at Grand Memories Sanctuary, a 4.5 star hotel. Our experience was not a pleasant one and wanted to inform Sunwing and perhaps the hotel itself. By the second day, we rated this hotel a 2.5 star. Why? According to the description of the hotel we received personalized check-in; butler service; preferential reservation at all a la carte restaurants; however we did not receive the following: proper late checkout; nightly turndown service; premium amenities in room; use of in-room robes; mini-bar to be restocked daily; evening hors d'oeurvres afternoon snacks including desserts in lounge and drinks in the drink dispenser in our room.

The hotel was not maintained; buildings seemed to be breaking down; some rooms had broken patio doors; telephone in the room did not work; ants and small bugs were crawling in our room.

Here is a detail of our displeasure:

1. Our Room: We got to the hotel around midnight on Thursday, August 8, 2019. We received our keys and went directly to our room. Once inside the room we noticed that our room was equipped with one king size bed and the balcony was facing forestry. At the time of booking I had requested two double beds and a room facing the pool. We complained and eventually were given a room on the third floor, again facing the forest.

2. Telephone: From day one, our telephone was not working. This was reported the following morning. When we left on August 14, the telephone was still not operational.

3. Full Bar: Our room was not equipped with a full bar. We were only given one bottle of water, a can of I believe 7-up, and a bottle of beer. As we were two people in the room I wasn't sure how it was going to work with one bottle of each item.

4. Beach Towels: We tried to exchange our beach towels and were unsuccessful until Saturday, August 10. Every time I went to the towel location, either the sign indicated the unavailability of towels or the door was closed. I tried different hours of the day and was unsuccessful. The only way our towel was exchanged was via the manager of Sanctuary. During our 7 day stay we only were successful in exchanging our towels twice.

5. Bugs: During the evening, we were beaten alive with small black bugs. These bugs caused an allergic reaction. We had no warning about these bugs. On Tuesday, August 13, the day before we were leaving, around 7 pm we could smell a strong gasoline odor. We noticed a truck driving around the resort spraying something that gave a strong odor and cloudiness in the sky. My question to you is why spray at that time when vacationers are going to the restaurants to eat? Shouldn't the spraying occur during the nighttime when people are asleep?

6. Neighbour: We had a neighbour from hell. I believe it was a family of four people. The noise that came from that room was outrageous. It felt as if we were in the same room as they were. My girlfriend had to walk to the front desk to complain as our telephone was not working. This is now day 4. The front desk was sympathetic and said a security person would go to the room in question. NO ONE came.

7. Excursions: Prior to leaving for our trip, I booked two excursions. The first excursion was the Sea Tour Zone 1 and the other was the Buenavista Social Club Zone 1.On Thursday morning, I went to the Sunwing desk to exchange my vouchers for both excursions. Buenavista Social Club Zone 1 was not an issue. The Sea Tour Zone 1 was the issue. I was told that the Sea Tour Zone 1 was not available and had no guarantee that it would be available and was told to switch our excursion to the Dolphin Swim-Zone 1, which cost us each an addition $20 USD. Needless to say we were not happy and had no choice.

8. Room Check Out: We were curious about how the check out would work. On Monday, August 12, 2019, we spoke to a very pleasure woman at the front desk inquiring about this issue. She informed us that we were entitled to two free hour and any additional hours requested would be an additional 1.00 Cuban Peso. We asked if we could pay right then and she indicated we had to come on the morning of our last day. So on Wednesday, we proceeded to finalize our check out and was told we would be charge 9.00 Cuban Peso per hour. So how come the huge difference in two days?We asked if there was a complimentary room, which they were not happy we were asking, and they asked us to book a time when we wanted this room and was told we would only have the room for 30 minutes

9. Luggage: We were told that the bell boys were available anytime we needed help with our luggage. We needed help to take them from our third floor room to the Sanctuary main lobby; to the complimentary room; to the main lobby of the Grand Memories. No one came to help us perform these tasks. We had to take our luggage down three flights of stairs; then wheel them over to the lobby; carry them to the complimentary room, which was on the second floor; then carry them down the two floors; wait for the golf cart for 30 minutes to take us to the main lobby of the Grand Memories hotel. If this is what they consider helping us I'm confused.

10. No to any of our requests: Every time we requested something we were told no we don't have that, or no we can't help you. The hotel had absolutely no customer service.

This isn't our first time to Cuba, and especially Cayo Santa Maria. We were very disappointed with the hotel; food at the a la carte restaurants were not tasty exception would be the Mediterranean Restaurant;, in fact we would leave the restaurants, (exception would be the Mediterranean Restaurant); and head over to the buffet restaurant, the bar tenders need a lesson in mixing drinks; and absolutely, without a doubt no customer service. We feel you had to be notified about our experience. People have asked us about our trip and the only two positive things I have told people is the amazing, clean, clear water at the beach and our concierges (or butlers) for our building.

