Steers / bad service

Ti Jul 03, 2019

I phone Piet Retief Steers and placed an order around 16h00, the lady told me the order will be delivered within 30minutes. After an hour and 15minutes I called Steers and they said they were at my address but I was waiting all the time and no one was at my house.
I said that I will collect my order, when I got to Steers my order was one-side alone. They said the guy was at my house and that they did try to call me but I did not awnser. I did not recieve any phone calls after ordering food.
Assuming my order was complete I paid and went home, arriving home and unpacking the food, the food was ice cold and my order was not complete. I called back and said to the lady my order is not complete then after 7 minutes they delivered the missing food.
I ordered 3 wacky Wednesday specials and 2 large chips. We only ate a few chips as they were basically uneatable. And the burgers were soggy and the patties were cold as well.
I understand that when the company has a special things become hectic but, to serve your customers with cold food and an incomplete order and also having your customer drive and collect because you didn't deliver as you said you would is really unacceptable for me.

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