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I checked my checking balance balance on Saturday 12-1-07. It said I had plenty of money available. I made two debit transactions. I made sure I didn't go over my balance. They were approved. On Monday I had a $105.00 ins. funds fee.

I called Suntrust and they said I had a check that came through on monday and they process checks first. These were approved transactions on Saturday and if they would have processed these first, this wouldn't have happened. I called them and they would not budge. I asked them how many other people have they cheated?

Beware people of Suntrust Bank!


  • Ay
    Ayana Jan 03, 2008

    BEWARE of Suntrust!!! I had a similar incident with suntrust about 5 months ago. My father has been with them for almost 20 years, my sister for 15, myself for 6 and my mother for a few months. Did you know that when the bank processes your transactions over night that they start with the largest sum...even though you may have spent 3.95 in the morning and 100.00 later that day. The 100.00 is coming out first! I asked them, "What is the purpose of me balancing my checkbook?" I got another, "politcally correct" answer from them... as usual. I paid my rent a few months ago using my debit card, to ensure that it would be paid first. Guess what they did? The next day, I checked online to see if the rent charge had formally posted and come out of my account. So, I went grocery shopping, paid some bills... Hell... even went to blockbuster, starbucks etc... The second day, I got online to check my account and my rent charge was placed back into the pending slot... not in the "cleared" box... which is where it was the day before. They then charged me about 7 insufficient funds fees for everything I did after I initially paid my rent. Now ain't that a *%!#^!!!

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  • Br
    Brian Sultzbach Jan 04, 2008

    This also goes for their gift card division. They charged us for a purchase we never received and they want to charge us a 20% fee for canceling the order.

    Suntrust is dishonest.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Jun 05, 2008

    Please, do not use Suntrust for any reason - and warn everyone you know. I have had similar issues as those mentioned above, and most recently - a teller decided to place a hold on my husband's payroll check - randomly and without informing us. We have been depositing this particular paycheck on or around the 1st of every month (in the same amount) for over 6 months, and a hold has never been placed before. The result, $700 in NSF fees. There is no concern from bank manager, or the area manager who I have spoken to directly. I did speak to a friend who is head of Capital One bank in another state, and he said what Suntrust has done is absolutely unethical. I am so very furious and will never put another dime in their bank. I am also filing a complaint with the federal reserve - I suggest all of you who have posted here do the same.

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  • Me
    Mechelle Aug 07, 2008

    I've had the same experience with Suntrust shifting around "pending" transactions and "completed" transactions. There was a situation where, the weekend before pay period (biweekly) AT & T sent a payment through for more than my usual phone bill. It caused me to have about 40 bucks less in my account than anticipated.

    I had a 125 charge on my card for another bill that was pending. With AT & T's bill already being complete, for this 125 charge to go through, would put me over draft about 35 dollars. But instead of sending the 125 dollar bill through, causing me to be over draft 35 dollars + the NSF charge which would have totalled 70 dollars overdraft...they shifted already "completed" transactions of smaller amounts, that had already been paid, into the "pending" box, and paid the 125 dollar bill instead of having to pay one NSF charge of 35 dollars, I had to pay 35 NSF charge on six different small (less than 10 dollars each transaction) transactions, that the day before were already paid! Totaling my overdraft balace to 223 dollars! Where as it should have only been over draft 75!

    And on top of that, all this happened on direct deposit was set to go through the following Thursday at midnight. They wait until hours before my direct deposit goes through and charge me another "extended over draft fee" of 35 dollars more! They've been doing this for the last several pay periods and it's gotten hard for me to catch up due to these continous EXTRA NSF fees that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

    I'm closing my account as soon as I get caught up where there will be no strings attached.

    Also, the offered me a free 50 gift card to open up an account there in the first place. Available no longer than six months after my first purchase on my debit card as a credit purchase. This was almost a year ago and I still haven't received my gift card. I've sent messages to them inquiring about it, but I keep getting a run-a-round.

    This bank is unethical in its practice and is the epitome of corporate crime.