I look forward to hearing from you about our experience.

  • iTravel2000's response · Aug 21, 2019

    To better assist you, please email us your booking or trip number to [email protected] and we will look in to your claim with the tour operator.


booked flights from mexico city to Leon Mx with itravel2000. about a week later, I received an email saying the return flight was leaving 3 hrs earlier than original schedule. we cant make that flight. I co tasted itravel and told them the change wouldn't work hor us and to provide other options. it is now Monday afternoon and since Friday morning no one from itravel2000 has provided an alternative flight. all they have said is there are no cancellations and basically I can contact interjet and work with them. I travels customer service phone number does lot work from the us where I am currently travel g. and they dont respond to email. customer service is non existant. book with expedia instead.

  • iTravel2000's response · Aug 21, 2019

    We appreciate your frustration in receiving a flight schedule change prior to departure. Please bear in mind that flight schedule changes are solely determined by the airline. All airlines may experience schedule changes for numerous reasons and as you will hopefully concur, this is an area where we have absolutely no control. Given that all carriers effect changes to their flight operations, especially flight time and date schedules, we do advise our clients that all flight times and dates, flight itineraries, carriers and aircraft types are subject to change with or without notice. Please be assured, however, that air schedules are altered only when absolutely necessary.

    Annabelle, we have reviewed your file and see that multiple agents have worked tirelessly with the airline in an effort to make alternative arrangements for you. Unfortunately we are also at the mercy of the airline's decision with regards to their schedule change policies, procedures and whether they are able to provide any alternative options.

    We trust you will appreciate our position in this matter.

    Please feel confident, we do value your business and assure you of our very best intentions at all times. Customer Service

customer service

Booking Reference : 2616251

We booked a 10 day trip to Mexico using the Wild Card stay as we did not overly mind if we got the adults only or family side of the resort (although of course we were hoping for adults only). Our customer service representative was Brinda.

We received information from Brinda that we were chosen for the family side of the resort. I asked Brinda if there was any way of changing to the adult only and if not if you are allowed to go to the adult only side during the day.

Brinda emailed me back, I'm sure sensing our slight disappointment, with no remorse or consideration at all. Brinda was very direct and not personable when she advised that there was no option for resort change and that we were not allowed to go to the adult only side of the resort during our stay.

This caused some stress and regret with booking.

Once we arrived we quickly learned that we were in the adult only side and that all guests of the Paradisus resort are allowed anywhere on the resort, the adult only and the family side.

I am very disappointed that Brinda did not know this information and failed to properly seek out the correct information for me upon my request. If Brinda would have cared to check, she would have quickly learned that we were welcome everyone on the resort and eliminated our pre trip stress and regret.

A few days prior to our departure, we noted that our flight home had a over night layover. This was not observed by us during our booking, which is our fault for not paying closer attention.
We reached out to WestJet who were extremely kind, compassionate and wanting to assist, but they advised that we needed to speak with our itravel2000 customer service rep to have the flight changed at a fee, which we were more then happy to pay.

I again emailed Brinda and asked her what our options were and if she could help us.

Brinda once again replied with no consideration to our concerns and advised that we should have looked closer at our booking and offered no solutions. Brinda did not tell us about any options for paying flight fee changes and simply said there was nothing she could do for us.

I will personally never use itravel2000 again for any of my trips and I will not recommend them to anyone because of Brindas extremely poor customer service.

My husband and I are taking a year off to travel the world in 3 months and we're planning on using this site for flights hotels rental cars and inclusives.. but after this experience we are definitely going to a company that has compassion and actually cares.

Meaghan Abendroth

  • iTravel2000's response · Jun 05, 2019

    All feedback from our customers is invaluable as it helps us tackle issues and become a better business.

    We are in contact with our client regarding the concerns raised.

    At this time we are presently awaiting a response from the tour operator, WestJet Vacations.

    Once we have an answer from WestJet Vacations we will respond directly to our client.

    Customer Service Representative.

all inclusive vacation package booking number [protected]

I must say my vacation to Riu Republican was terrible. Upon arriving at the hotel, the check-in was extremely slow and uncorteous. We had construction going next to us, we complained to the front of the staff and we were just ignored. We were told there would be wifi throughout the grounds and we only had wifi for a couple of days. I'm hesitant to book with Itravel after my experience.


