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large tall boy stainless steel travel mug

I'm complaining about a large stainless steel Travel mug, my husband brought me for Christmas, And was very happy to receive this as I have used costa coffee / hot chocolate quite a bit, the problem with the product is when you try to drink for it, it dribble out and gone over two of my White work top,
So I have to use a straw to drink from this, and I think this is unacceptable.
I've complained on the Costa coffee site over a week ago and haven't heard anything back, I think this is a very poorly managed site,

large tall boy stainless steel travel mug
large tall boy stainless steel travel mug

baby changing door lock

I was in the baby changing toilet with my little girl, after sorting her I used the toilet that wa...

deliberate disposal of mouth retainers by staff.

Please see attached. I was assured in August that the case would be reviewed whilst I was on holiday. I wa...

extra shots

When my husband and I go to a costa which is every day, I don't like strong coffee so I always have a medium latte with just one shot. My husband has a cappuccino with my other shot because he likes it strong. Now my argument is that we have been told they are no longer allowed to do that! The shot I don't have would be thrown away so what is the problem? My husband would have to pay extra for another shot but I don't get charged less for only having one shot. We already spend a lot of money every week so the least they can do is to let my husband have the other shot instead of throwing it away it's ridiculous!

rude staff

I need to complain about a staff member in the Collier Crow branch as I'm shocked at how rude she was to...

disabled toilets

i visited the store wed 18th dec ordered my coffee and food . I then proceeded to the disabled toilet as i am...

Member of staff

Ive used this coffee shop for over a year now going there at least 5 days a week I love the place all the...

customer service and product quality

I have been visiting this coffee shops for few years now but what I have experienced in the last 6 month i...

disabled toilet/ baby changing

When visiting the costa coffee in Salisbury today 25/11/19 I was absolutely disgusted upon entering the baby...

Costa Coffee

Abrasive attitude

whilst ordering 3 medium hazlenut lattes on Saturday the 23 November 2019 at about 12.15pm, the girl taking...

wishing to drink inside but asked to use takeaway cups because shop closes in 15 mins

Visited the Wakefield Costa on the retail park after a visit to the cinema, arrived at 20-10 hours, quite a...


I visited the store at 6.20 pm on 13th nov to be told no cream for coffees !!!its Run out again then as I wa...

coffee pods

Dear Costa,
I have been a customer of yours for many years, i was very excited when i found out you were selling coffee pods, that are compatable with the Dulce Gusto machine.

After spending around £80..00 on these pods i found that 1 in 3 were not working properly in the machine, i thought at first it was my machine, water was going everywhere and soaked my kitchen on a lot of occasions.
I purchased a new machine and the same happened, i looked on the website of the Dulce Gusto machines and Costa is not mentioned once, i am very angry as i have thrown a perfectly good machine away, and have wasted money on a new one, this is not fare when loyal customers buy the pods in good faith.

I look forward to your reply
Kind Regards


Hello sir i had a flight from lucknow and i ordered 2 latte and 1 cappachino and 1 hot coclate. Hot coclate...