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  • Ma
    madeline Sep 23, 2008

    Suntrust is a scam bank i check acct on sunday had enough to by as debit even got cash back then on monday it was fine then tues morning boom overdraft fees in the amount of 350.00 off the top before the cash depo tried to talk to them wont do anything.But i do have copys of all trans off comput and how different the pages are from one day to the other even how the depo from there atm was not even added, so i wont pay them and i will stop direct pay then when they try to hurt my credit i have all the info to back me why i did not pay. to all of you keep records the change your info in a matter of a couple hours to there favor

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  • Gw
    gwen carter Sep 25, 2008

    I just would like to say that I went on line today to see if there had been any complaints about Suntrust, because they are sacking us with fees lately.! I am not surprised at any of these comments! My husband and I both have had direct deposit go into our checking account every single week for about 6 years with this bank. Very few problems, at first, even if we went od a little, they would allow it. All of a sudden there is a new sheriff in town, a new b****h of a new branch manager at our main location (there is even a employee there who has been there awhile, knows us, and is trying to help us when we have had issues and this was his comment about the new manager being 'difficult' and having her 'own rules' and her own way of 'running things'. We have had nearly ALL of the above issues at some time or another with this bank in the past 6 months. We have paid enough in fees that we could have bought us a second car by now!! Just last week, we went into the bank, made a cash withdrawal, no checks pending, nothing, then all of a sudden this week, we are overdrawn, multiple fees with no explanation from the bank, hell we even had an edraft for our cell phone account, the cash was there, the bank dishonored it, we had to GO DOWN TO THE BANK, withdraw the cash out and take it over to the cell phone co (this happened last month too, and costs us $80 additional dollars in cell phone reconnect fees- as you all know, it only snowballs, and dominoes on you!). When I asked the bank last week why they didnt honor the edraft when the money was obviously there, they lied and said, no edraft presented for payment, yet when I talked to cell phone co they said, oh yes we did and the bank denied payment stating that your account was temporarily frozen! We HATE this dam- bank, and because of all their uncalled for fees, they have about ruined any chance we have at this time of opening another account somewhere else, but nevertheless, just as soon as we can we are stopping our direct deposit and closing our account with Suntrust Forever! What good does it do?! EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY in the account, they can decide whether they will instead stick you with dishonest, uncalled for Fees, have you pay them FIRST and then Maybe, just Maybe, they will actually pay a dam- bill for you!!! For a customer who has been with them for at least 6years, you would think that one day when we had an edraft for no more than $20that presented early, and we only had 35cents in the account (or so THEY said), you would think they would cover it for us, but No, they returned it unpaid but Oh they were So Very Happy to charge us an additional $35 fee!! According to my records the draft did not come in early, the money was there, but then mysteriously disappeared! Every week, even though we have direct deposit, we have to call the bank and have them 'reactivate' our debit cards, because for some reason they like to place a temporary 'hold' on them! What a bunch of crooks and just all around jerks!! I AGREE WITH ALL POSTERS, ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT UTILIZING SUNTRUST FOR YOUR BANKING NEEDS AND YOU HAVENT YET BEEN SUCKED INTO THIS 'HELL', DO NOT DO IT!!Go with another bank or credit union, something, heck, put your cash in a mattress!!Whatever, just don't use Suntrust! Thanks for letting me vent this out, and hopefully this info will help someone else not get stuck into the predicaments that all of us here are in!!! PS- even if you file a legitimate complaint, there is no one who will do a thing about it, because of 'budget cuts' etc. but again, at least it makes us all feel better to talk about it!!

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  • Da
    dawn Nov 30, 2008

    They do this to everyone. I am filing a complaint, similar to yours but it involves a fraudulent charge, over $1, 800.00 in fees over a 120 days. You will love this, Leonard a manager at Suntrust explained to me that since I had used my charge card at the Clarion hotel in June, then the hotel kept my check card number on file without my permission, so when I went to clarion in July I paid cash, a week after I left they charged my card $201.45. When I disputed the charge as a fraudulent transaction, Leonard stated that since i had used the card there before that it is not fraud if they use it again, without permission, and he went on to explain that once give your credit card number or checking account number to someone or a company and they use it without permission it is not fraud!!! My plan is to file a lawsuit against Suntrust. One more thing I would like to add is Leonard the branch manager stated he had been working with the area manager for 11 days to get all my fees refunded, and when I spoke with her on wednesday11-26-08 she stated she had not heard anything about it. So far since Clarion refunded the fraudulent charge of 201.45 Suntrust has refunded $300.00 of the $1, 800.00 in fees. They said now they have to investigate the refund of all the fees even though they stated if the dispute was a valid fraud charge and they would refund ALL fees incurred. The area manager is Marcia she was supposed to call me back on Friday after thanksgiving. Surprisingly no return call from her I have also left a message for Darlene the district manager and what a shock to me she has not returned a call to me at all.
    If any one is interested in filing a class action suit if a joint complaint doesn't work. I am asking for a refund of all the fees they charged plus $2, 000.00 because of the major financial and emotional hardship they caused by not refunding my money. I was unable to buy groceries for my family of 5, 3 children. My children missed 3 days of school and where unable to go anywhere after school or on the weekend because I could not purchase gas. I had to borrow money, I borrowed 300$ the 1st week my account went negative now I owe them $475.00 with interest. I feel this is the absolute least they owe me. If they do not agree I will be filing for a whole lot more. If you’re interested please email me at [email protected]