Eliseo Degidio

  • iTravel2000's response · Apr 23, 2019

    Hello Eliseo,

    We are very sorry to hear you encountered any upset on your recent vacation. We are very sorry that the service at Riu Republican fell below their usual excellent standards. We reviewed your file and verified that we never received any advisory from Signature Vacations regarding construction next door to your hotel or issues with WiFi. Please be assured, had we been provided with this information we would have advised you accordingly. It is our hope you were able to resolve your concerns locally with the resort Management Team and with the assistance of your Signature Vacations destination representative, both who are available to assist you while on vacation.


    Customer Service.

honeymoon was a disaster!!

We are very disappointed in our recent vacation to Sandals South Coast on October 10, 2018 for our honeymoon.
First of all we were told that we would fly first class NOPE row 27 there and back!
Second we were to be in a honeymoon suite ocean view NOPE we were in a regular room at the very end of the resort. With a broken bath tub faucet!
Third main pool was under construction so of course we were by the noisiest pool!
Fourth because we only got a regular room instead of the one we were supposed to he decided to rent an over the water bungalow, yes we got that for extra $$$$$$$$$. So we arrive at the bungalow and wanted to have a nice romantic supper out on the balcony NOPE there were no lights so we had to have our supper in front of our bed!! Then when our butler (Kristoffe) came to do our romantic tub outside with bubbles and rose pedals NOPE we had no freaking water!!All that money spent for what to just sleep there!
Fifth we went to go to bed and there were ants in our bed!! Are we happy NO!
Seventh when were arrive home unpacking our luggage there were ants in our bags!
So we are not happy overall with our experience and resulted in ruining our honeymoon!,
I am not happy at all I have booked through itravel for years for my vacations and for upcoming vacations I will not be using you I will be booking through other travel agencies!!
My husband also contacted itravel AMY was her name he explained all that had taken place and what went wrong her response and we still have the message was that's what you get when you book online!!

  • iTravel2000's response · Mar 27, 2019

    Thank you for providing a review.

    We apologize for not recognizing the full extent of your upset when Marco responded to our survey. Please submit a detailed account of what had transpired to [email protected] Include whether you brought your concerns to Sandals South Coast Management Team and WestJet Vacations Destination Representative’s attention and, whether they provided you with any assistance locally.

    Sherry, we will forward your concerns to WestJet Vacations as they hold the contract with Sandals South Coast. WestJet Vacations will review your comments with the hotel and respond accordingly.

    Any further details you are able to provide will assist in expediting your claim.


    Customer Service

  • Updated by MarcoBlais · Mar 28, 2019

    I have a copy of the flights showing that we were to be first class and the room that we were supposed to have also. I have the response from Amy also.
    We did bring our concern to the receptionist attention that we were not happy with what we had and she said because we didn’t book through sandals there was nothing they could do.
    I just know we are not happy and for the money spent for something totally different than what we were expecting.

your web page sucks

I have been forced to start using tripcentral. ca because you web page is such a pain to use, what was wrong with the old Best price calendar? I have booked several trips with your site, but to search is such a pain! If you go back at all, you have to start all over again! ON trip central, I can go forward, back sideways, and all my information is still there. If I use say, search one in calendar, if I go off that, I loose everything and have to start over. Also if I search a bit on your site it sends me to "prove your not a robot. Hire whoever does Trip central, there site is far more superior then yours!

  • iTravel2000's response · Feb 14, 2019

    Thank you for taking the time to provide a review. Feedback from our clients is invaluable and helps us become a better business.
    Your comments have been forwarded to our Web Support Teams’ attention and we would like to reassure you that any action necessary will be taken to prevent future problems
    Please feel confident, we do value your business and assure you of our very best intentions at all times.
    Customer Service

website false advertising pictures

Hello I had tried to reach out to my travel agant while I was on my vacation via email and she did not even respond to my email. I had issues with the flight. My stroller broke. Also sunwing we had to travel in a cold shuttle at 6am which caused both my babies to be sick on the trip. In addition to the shuttle the tunnel to Get to the plane was below 10. I don't understand why I have not had and contact or response whatsoever from the travel agant.
This is what I had written to her.
This resort is completely false advertising and I would like to be transferred to a different hotel. This is not the ocean or beach that the website states. I can send you pictures. This reflects poorly on you and your website as I cannot put a 5 star but rather I put 1 star on the website, facebook page and through trip advisor. I am in complete shock that this is dirtier than the beaches in Ontario. I came here for the beach and we can't even swim in it. It is dangerous to myy child as he can get caught in the seaweed and be pulled under. I demand a transfer to another side of the island where it is clear or a full refund and we will come home now. I do not want to be here this is disgusting.

