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I have place an order by steers at 10:35 the Florida branch and then was call 5 mins later to say that they don't have chicken fillet and cant make a chicken burger so I therefore changed the order to a 1/4 chicken meal and a cheesyboy burger meal. I instructed the person to make the chicken saucy and well done was told its R57.90. The food was brought to us an hour 10 mins later and its was ice cold. When we opened the chicken meal the chicken was not even a 1/4 piece chicken it was super super dried and rock hard and no sauce at all it was really hard to even chew and go down the throat. Im sure they wont even give a dog to eat such food but wait it get even better the cheesyboy tasted like cardboard and was so dried although it has sauce. The food was really disgusting to really be honest. We paid R65 for the cheesyboy meal and R45 for the chicken meal and it was a honest waste of my money. I wont ever order from steers again. the food really was difficult to chew and eat. Im extremely disappointed in the food.

Oct 03, 2019

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