Suntrust Bankshome equity line

T Nov 15, 2018

I have had a home equity line of credit with Suntrust bank for over 14 years. There have been numerous occasions where Suntrust took it upon themselves to take monies from my checking account for late payments.I have called because this is not legal! I have never signed anything stating that you could help yourself to the money in my account. Legally, you have to have something from a court to get back monies and you do not have any such documents. I have gone into branches and was told that I signed something stating it was OK to do this but when asked for a copy, no one could ever produce it. The documents that they did produce never stated this at all!! I am asking that Suntrust cease and desist taking my money without my permission. If I owed you a payment and I had my money in another bank, you could not legally go into that other bank without some sort of binding legal paperwork from a court and remove my money. I am the sole support of my household and automatic payments come out of my bank accounts from other companies and had I not looked, I would have been charged a non-sufficient funds fee. My husband has Cancer and my bills are mounting and I do not need you Guys randomly picking accounts to take money from my bank accounts. It would be one thing if you were taking it from one account but you Guys are doing it from multiple accounts. Unless you can show me in writing that I signed anything giving you Guys permission to go into my account, you need to stop immediately before I report you Guys to FDIC, Regulatory Affairs, FTC and hire an Attorney! This has been going on for several years and it is unethical to say the least!

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