If you wish to talk on the phone I would need a specific time because once I turn on my phone, I will be charged with my phone company. It is our first family vacation and I am extremely upset for the false advertising. I should've never asked for advice.

I also didn't mention both my babies were sick with a cold all day yesterday it was our first day here. There was a shuttle that we had to go outside to get to another gate. Then a long walk through a tunnel that was absolutely freezing to enter the plane. My daughter already was sick and now on vacation she is worse. We were hoping to all feel better on the beach. Today was the first day we walked to the beach and walked right back to our room in tears from the disgusting beach and ocean you can't even go into.

As you can see in the photos the advertised pictures is not what we saw once we arrived to the resort.

I would appreciate an explanation as to why my travel agant poonam has not responded and a reimbursement of my broken stroller and terrible vacation that we couldn't even go into the ocean
Thank you

  • iTravel2000's response · Jan 30, 2019

    Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to address your concerns.

    Upon review of our email system, we have confirmed that our agent did not receive your email sent while you were in destination.

    We also called Sunwing Vacations and they have no record of any issues reported to their Destination Representative during your vacation.

    Please feel free to submit a detailed account of what transpired, as well as, the Property Irregularity Report for the damaged stroller to [email protected] Once received we will forward to Sunwing Vacations Post Travel Customer Service Department and their Central Baggage Department requesting these matters are investigated on your behalf.


    Customer Service.

customer service rep made too many errors with my booking

Booking # [protected]
I booked my trip end of nov. 2018 from Package from Calgary to P.V. Mexico
the rep Ashley took all my information including my petro points # read it back to me and all was good
when I recvd the Invoice I noticed she me flying out of Van, not Calgary
called here back, she changed and resent, I looked and she had changed
to Calgary but she did not change the flight #s nor did she have the cost correct, I was charged Van price not the Calgary price. This did get resolves .
I had given my petrocard 3 times, on 3 separate occasions why don't know.
The biggest beef I got was when I arrived at my Hotel in P.V. Not a good feeling to find out I had no room no reservation!!! The hotel clerk said and
was told that the provider cancelled my reservation, Now how do you think I felt knowing that I paid and this guy is telling me sorry no reservation,
after a few more calls and wating waiting some one from I travel realized the error and rebooked the room. I didn't get the room I requested and really I felt
I couldn't push since the was just made.
I have made a number of booking with you folks and usually the only issue is
that I don't get my e tickets but this was just too many issues and all few preventable it was all due to carelessness. What a way to start a vacation.
This will most likely be the last time I book with I travel,

  • iTravel2000's response · Jan 29, 2019

    On behalf of we are very sorry to hear you encountered any upset with your reservation.

    Please feel confident, our agents constantly strive to ensure reliable, efficient and most of all competent service to all our clients and we apologize if ther service fell below our usual excellent standards.

    Upon review of your reservation, we see that the agent had entered the incorrect departure city which they corrected with the tour operator. A new reservation was made that reflected the correct departure city of Calgary and payment was transferred to the new reservation.

    Your Petro Points information was also entered after the change was completed.

    We are unsure what transpired when checking into the hotel and are happy to hear that this was resolved locally with the hotel.

    Ms. Becker & Mr. Anderson, we appreciate your business and thank you for allowing us the opportunities to address your concerns.


    Customer Service

all inclusive package

I booked a family all inclusive for the first time with itravel2000, and have nothing but problems since the...

I booked a flight and I have to cancel and I can not get a refund.

I booked a flight out of Buffalo for my husband and I out of Buffalo for February 8 2019. We are unable to...

food. room service

Hi there just today we returned from our vocation to Cuba. I bought the ticket online with you for the first time to go to the resort in Cojo Coco Iberostar Daiquiri. We went there with my 2 kids and my husband. The first day I was surprized we had to line up at the buffe to waite to go in.We went inside the buffe was big but the food place was small and not clean and near.It is my 5 time to Cuba .It was not too much food to chose from. The waiters were not very friendly even if we tiped themthey will never smile.
We went to our room.We had two small beds and one open couch. The washroom not good.We couldnt ask to change because it was 3 fllor and in the firtst fllor we saw crabs walking and kids were svared. St the beach the bar will close at 3 pm so was no more drinks.
In the morning we went to buffe was water down on the fllor one our frie ds slipped nobody was clining it. I asked a guy for some pasta he was sad and left.They were too many cubans on vocation and with them they behaive different .
We ate ours. Rackers fromback home and drink the water that i bought from canads .In front of us the cook will touch the food with hands without clea ing. In the wster were seeweeds..The good thing was there were too many chairs to seat on the beach beacause were not too many people.Everybody works hard I believe to make some mo ey to go on vocation.But going and starving because the food dosnt look good tasty clean is not good.It is eazy to pay but 7 days we nedd sadisfsction. We deserve it.?We travelled with Air Canads and the flight was suppost to board at 8 40 i stead we board 7 10 15 and came at 2 am home.