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  • Ja
    jay Dec 03, 2008

    they took money and i want it back the end!!!

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  • Su
    Suntrust.Overdraft Dec 30, 2008

    If you live in Florida, and feel that you have been victimized by Suntrust's overdraft fees, please contact J. Rex Powell, Esquire, at [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Ronnie Jan 26, 2009

    I just joined Suntrust bank and wished I had read these complaints a long time ago. I have only been with them three weeks and as soon as I can find another bank I am withdrawing all funds. They sent a check back for me not having .50 enough deposited, but a check was deposited for 4, 000 and I was not aware that it was on hold. Furthermore causing a check for 137.87 to go back because I had only 137.33 in the bank. This is a RIP OFF. I will not bank with them no longer. I am only waiting until that hold is off and I am closing it down.

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  • Je
    jenndelaney48 Mar 15, 2009

    I just opened an account with Suntrust in Florida and my direct deposit went through at 12am I saw it pending online 381.00. I go into the branch at 315 pm to withdraw $140.00. My account was overdrawn by $35.00, paid that no problem, my mistake. When I went to withdraw the cash the BANK TELLER gave me the money. I try to sign online to look at my account I should have about 50.00 bucks or so in my account and I am negative 360.00. I ask the customer service rep why this is and they said that my account was frozen and that my driect deposit can not be put in at this time. Now when I overdrafted I paid the fee adn I was told I had to call and get my debit card turned back on (odd) so I was transfered to that department just to be told that I have to wait 24 hours. I look online to find that I can't even look at my banking information which is odd because I do not know why that would be suspended for any reason, especially one overdraft that I got to pay. I am just so confused and worried. I just moved out with my boyfriend and I just got this direct deposit set up I do nto want something crazy to happen where I loose a bunch of money I just could not afford that. I am hoping I call tomorrow and get it straightned out to where I cna at least pull my money out at midnight when the next one comes in. Why would they freeze a direct deposit?? Why would they give me money at the counter??

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  • Ma
    Mad in Atl Mar 30, 2009

    I am going through something similiar with Suntrust. I thought it was a good bank until the charged me $1100.00 in NSF, UAF and extended over draft fees. I was angry with their I don't give a rats a** about your situation. I had a Suntrust payroll company put my direct deposit into my account on a Friday which is my normal payday and and on Monday reverse it. I also had put a cash depsoit of $600 in my account and with my payroll would have had at $1500 in my account. On Monday they had already charged me $650.00 in fees and I still had things pending. I did not understand why they would charge fees upfront before paying anything, they got me double. I can not stand Suntrust and now they have frozen my account and my account is noe $1546.21 overdrawn and my other account with Suntrust is Frozen. I was unable to pay my rent and live because they are holding $600 of my money and noone seems to care. I agree I am filing a complaint with FDIC.

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  • Fl
    flyer49 Apr 01, 2009

    Why Me..What your hearing is correct. I live in Florida and I am a builder. I say this because I am struggling to find customers just like everyone else. I am one month late on a loan and have been communicating with the bank letting them know when my draws (pay) are coming in. I just looked at my account this morning and noticed that the bank had taken $1, 357.00 from my personal account to catch my account back up. After asking the bank why they took the money without my consent, I was told of a little "blurb" in the contract (in print so fine that I had to get a magnifying glass to read it) that we all sign when getting a loan that states that SunTrust has the right to take from any account that has your name attached to it for late payments on a loan with SunTrust. Not many people know this as I've since learned. I told my brother about this and he said "oh wife had her name on the little league baseball team account that she helps with and we got behind with SunTrust and they took it out of their account". This blew me away. The banks, as a whole, caused this mess with the economy and they are going to do everything they can to make sure they get paid. Even if that means taking you’re last bit of milk money for the kids. Folk if you don't believe me, you need to go to your branch manager and ask them about it. It may save you some heartache. Just like the above statement said, never have your loans and checking accounts with SunTrust. It opens the door for them to take your money without your consent if you get behind. I’m now scared to death that the economy will stay in such bad shape that I will again get behind and they will take what little money I have left. Another example of the fat cats getting fatter and the rest of us being thrown out with yesterdays trash.

