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2 female employees, 1 black, the other caucasian/ hispanic...1 male caucasian employee

Walked in at 7:30 pm. July 2, 2017. 3 employees. 2 young females. 1 young male Caucasian on duty. All of them under 21. No name tags. So no way to identify them. The Caucasian/Hispanic employee is taking drive thru car orders. She's the only one doing that. She gets mad and throws the Tuna off the bread. Throws it away. Her tone and mannerisms clearly demonstrated frustration. She then throws the bread away and she's totally about to have a melt down because she is mad. So she starts over with customer order. The customer is outside in the car and can't see how rude this employee is acting out. But myself and a couple in the store can clearly see her actions.
Next the black female employee helps me, and I comment to her. She must be having a bad day. She knows I'm talking about her co-employee, because she looks at her and just smirks. Like she doesn't care. So continues to help me. But she's distracted because she is listening to her ear buds and listening to her music. I ask her to toast my bread and it's get toasted for 10 seconds. (I've been here before with other employees and they toast it at least for 20-30 seconds. So she continues to make my sandwiches while listening to her music. (Distracted)
Finally get to the Caucasian male employee and he's clearly intimidated by his co-employees because he looks scared to make a move without their approval. I ask him, you guys are busy huh. He says, yea we're also under staffed. This is the POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever seen here. I'll go back and give them a second chance. But if that female employee is pissed off at the world because she hates her job and throwing food around. Then it might get another complaint. Because I will remind her of this visit. Do these employee who were on duty on July 2, 2017 at 7:30 pm. Are they not made accountable to anyone.????

the soup.

If you never have soup every time I go there. All the time. Take soup off the menu. Your salads are garbage. Your sandwiches are delious. And I just wanted soup. Have soup in the back. It's not that hard. Your cookies are awesome. I would like to have some soup. Is it good??? Idk. I've never had it. Panera has soup. Why don't you. I like a soup with my sammich. Polished off with a cookie

unsanitary conditions and manager very rude

On June 30, 2017, 12:25 PM, My coworker and I were in line waiting to order a sandwich from the Subway in Ashland Oregon. While making the sandwiches the manager, who would not identify herself, was bending over the counter leaning her breast and dirty t-shirt on top of the open sandwiches while reaching for what people wanted on their sandwich. I did tell her what she was doing and all she did was apologize and continued to do the same thing to the people behind me. She did not seem to care and was just trying to push people through the line as if this was okay. The area where the sandwiches are made was disgusting, the handles to the toaster and refrigerator were slimy. When one of the employees opened the refrigerator I noticed it was a slimy mess inside. I understand that it was lunch time and they're trying to keep the line moving, but I really don't want to eat a sandwich after someones dirty shirt and breast have been laying in the sandwich. When I asked for a supervisor she said she was the manager and would not give me a corporate phone number. I did not get the sandwich I had ordered as the conditions are unsanitary and manger very rude when the problem was pointed out. No attempt was made to change what she was doing.

disgusting!! absolutely disgusting!!

Place is absolutely disgusting!!! As I stood waiting for my sandwich to be made I watched the lady pull a...

service poor

It is 10:39 on 6/25/17 and I just left subway across from bass pro in st Charles. Sorry I did not get my receipt so I do not have a store number. The whole time we plus other customers were there only individual in the store working was on the phone. Also the lady in front of us was having issues with the coffee machine and she seemed more interested in our phone call then helping a customer out . My daughter and I tried to help with the copy machine and was not successful. I hope you're able to correct this because it was a very poor experience for us. I am sure others may not speak up but we will not be visiting the subway again . The reason is all because of the customer service that was not given. If you'd like to call me [protected] my name is Noah Wulf WULF .

service poor

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[Resolved] service

I work at the Subway in Monongahela and the owner almost NEVER pays us on time, we don't get paid until Saturday and sometimes Sunday when we're supposed to get paid on Friday and occasionally he messes up everyone's paychecks, he tries to give us less hours then we worked, he once gave me 33 hours when I worked 36 and when I mentioned it to him he had said he'd give me another paycheck with the difference and yet he never did. The place is so unprofessional.



a employee named gaby

I came in and got my daughter a 6 inch sandwich and I had told the employee to out only a tiny amount of both mayo and mustard.. she failed to do as I asked an when she did I asked her kindly if she can take a little off cause it was to much.. she scuffed and replied "your kidding right" very rudely. And I said well yea it's for a little kid. She's not gonna want all that.. so she threw the cheese to the side and flipped new cheese on it. And than decides just to make it sloppy and not even rap the sandwich up all the way . She should have never been hired. Never seen such bad customer service since I've been coming to this subway. Whoever hired her needs to re think their decision


I am an employee at subway in Kennedy plaza in providence ri I've been an employee with the store for over 4...

customer service

I came into subway today around 12:45 and these employees in here were terrible. A young woman named kiara had asked her coworker for some help while she was making a sandwich. To which the elder woman replied I ain't helping you I got two minutes before I get off do it yourself. I've never been so appalled. So kiara continued to work hard as the elder woman sat there and [censor]ed about everything. Than she continued to get loud and yell in front of the customers causing a scene. I've never been so appalled in my life. This type of behavior is unacceptable. She deserves to be fired. Do not go to star mount subway!