So I booked a vacation to Cuba for my family of 4. First, I do not receive the proper booking confirmation...

service not received for return flight not cancelled

I travel motto states thst their success is built on their customer service but I beg to differ.

On March 27 2018 I booked a flight for myself. Patrice Bryan and My sister in law Bonnie Evans to travel to the London England to Attend my uncle Roy's funeral and to see my Sister's sick Daughter who was dying from cancer. Upon arriving we realized that my niece was in grave condition and my sister needed help and family support to care for this child. As she also have 2 other children.
My niece Deborah was in Pallitive care. The hospital Administrator family support service recognize that it was important for Bonnie and I to extend our flight home to Canada and write a letter to I travel explaining the situation asking for cancellation of our return flight to be extended. Her name is Victoria. She called I travel and was told that the letter would take 10 weeks to process therefore doing it by phone was easier but she needed The passenger to give permission to her before they could cancel the flight. This was done for Bonnie and her flight was cancelled and she returned at a later date no problem.

When it came to my turn the same procedure was done but only in reverse. I knew that I travel needed my permission to talk with Victoria so I called I travel and asked them to cancel my flight and to put in their notes that Victoria would be calling to cancel and to go ahead.
Victoria called and advise me that she spoke with itravel and I was good to go as the flight was now cancelled.
After hearing that I thought it was all done. I had no idea that I needed to call I travel again to cancel as I had already given my permission to do so. After hearing that I sent an email to I travel asking how much my credit was. I was advised of the amount .c$440.00 and rebook fee of $150.00

My niece died. And after the funeral I called I travel to rebook my flight only to be told that I was a no show with West Jet and therefore I would have to pay for my return flight. I was livid. I have explained the situation to to the agents and figured that it might be a misunderstanding so based on compassionate grounds would they be able to do something for me. I travel refuse. I asked for it to be escalated to the manager but still no one. Budged. I have been a client with I travel for years. I'm like the travel agent for friends and family and my social club have book trips. With I travel. I just cannot believe that such a big corporate industry could treat a customer like this. Im so disgusted that I have to bring this to the media. My reference booking number was IKOYZ return flight LGW to YYZ April 29.
I will never ever use I travel again and will tell all my friends on social media never to use I travel again. Such injustice was done to me. I have had to book my return date home to Canada directly with West Jet. They heard my story and had compassion on me. They did for me what I expected to be done by I Travel.

Patrice Bryan.

stranded in foreign country

First we arrived in a foreign country only to find out we we're stranded at the airport. No one showed up to...

extremely bad bad bad service

Wife booked a ticket for herself and daughter which we booked as business class showed on the screen booked...

price protection

We booked a trip with Itravel 2000 and was told if I booked the trip at the time I qualified for PRICE PROTECTION! If the trip went down in price I could summit a claim 1 time. My price went down $120.00 and all they are refunding me is $20.00 because now they say there is a administration fee of $100.00 on our trip. I was ripped off I could of had a discount but my salesperson told me I would have nothing to worry about because I had price Protection so I believed if the price went down that was the amount I was getting. I wonder why they don't advertise how they are going to charge you and adminstarionf fee. Save yourself a lot of stress book your trip directly with the airline. My experience with the person who booked us and with customer service was very poor.

  • Wi
    wildorchid Mar 24, 2018

    Me too! I ask for the $150 difference back but they refused to honour the price protection.

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  • Pa
    Patmac2 Aug 29, 2018

    I booked early too, thinking we had price drop protection. $50.00!administration fee plus they wanted the balance of $6000.00 paid in full. 8 months before our holiday due to start. No reply from customer service

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price drop

My family and two other families booked an all inclusive vacation to Cuba at the Melia Marina Varadero for November 20-27th. Our client numbers are [protected]. We booked the vacation on September 6th, 2017 over the phone with travel sales rep at itravel2000.
The current vacation all inclusive vacation package with the same rooms and flight has dropped in price considerably. We purchased for a family of 2 adults and 2 children for a classic suite at $4650. Where as if we are to purchase the same all inclusive package with the same room and exact flight with would only cost $4265, this is a difference of $385 per booking. The grand total price drop would be $1155 because we booked 3 all inclusive packages for 3 families.
We understand that at the time of booking there might not have been a promotion for our vacation. However because of the considerable price drop we would expect that itravel2000 would at least upgrade our vacation packages to what we can purchased with the current promotion.