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  • Tl
    TLSmith Jun 12, 2009

    SunTrust bank is keeping itself afloat by finding ways to collect fees from it's customers. Suddenly all these new policies are coming into place. For example, I had (past tense, I shut down my accounts today after dealing with some really rude people) two accounts where I was able to transfer money from one account over into another. In the past, I was able to transfer money at any given time and the money would post automatically to the account. Suddenly the new "rule" is, you must do a transfer before 10 p.m. or the transaction will be pending until the next day. Any money that you have coming out will come out before the transfer will post to your account. Hence, the good old NSF!!! ($36 to be exact) And there's no point in trying to go to one of the branches for help or to ask questions. They treat you like a criminal. I went to the Arden/Fletcher branch in North Carolina (where I have banked for over 15 years) and the office manager was the WORSE!!! After trying to get answers and get help, he looks me in the face and says "This conversation is over" and walks out of the office and leaves me sitting there. I know someone who was recently laid off who also used to bank with them, and they messed up his account and he had over $200 in NSF and they refused to work with him and kept his money. It's nice to know that in these tough times, people like SunTrust (and their managers) have your back!

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  • Pd
    pdb Jun 20, 2009

    To the tune of about 1000.00 a month for over a year overdrafts due to the processing practices. large items are processed 1st leaving smaller items to collect overdraft fees. Also on ATM Fees getting charged to get your balance and charged to take money in the same transaction. Then when you try to catch up you cannot understand there posting delays. Now I understand how in every major city in Florida stands a Suntrust sky scraper. After being in the group of finance companies that closed last year I lost my job. With the fees we can never get ahead only the bank is making out. The charges are making sure I don't get a break to get on my feet again. Since fees eat up my income I may one day lose my home. Why are there no laws to put a cap on charges. Why is no one looking at these bank practices. Why is all we hear is bank bail out then where is my bail out All I ask is to post small items 1st to largest. Give a break some where!!!

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  • Wi
    Wise Aug 01, 2009

    I don't bank with Suntrust but used it's ATM (only bank on the way to work) and on top of the regular $2.95 ATM fee, they charged me an additional $2.00 for the SAME transaction. The ATM itself, SPECIFICALLY stated that the fee would be $2.95 cents, but Suntrust charged me and Extra $2.00, ONE DAY LATER for the same damn transaction! I'm reporting this bank to the BBB and the FDIC! On top of this, I found out that 2 of my friend and one of my family member actually had to close their Suntrust bank accounts because of the extra, unexplained charges by Suntrust, on their accounts every month. STAY AWAY FROM SUNTRUST!!!

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  • Bi
    BIVENS Oct 24, 2009

    Totally agree, I paid my light bill o $404.00 on the 16th i checked my account afterwards and the $404.00 was deducted from my account. I thought this was accurate. One the 24th they reversed the amount of $404.00 which caused me to have a NSF. I have had thousands of dollars taken from me by Suntrust this way. I check my online account almost daily. The online account will have one balance but then the next morning or later the same night my balance will be in the negative. PLEASE HELP I CANNOT AFFORD TO LINE STB POCKETS WHILE THEY EMPTY MINE. I'M MAKING A COMPLAINT WITH FDIC ALSO JUST AS SOON AS I FIND OUT HOW TO.

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  • Em
    Emmett Waller Nov 16, 2009

    To whom it may concern; I opened an online Account For the Purpose of Trying to get a Personal Loan, and to Rebuilb my Credit. I may have over looked some of the Fine Print. Like I said I was trying to get a loan from some Lenders in Nashville Tn.Anyway i recieved an Email concern A $10.000 Line of Creit, Yes I was Interested in getting Started Paying off Medical Bills, Credit Cards Etc.But for some Reason The New Millinium Bank Tried to Withdraw a 99.95 from my Account, Which was Just Opened with no Money in It. Now Suntrust is Charging Me $169.00 in Penalties, Which Should Not Have Accured on My Account. I Know the Big Banks make their Money From Poor People like Myself, WHO ARE TRYING TO GET AHEAD IN LIFE TAKING A CHANCE WITH THESE KINDS OF BANKS. I think that the Government Stimuluis Money to the Big Banks was a Mistake. THE MONEY SHOULD HAVE WENT TO THE TAXPAYERS.HOW CAN I START A NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH A BUSINESS IN THE RED.I CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY FOR PENALTIES I DID NOT CHARGE.