Hi. My name is Ashley Atkins. I am a former employee at Subway located in Star City, AR. I have a few thing...


on June 13, 2017 I stop @ subway, 3010 Dickerson Rd, Nashville, TN, It was a customer in front of me getting her order that almost took 20 min, then I order my sub and the food was not fresh, the vegetables was old, I had to asked the server not to put these old tomatoes on my sandwich. there was only to server there around 6:20 pm. They only had four kinds of bread, of cause not the one I wanted. They were unfriendly and I guess it was a manager when I asked when were their truck been. The vegetable were not fresh at all. look like they have been out for two days. I been different location to get a sub. this was the worst and my the way the air condition wasn't working.

  • Fr
    Frank Howard Jun 22, 2018

    I stop at Sub way Love Truck Stop Trinity Lane two or three time a week been doing it for years last two weeks on two occasions there was a lady name Kelly who has a awful attitude. I always order 6" egg white and double order of steak two scoops on flat bread. she started fixing pulled out half of a egg white not the round full egg white she put four scoops steak should only be two scoops for double meat. when I asked why the half egg white she told me a 6" only has half egg white. explained I order this all the time most time here and when on a few occasions I order the 12" when I share with lady at work it is two full egg whites. her response was I don't know what others do but it is only half of egg white so I said I order this all the time sometime from other Subways they do not give me half of egg white .she said you are talking to my customers in line I said something maybe should not have said I said you can take it shove it. I said I'm going to call in on you my name is Kelly called to talked to manager she answer hung up I will never go back to that store I will get my from another Subway will have to drive a few more miles not having to deal with her if I pull in and don't see her I will go in. she is wrong about the half egg!! Frank Howard.

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subway - 3127 broad st, chattanooga, tn 37408

Subway- 3127 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37408

The WORST service ever -impatience - short -handed 2 employees during lunch rush. When you think it could not get worse and you finally got your sandwich and got in your car to go back to work, one of their Blue hair employee's boyfriend dropping I am assuming a very late employee to work decides to block the exit of the parking lot and proceeded to curse me when I asked them to move the Vehicle that was blocking the exit. Instead of pulling into a parking space - mind you there was one available right to his left - he gets out of the car to confront me - At least be smart enough to take out your SUBWAY t-Shirt when you get out of the car before you are rude to your customer's in the parking lot - WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK. Really what happened to common sense and customer service...

entryway door is a trip/fall hazard which is not marked as such

I went to this store for the first time on Monday, June 13, 2017. Upon entering I tripped over the door threshold and fell into the store. Thankfully I caught myself and gently landed on my hands and knees. No injuries, except for a bit of hurt pride, were incurred. One gentleman, who was seated at a table eating and so was obviously a customer, came over to help me up and ask if I was okay. Not one of the 3 or 4 employees even acknowledged me or the fall.

I have to admit that I did not examine the door threshold upon leaving the store. It did seem to me that there was a lip or small step that caused me trip. If that is the case there should be a "caution, watch your step" sign. If there was one I did not see it.

I am writing this for two reasons. The first is that if there is an issue with the door I would like to see it corrected, or at the very least that a watch your step sign be put up. If I am wrong about this please accept my apoligies.

The second, and most concerning is to make you aware of the employees behavior surrounding the incident. I cannot believe that none of them asked me if I was okay! That to me is just unheard of, and I would like to see it addressed with them.

subway service

I visit this subway in 5350 Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL regularly. When I came in last week, there was this new young white guy with glasses that I never seen before, who was working there, he was laughing by the restroom and I overheard him telling to a co-worker of his of how sometimes spits in his hand before grabbing the bread.

After hearing that, I am never visiting this Subway ever again and I am afraid to go to any of the Subway at least in Gurnee.

Male service today 6/11/2017 @7pm

He's rude. His voice was loud and don't follow directions . I asked for spinach and he put pickles. I asked for mayo and he put my sub in a bag. On my second order I asked for barbecue sauce and again ignored me.

subway store 35836

This is the second time I have ordered from this store. Both times they have messed up sandwiches to the...


The day time manager at the subway sandwich at the Crawford or lexington Ga.-shop- store the maniger there had to be the most rudest and racial person I know she always has an attitude and ask is rude to the employees there. The reason you have no business there is due to her and her stupidity

employee that is a mrsa carrier, very contagious

The subway by my house-16th st/thomas rd. Phoenix az. Has an employee susan sparks that is a carrier of mrsa. I believe she also has no food handlers card. Now I know why, handles numerous types of product, I cant believe that isnt a question on the employees hire application. This could end up turning into an epidemic. Think of how many customers she comes in contact with, hundreds, thousands. Ill probably go to the health department, or put up my own warning signs. U really should check into this before it goes viral. Thanks and have a nice day.

the employees there

I have been going to your location in Texas City off 2506 25th ave. north.I tried to put Host order # SPM20170607043810 n and said invalid.Well overtime I go ad and want Italian bread, its just out of oven.still cooling.o ne time I go tone the bread fell apart, and I asked to make another one.same thing over and over.I know ya need help there, but please get friendly people there. Also says show your customer the sandwich, I asked and it was not looking good, but paid and left. Your location is closer to me so please advise your help there


Hello my name is Dana Dial I worked for subway literally only two weeks. The reason I'm messaging is because the store I worked for in Harker Heights texas on Indian trail was very discriminating and wasn't giving me any hours. They kept calling me in or scheduling me two hour shifts at a time. When I tried to talk to the disctrict manager about the issue he didn't care and refused to switch me to a different store. There was also this bonus that I was told id get 100 dollar bonus in fact but somehow they changed it down to just a 50. Where's my other 50??? I was the only white employee. They made it sound all this wonderful. Then I started working for the store for them to treat me this type of way. Something needs to be done about this.