Suntrust Bankscustomer service is awful

M Oct 03, 2019

In late August 2019, my boyfriend opened an account with Suntrust since he had moved in with me and was far away from his home town bank. Whatever person he spoke to did not input the apartment number he gave her and it ended up taking over two weeks for him to get his debit card because of their mess up.

Fast forward to September 23, 2019. I noticed fraud on my account. Nothing major, but I immediately called the fraud department to report it. They told me they would be shutting off my card and mailing me a new one in 5-7 business days. I told her I would need to change the address on my accounts as we had just moved, so that the debit card would be mailed to the correct location. She had me say it, repeat it and then she read it back to me, correctly, apartment number and ALL.

On the 7th business day, I still did not have my card so on today, 10/03/19, I called customer service again and she told me that it had been mailed to my old address, that the address update had never been done, and that it would take another 5-7 business days to receive my card. Because I complained, she said she could do express, 2-4 business days. When I asked for it to be overnighted, because I have bills to pay that require a debit or credit card, she said that was not possible.

My bills are now going to be overdue, all because of the negligence in customer service and the fraud department. The ladies in the individual branches are very professional, but unfortunately, due to working, I do not get to deal with them often. I will be pulling my business and my boyfriend's business from Suntrust by the end of October.

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