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Attached is my Yelp review with picture of employee in which I complained about, 2nd is her very unprofessional response in which contrary to her response, there were only 3 people in the store at the time of my order, myself, the person taking the order and the one pictured of which was key to my complaint. I thought you (Subway) should be aware of the people you have working for you in a small community.



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    RosaF Dec 30, 2018

    I posted a review about this Subway #28474) before and said it would be the last time we would go there. However, yesterday 11/19/18 on the way home from running errands, my husband and I decided to let our guard down and stop by there to try them again. Oh what a mistake that was. My husband went in as I waited in the car and was gone long enough to have two sandwiches made but came back empty handed. He was trying to tell the 'sandwich maker' what he wanted on the sandwiches. She wanted him to give her all the ingredients at one time but he was trying to decide what he wanted on each sandwich. There was only one other customer in the shop and she wanted to make that customer's sandwich and our sandwiches at the same time. She finished the first customer's order and should have checked her out and then she could have taken more time to finish our sandwiches.

    The other customer asked to be checked out when her sandwich was complete and that's when things took an ugly turn. She (the sandwich maker) checked the lady out, left our two sandwiches on the counter and told my husband to call her when he decided what he wanted on the sandwiches. And then she went to the back of the store. Then she came back and told my husband made her "lose her religion" as she started throwing the 'f' word around: "get the '[censored] out of my store" she told him.

    My husband asked for the manager and she stated that she was the manager. He then asked for the store owner and she wrote down her name, Sophia, the store owner's initials: Mr. H.P. and supposedly the owner's telephone number. My husband called the number when we got home and left a message but since we got no return call, we highly suspect she gave us an incorrect number.

    My husband did nothing to warrant this type of treatment from this person and this will indeed be our last time going to this Subway even though it is minutes from where we live. Never been treated like this before at a Subway across the nation.

    All of is a direct quote from my husband as I was not in the store at time. My husband tried to contact the supposed owner of the store, I submitted a complaint form to the Subway complaint department and they acknowledged they received it by email on 11/29/18, but to date, we have not heard from anyone about this complaint. Now it is time for me to post this on this board for all of you to read. And by the way, this is my second complaint about this same Subway (store #28474)

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