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Steers - the food and service

I purchased the R 144 share meal and I just opened the box now and the burger is way below what I expected, in general the service is very poor as there is not enough staff to ensure your customer gets what they want I am not satisfied at all for the price paid for the quality recieved.

Is this how steers expects to do business then I will call the Gauteng health department to do an inspection on that premise, really bad experience and below standard service and sub standard food

Steers - product portion

My favourite remains the Chicken Burger Meal. I have being ranting that the Steers Chicken for the past 20 years or more as the best tasting Chicken Burger and value for money.
The recent downsizing over the past couple of years of the bun and chicken portion has downscaled to a size that is no longer value for money nor appetizing. Before it would stop the hunger, now it does not even 'plug' the stomach.
As far as the chips, they remain the best still.
I'm rather disappointed and this will definitely shift me to consider alternative Franchise offers for a better offering for the price I have to pay.



Steers - product complaint

Ordered good on line when the driver got here he did not have the correct change on opening our food er found the chips we had ordered as extras where burnt we phoned to complain the driver then went back and brought us apparently fresh chips which where exactly the same as the first ones
No chip seasoning, just old oily burnt chips
My contact details are
Gary [protected]

Steers - bad customer service

I bought 3 wacky Wednesday on 30 October 2019. I phone in to steers saxby and Calafornia told me she will replace them the following week. I phone in and spoke to her on Wednesday 6 November 2019, and now she said she is only going to replace one wacky wednesday. I paid for 3 and all 3 buns was so hard that you can kill someone. Food is getting expenses and when you buy take ways, you want quality.

Steers - poor service

at 10h15 am today I called steers Braamfontein on [protected] and placed and order, they said in 45 minutes time I will get a delivery I confirmed the delivery address and was told my order is R197, after 2 hours my order did not arrive, I called back I was told they will call me back, after 15 minutes no call I called back I was told they still investigating my order, I called again they put me through to the guy who said he is the manager he said the same thing, he hasn't called me back by now, extremely poor service I will never order food with steers, do they ever consider and think that I use airtime to contact their shop? where do I get that airtime to call them 6 times and they don't return my calls even when I confirmed my cellphone number 6 times to them? its now 4 hours I did I follow up with them and no one has come back to me. what did they say the R197 is for? why didn't thy tell me straight hat they wont send my food so I seek alternative. I am so disgusted and cell no is [protected]

Steers - online / instore service

On Wednesday 30.10.2019

I place a ONLINE order with Steers

See attached proof

Order was received by the store at 16h05
Upon my arrival at 16h15 the store still didn't start to prepare my order

At 16h29 I paid my order and only received my food at 16h40

This is Unacceptable, there it a reason why I use online and then get this poor service from Steers Total Standerton
Total Service Station, 45 Walter Sisulu drive Standerton

Steers - delivery

a delivery order was placed at 18:52 at vaal mall and still at 20:33 food has not delivered. 4 cheese burgers n 600g rack of ribs was ordered???
no feedback from the store to say it will be late. called twice first at 18:45 and told to wait another half hour for food because of wacky Wednesday n called at 20:20 and still food was not out and told drive on the way

Steers - service of steers

its the second time im waiting for more than two hours for my food.this is getting worse every time now.this is getting un acceptable.ill go to the media with this just to let them know how much steers went down with deliverance to costomer service.this cant go not the first perskn to complain about this and if you get your food it is so cold to eat.i will not pay again for cold food from steers

Steers - services

Hi good day. I was on the 30 Oktober 2019 I was order my food. As the cashier was rude and she is always like that. As I order the board said 2x slices of cheese R5. 00 and under it said ask for the...

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Steers - 2 x cheesy bacon king steer meal

Good day I order 2 x Cheesy Bacon King Steer meals last night with the online App at the Bothasig branch. I took the top up colddrink and were charge an extra R11 per combo because I dont like the...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Steers - lies

I made an online order around 17:00 PM from Steers Pan Africa Junction Shopping Center and they sent both a text message and an email that it has been accepted. It is now 19:30 PM and there has been no communication no nothing. When i called this number [protected] (30 mins back) to ask whats going on, the lady said the driver had left 10 minutes ago.. which was a lie because i live close to the place. Second call she told me she'll speak to the manager and they'll call the driver to find out where he is. Third call i spoke to the manager and she gave me stories that didn't answer any of my questions. I asked for her name and she said it was Zisitetheli if that's even right or she was just lying! luckily after the call the delivery guy came through but he told me the first delivery guy got lost so they had to make another order and send him. Why couldn't the lady just tell me the truth when i first called or the second time? I'm very disappointed in Steers Pan Africa. It was my first time ordering from this place and i never will again.

