Steak And Shake 980 E Lewis And Clark Pkwydrive thru attendant

L Sep 14, 2018

Before I could place my order through the drive-through the window attendant had stopped me and said that it would be a 25 minute wait and I said it would be fine. I started to place my order and was going to ask for milkshake and she said that it would take longer because they were backed up I also said that it would be fine. before I can get to the window the person behind me got up to the box to order and she told them it would be a 45 minute wait by the time I got to the window it had been 8 minutes. when I got my food it was approximately 10 minutes. This window attendant was such in a hurry then when she started to hand my milkshake she had dropped it on its side and some of the whipped cream had Spilled Out which I didn't want whipped cream to start with but instead of making me a new milkshake she just handed me the original one which doesn't bother me what bothers me is that she didn't take initiative to change the milk shake and what bothers me also is that she was such in a hurry to leave I'm guessing that she didn't want to take anybody else's orders and lying about the wait time. This is not a way to conduct business and I would like a call from a manager to me about this.

  • Updated by Lilboou88 · Sep 14, 2018

    I would like a phone from a manager about this issue

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