Costa Coffee

customer service

Today I went to my 5 year old daughter's favourite café, Costa in Staines shopping centre, along with her, my 1 year old and my sister so that we could have a nice time together as a family and enjoy my daughter's half break. My sister sat down and I queued up with my two daughters to order. I placed my order with the staff member who served me, when he asked for the payment, I remembered to get the chocolates my daughter wanted, so I said to him, 'can you add two lindt chocolates to the order'. He did, I paid and walked over to the other side where order is collected. I took the two lindt chocolates from the jar, thinking I have paid for them, and put them in the tray. The staff member who served me, looked at me and pointed at them and gestured to put them back in the jar. I said I have paid for them, he nodded his head and with his finger he pointed and said no you didn't. I said again, I did because I asked you to add two lindt chocolates to the order. Again he said firmly, No, you didn't. Instead of saying, oh I misheard or something similar to rectify this mistake, he remained adamant that I told him to add another hot chocolate to the order, not two lindt chocolates. I got upset as he kept on pointing to the jar to tell me t put the chocolates back, as if I am going to steal them. I was amazed at his behaviour and stubbornness. I told him to cancel the hot chocolate order as I didn't want it. At first he stomped to the other side and started cancelling the order without saying anything further. I stood there thinking he is cancelling the accidental duplicate hot chocolate order only. But when this was taking too long, I asked him, ;Are you cancelling the whole order'? To that he said, Yes, you told me to. I said, why are you not listening to me, I asked you to order the hot chocolate only which you ordered by mistake. He kept quiet, put my remaining order back on the till, cancelled the duplicate hot chocolate. Once he finished, I said let me for these two lindt hot chocolates now?. He ignored mw, walked over to the other side, pointed at the tray and said, 'Take your order'. I was shocked, I said, excuse me, let pay for the chocolates first, he stood there, again pointed at the tray and said I want you to take this order first. I said why, I need to pay for the whole order together and pay for the chocolates. He ignored me, walked back to the till and started serving the lady behind me. I then threw the chocolates behind the counter and said to cancel the whole order as there was no way I could then sit there and have good time with my family. He refused to do anything, n=and ignored me. I walked over to his other colleague who apologised on his behalf and cancelled my whole order. through out the whole time, he stayed stubborn, showed arrogance, no regard for customer service, being apologetic or even saying sorry I mis heard your order or anything to that effect.

It spoiled our day. My daughter was crying, she did not want to leave as that was her favourite costa branch and we don't go to any other café but that particular one. I was so upset that I cried when I walked out, I have never felt so humiliated in my life, especially when in front of the whole long queue, he pointed at the chocolates and the jar and with is hand gesture told me to put the chocolates back in the jar. It was also humiliating as all this happened in front of my 5 year old. Secondly when he pointed at the tray and said Take your order, as if he is ordering to take the tray and go, as he did not want me to pay for the chocolates! This was the worst ever experience of my life and I don't think can take my daughter back to her favourite place.

He was not wearing his name badge. I asked his colleague for his name, which is Gabra and he is the assistant manager. I am shocked that instead of him being a role model, this is what he is teaching his juniors.

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    still waiting for a feedback from costa

poor service rude person

Ordered a lunch deal the other day so called Manager Joey kept insisting i buy crisps which i did not want...

staff negligence

This morning at approximately 9:15 am in Costa Coffee at Bexley Village, myself and my family purchased two...

Costa Coffee

parking charge for using customer car park

After visiting Costa Coffee in Cambuslang on 6 October I was hit with a parking fine for £100 (£60 if I pay...

taste of coffee

Good morning, my problem stated in the congleton branch i call first thing every morning for my coffee. If one of the workers would be making my drink and the manager was working on her laptop she would rush round and empty a small glass of liquid into my drink, it did'nt taste nice. So i stopped having coffee there and now i have just 2 rounds of toast every morning. But now it seems every costa i go into i get the same nasty taste in my coffee. I use a wheelchair and move using my legs which may seem a little strange ( its as though i can walk ) but i have very poor balance and use the chair always. I keep myself to myself but am very polite to everyone, If the manager has an issue with me ( i did'nt know the lady before she worked at Costa ) it's very unproffesional to carry it on at work. You will see by my Costa card i was a very regular customer, but not so much now. My card number is [protected] [protected] 6. I would appreciate your help in solving this problem which should'nt be. And begin to enjoy my coffee's again. Many thank's Wayne Camm

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 20, 2019

    The nasty tasting liquid being poured into your cup is called coffee, it's actually a percolation from beans. Some people think it's an acquired taste. I hope this clears things up.

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waited for 15 minutes and still wasn't served by costa

The employee Shihan working at 12:15 AM today 19 Oct, at the King Fahad International Airport, Arrival...