Steers - undelivered

I placed an online order at 12h38. Load shedding started 13h10. No one phoned to say they won't deliver. I had to phone 6 times before I got an answer. Then they wanted to deliver 15h30. This was at Steers Eldoraigne. It literally takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete an order. They have no excuse. Pathetic

Steers - i'm complaining about the pathetic service received at steers volksrust

Counter order #46 dated 28/09/19

I'd like to complain about the unfriendliness of staff at Volksrust Steers
This was after a bad service received from Fishaways so now I'm sure if this is the norm that they don't greet & don't even bother to ask wherether your order is a take away or sit other provinces they do give this option coz as a client you wont remember to mention thaf you are eating in unless you get asked by staff
Furthermore this was an unpleasant meal as i had to eat from those burger boxes not to mention my 4year old had to go through the same thing
Please send your staff on client service courses ...they need to greet, smile & be passionate about what they do
I'm a branch manager at one of the top 3 financial institutions so i know what client service means

Steers - rave sauce

I bought steers rave sauce at montana superspar in pretoria on 05 october. After getting home and opening the bottle I saw that the sauce was invested with little black worms. I went back to spar and they refunded me, but I am still very upset about the incident. I had people coming over for dinner and this happens??? Please advise??

Steers - steers

I ordered online using the app, then i went to the store (Steers vaal mall) hoping to pay and collect but to my suprise i waited a whole hour at the store just for two burgers only.That service is very poor and unacceptable.They should prioritize their orders to quickly deliver small orders rather than us waiting for them to do the chicken order then do beef burger order.Its poor to know that the whole team focus on one order at a time.

Steers - service

I went to Steers Mokopane Crossing Mall.
Invoice 75831. I paid 12h01. I waited 25 minutes for only 2 takeaway burgers with Drinks?? Another guy before me insits on his refund. Very angry walking out with his money. This was by far my longest wait at a steers for 2 burgers ect. The staff is unorganised and i dont think i will ever go back to steers. Luckily the rest of my family was not with me. Maybe i should still be in the que for that?
I was long time ago so angry about service. Of my kids wasnt so hungry with me i would also insisted on a refund and went to KFC rather?

Shilo van Tonder

Steers - product and service

I have place an order by steers at 10:35 the Florida branch and then was call 5 mins later to say that they don't have chicken fillet and cant make a chicken burger so I therefore changed the order to a 1/4 chicken meal and a cheesyboy burger meal. I instructed the person to make the chicken saucy and well done was told its R57.90. The food was brought to us an hour 10 mins later and its was ice cold. When we opened the chicken meal the chicken was not even a 1/4 piece chicken it was super super dried and rock hard and no sauce at all it was really hard to even chew and go down the throat. Im sure they wont even give a dog to eat such food but wait it get even better the cheesyboy tasted like cardboard and was so dried although it has sauce. The food was really disgusting to really be honest. We paid R65 for the cheesyboy meal and R45 for the chicken meal and it was a honest waste of my money. I wont ever order from steers again. the food really was difficult to chew and eat. Im extremely disappointed in the food.

Steers - delivery

Good Evening,

An order that usually takes half hour to delivery, took just over an hour from the Plattekloof branch to Parow. After 40 Min I called to follow up, to which I was told the driver was already on his way and would be by Me in 5 min. By the time the food got here it was ice cold, the chips were plain and no spice nor sauce was provided.

This is actually my first complaint with Steers ever as the service is usually good.

Let's hope next time the food at least gets here with some warmth left.

Steers - dainfern square fourways

On the 02 October 2019 at 1:05pm i called then to place a order for one wacky Wednesday and three caramel ice creams,
the cashier i spoke o took my order down with my name as well as two contact details work number and cell number. she then advised me that the food will be here in 45 minutes i waited and waited until 2:15pm no one cam no phone call i then decided to call them back they put me on hold and called the driver after few minutes the lady came back and said she cannot get a hold of the driver!!! imagine how "professional" is that?

she then said she would call me back to give me feed back she didn't at 2:35 i decided to call back and ask whats happening she then spoke to the manager and the manager came to the phone very unprofessional he answers the phone as if this is a backyard tuckshop!!! i am so disgusted in the service... he said he would then rather do another order it will be here in 20 minutes i left it as soon as i dropped the call i received a call from our receiving department at work to say i have a order i was shocked at the speedy response when i got to receiving the driver gives me the slip the the total is R126.00 I asked him why is he coming at 2:50pm when i ordered at 1:05pm he had some silly answer and said his been waiting for me at receiving for 30 min which is a big lie. he then decides to take the box out with the food he brings my burgers only no ice cream at all and i asked wheres the rest of the order he couldn't answer me!!! oh also to mention the manager said i should not pay the R15 for delivery when i told him that he refused out right to give me food!!! while having this argument another delivery guy came form steers with the correct order however i had to be in the middle of two drivers fighting for my food and the money!!! i waited a full two hours for a simple wacky Wednesday and three ice creams, i called the manager all he could say is sorry sorry i mean serious they are not professional at all

all i can say it was the last time i ever ordered from Dainfern fourways again poor service is an under statement!!!

Steers - raw burger

On the 25th September I ordered famous wacky Wednesday at the Croydon branch in Cape Town, I was rather disappointed in having a burger patty that was raw in some areas. This is very disappointing especially since I am pregnant and having raw food is not healthy at all. This is unacceptable.

I have written to your Facebook page and then received a call from some manager at the branch where it was requested to send a picture of the raw burger however I wasn't given any details / information to send the picture. I do not know what relevance the picture would have been as I have already sent it to a different form of social media. The customer care/ service from steers is pathetic.

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