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On 5/12/19 at 4:41pm I visited the Subway Shop on St Helen's Way in Castle Rock, WA. I initially placed my order with a young dark haired girl, I believe her name was Sarah. Moving on down the line, I asked the clerk who was preparing my wrap if I could have a little shredded cheese on it, I believer her name was Faiye. At that point, Sarah instantly stopped waiting on her customer, turned her head towards me and loudly shouted "NO", then Faiye quietly said that would be an extra charge. I told Faiye I had had the wrap several times and have never been charged for a little shredded cheese. I turned to look at Sarah and she said they were wrong, I should have been charged. I politely asked Sarah her to quiet down, she was very loud and was embarrassing me, I also clearly pointed out that there were customers waiting in line. Sarah did not stop talking about additional charges even though she had customers waiting and I had moved one. At that point I asked Faiye if there was an additional charge for parmesan, low and behold, Sarah again shouted down the line at me about extra charges. It was a scene that escalated, and I don't feel I was out of line, I am almost 70 and hated the drama. Then Faiye joined in saying that I did not need to ask that, I replied "parmesan is a cheese, and I was only asking to clarify the prices, the board says it is 59 cents for extra cheese." Faiye backed off and said "OK". At that point I felt I was being double teamed. Finally when paying, I asked the young man at the check out if they had Business Cards. Sarah again shouted across the 2 works and in front of several customers, ""we do not have business cards, I am the manager and I am in charge." I did reply by asking if she always answered questions addressed to other staff and she LOUDLY repeated herself by saying, "YES, I am in charge of this place ! " I told Sarah I thought her staff could speak for themselves and she was being unprofessional. Sarah replied she is "very professional". At that point I was embarrassed and told the young man I wanted out of there before things got worse, he just stood in silence and I got the sense he was embarrassed too. Went I got home, I opened the chicken wrap and noticed it smelled like tuna. The meat was ground up, watery, did not appear to be roasted chicken. The wrap was nothing like the chicken wrap I had the week prior at a Longview, WA Subway. The chicken wrap's in both Longview, WA and in Bellingham, WA have chucky roasted chicken, not the ground up tuna like chicken being sold in your Castle Rock store. I also noticed that the customer service ratings in Castle Rock is a 2, where other Subway's in our area are rated 3+. I feel the owner of the Castle Rock Subway needs to visit other Subway Shops, see how they prepare their sandwiches and how their staff treat the customers. I do know the Castle Rock Subway has continual staff changes. In my opinion, if they have to work under someone like Sarah I can see why people quit. Perhaps the store owner and staff could benefit by a class or two Customer Service 101. The chicken wrap I purchased was lousy and soggy. My transaction number is 1/A-230413, I paid $7.55 for the wrap and would like a refund.

May 13, 2019
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  • Te
      May 13, 2019

    As you yourself said, the board clearly states there is a charge for extra cheese. You've been getting it free for a long time, don't whine and complain because you're being asked to pay now like everyone else has to.

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  • St
      Jun 03, 2019

    Hey TellMeAboutIt82, I do not think that D Mcnabb was whining. She must not have been informed that the fee for additional cheese applied for everyone else now. Instead I think the point she is trying to make is that the people who work at that subway were unprofessional in their positions as "Manager" or clerks. It is necessary for these workers to offer kind service to everyone and properly maintain fresh supply of meat, bread, or vegetables. The workers in this case were doing everything but that. I can see why other people would submit a complaint about those rude workers.

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