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  • So
    SONGC17 Apr 08, 2011

    Due to recent laws, I recently had the option to authorize or not, debit charges to my account if funds are not available. I did NOT sign the release because why on earth would I want to authorize Suntrust to DECIDE to pay or not pay charges that are run to my account and charge me either way $38 per NSF. If they were guaranteed coverage that’s’ one thing to decide if you want to pay a fee. Given Suntrust’s history of NEVER paying my items, even when they are small, OR, by posting my debits first before my paycheck which is totally intentional on their part 9 I never had this happen at Wachovia, where I will be going back)….I opted out. I not have TWO NSF charges mysteriously on the same day I am paid and when clicking the electronic link – there is NO INFORMATION EVER on what they covered or didn’t so one never knows what the transaction was until having to take time out to call them or send an email…their website is a joke and is totally unreliable. I had NO CHECKS come through on my account…it’s POSSIBLE one of these auto-shipments I AM ON tried to post a charge early, but I doubt it. If they did, the charge should have BOUNCED BACK and I should NOT have been charged. I just emailed them asking for PROOF of what these NSF’s are for, but I suspect I will have to close out my account with them if I ever want to be rid of this problem. This is illegal. The entire point of NOT signing off on that form they went was to simply avoid any possibility of NSF’s hitting my account. They are pulling their stunts again and as I said, these posted the same day I was paid anyway – so it makes NO SENSE. Any decent bank posts credits before debits. They are unethical and do anything they can to milk fees out of you whether legal or ILLEGAL. I am out of here the soonest I can get to it. They do not value the average person at this bank. They are only interested in multi-million dollar accounts, where I AM SURE THIS DOES NOT GO ON. Here is a newsflash SUNTRUST – US “LITTLE PEOPLE” can end up “BIG PEOPLE” and this is business they lose out on in the end. JERKS.

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  • Su
    suntrustsucks1 Jun 09, 2011

    Suntrust will change items already posted as paid (not pending) and change them to a later date after a debit that would put you negative.

    For example,

    you have $500 in your account.
    you had a debit to walmart on 6/1 of $100.
    it post to your account as paid (not pending).

    On 6/5 your house payment of $500 post to your account.
    Suntrust will move your payment to walmart for $100 to 6/5 and put it after the $500 house payment. That way your account is negative $100. Thus charging you a NSF fee.

    They perform business this way daily, and anyone that has online banking with them knows how they switch posted payment dates around.

    Suntrust is a horrible company and prays on the little man.

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  • Re
    renteria Jun 17, 2011

    I had recently wire transferred money from the US to Brazil on May 19th from my bank (Suntrust Bank). According to Suntrust, notified me that there wasn't any errors.

    My complaint is that my beneficiary my brother-in law who has an account with Banco do Brazil(receiver) checked for the receiving of my money ($7, 000 ) has never been received up to today's date (June 15/2011). No ends have an answer where my money is placed. One bank blames the other.
    This money is an emergency. (June 15). Suntrust Bank is not willing to give back my money (recall) in which they say it may take 3-7 days and no actual evidence provided that Banco do Brazil even received this wire transfer.

    I demand my money to be put back into my account immediately for withdrawal by July 1st. Could someone reach out and help? I don't know why Suntrust Bank would not release my fund back immediately and blaming that Banco do brazil has not communicated back.

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  • Lu
    Luis Thomas Jan 27, 2016

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  • Mo
    Monica Scotty May 11, 2016

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  • As
    ashely porter May 26, 2016

    Suntrust bank is a scam...They sent my card to someone else address then my card was attempted to be used so they cut my card off with no access to a bank in used checks. they over charged me for every check $36 a check my checks never came to be over $10... then come find out they never sent me a new card three weeks later... Then they make rude and inconsiderate... Sarah is supposed to be a supervisor but makes snob like comments... I know next time to find a better bank... The worst company they robbing people blind...

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  • La
    Laylow24 Jul 20, 2016

    These just low down thieves have stolen over 1800 from me when I try to get back they close account. I'm so pissed and don't know how they are allowed to operate

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