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Costa CoffeeCosta Coffee pods

Hi there
We use a variety of pods in our Nespresso Creatista machine, including your Brazilian blend No11 and Mocha Italia blend No5.
We also use Nespresso and other brands.
When using your pods, the machine struggles to pierce the foil covering, sometimes not piercing them at all
We now have approximately 8 boxes of Costa pods which are no good and have not used. We bought them from Morrisons as they were on offer at £2, reduced from £3, but now we wish we hadn't, as the last two boxes have contained several duds.
I notice Costa seems to be part of the Nestle group, so am surprised they work so poorly with our Nespresso machine. We have not experienced this issue before or since with other brands. Maybe this is a batch issue.
I would appreciate your feedback
Richard Stinton

Costa Coffee pods

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    Costa CoffeeUnethical behaviour

    Customers ordering on App being given priority leaving other customers waiting.
    A few days before Xmas a customer who arrrived after me and entered using the COVID prohibited route was served immediately leaving me waiting.
    On Xmas Eve two other family members along with a queue of other customers were left waiting for up to twenty minutes whilst other customes who entered later and had ordered on the app were immediately served.
    Please confirm that this practice of prioritising app ordering customers will immediately cease at the Alfreton store and all other Costa outlets.

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      Costa Coffeeorder using the mobile phone app

      I was charged twice for the same order.
      19/12/20 while on a walk, I used the mobile app to pre order from "Sunbank Lane, Altrincham.
      order number [protected] was showing as 3 drinks with a cost of £10.10 as completed at 13.08pm.
      when I went into the unit to pick up the drinks I was told it wasn't showing as registered. even though I showed the young lady the order reference and receipt I was told to contact my bank to confirm payment was complete.
      1. I shouldn't have been told by Costa coffee to prove my payment. Costa coffee staff should have believed the evidence on my app and assumed it was an IT glitch within CC?
      2. I lost my temper, for which I apologise, as I couldn't believe that the only response from the young lady was for me to check with my bank!
      3. I was told to reorder, which I did at 13.37pm with reference [protected] for same order and cost of £10.10.
      4. my wife went in when the app showed the transaction reference as I was still angry with the attitude of the young lady that the onus was on me to prove the transaction. the order was completed by the store "manager" as requested by my wife. the attitude of the manager was first class and we received our order and "chocolate" extras for our inconvenience and told to complain if the transaction showed twice on my credit card statement.
      5. the 2 transactions have been debited twice by CC. a copy of my card transaction page is attached.
      6. I received an email on the 20th Dec 2020 asking me about my visit. I outlined my issues as above but never received any acknowledgement or response. this again is a cause of concern to the customer care and service within CC?

      Action: please confirm receipt of this complaint. my email address is [protected]@btinternet.com
      please outline what happens next?
      Kind regards
      David Lavin

      order using the mobile phone app

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        Costa CoffeeInjury


        My husband and I visited your drive through costa in slough this morning we had popped out to get some essentials and thought we would treat our selfs to breakfast a bacon bap and coffee, however are outing was cut short the lady severing us through the drive through passed my husband the 2nd coffee and the lid wasn't on properly this resulted in the whole coffee going all over my husband burning his leg and all over our expensive car! The cashier didn't seem to think much off it !! We drove off pulled over I ran into the Costa to ask for a clothe water ect and there was no sense of urgency hardly even got a sorry, this really ruined which should have been a nice morning out !! And our breakfast and coffee which by the time we had sorted things the best we could abs got over the shock was cold !
        Lucky my husband wasn't badly burnt however he was badly shaken up and we were both upset. our car is ruined we have been told it's going to cost £60 to get the seat cleaned .

        My email is [protected]@live.co.uk

        Please let me know how you would like to deal with this.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Costa CoffeeCoffee received whilst sitting in

          Today 18/12/2020 I was with a friend for a coffee at Costa within Next Coatbridge.
          We sat in for coffee but once we left Costa, we instantly became aware of shooting pains in our abdominal area. We hadn't had anything to eat in store just the coffee but we felt awful after it. I'm not sure if perhaps the milk was off but for the remainder of the day we have felt sick, in constant pain and feeling awful.

          I feel as a loyal customer of Costa that its fair to let you know as feedback is important as is a good will gesture as it could possibly be
          because milk left out all day can contribute to food poisoning.

          Kind regards

          Miss L Miller

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            Costa CoffeeMoldy food

            27/11/2020 - Drive Thru, Ashdown Business Park, Michael Way, Maresfield TN22 2DU
            Ordered Oak milk latte, sugar free caramel shot and a sausage bap.

            £5.41 all together.
            25 points earnt, no receipt just the payment on my Apple pay and Costa app.

            Get to work, about to eat my bap and there is mold on the bun!!!

            Disgusting - What on earth is the rest of the food like?! Storage and handling is clearly not managed properly. Let alone food hygiene!!

            I'd like to know how this is going to be sorted. I was luckily enough to see the mold before eating the bap itself!!! What about the rest of the food sat there with it? Contamination?!! Makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

            I love that Costa too, staff are great and friendly but mold on the food is not acceptable.

            I have attached photos to this complaint.

            Moldy food
            Moldy food

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              Nov 21, 2020

              Costa Coffee — Paid using app - money taken - costa maidstone never received order

              Good Evening I have tried several time to communication with you regarding an order placed via your app 17th...

              Oct 29, 2020

              Costa Coffee — Unfair treatment

              My friend and I were refused sit in service as there were no available tables. I pointed out to the manager...

              Costa CoffeePoor service

              I was standing in the queue to purchase coffee when a staff member who was extremely rude raised his voice telling us to stand on the floor markings and keep our distance, which if he looked would have seen that we were all on the correct spots. The lady in front of me turned to tell me that she had been waiting over 20 minutes the same staff member then came back and was extremley rude yet again. There was also no table to sit at as each table had dirty cups on them. I have visited this branch many times but after this incident from this rude member of staff I will no longer go back there

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                I purchased two pair of women's Costa sunglasses a few months ago. I just recently received them, and while they were in Costa packaging they were no where near what I ordered. Not only are they not the write style, or color, they are plastic almost toy like. (each pair were supposed to be black frames with blue lenses) See pic below of what I received. Not sure how to get my money back or where to send them to Very frustrated in so many ways!!! Please help


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                  Costa CoffeeCustomer service

                  Hastings East Sussex went on yesterday [protected]) About 2.30 ordered a medium latte 1/4 of froth if I wanted a small I would of ordered one!!! Coffee all down the side of the cup and lipstick marks, clearly had not been clean properly and not been checked by staff. When making a complaint She was very rude like it was my fault, wouldn't go back.

                  Customer service
                  Customer service
                  Customer service
                  Customer service

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                    Aug 21, 2020

                    Costa Coffee — Dealing with customers

                    To Whom it may concern Ive been using Costa Coffee for the past 9 yrs in Kingsheath Birmingham. Recently the...

                    Costa CoffeeHolding tables for preferred customers

                    I am currently sat in Costa coffee inside the Tesco store in Haydock. There is a balcony with tables over looking the store and 2 tables free when I was served. 1 table was being held for a customer behind me so I asked to sit on the remaining table. I was told no because I'm a single person and that is held for 4 people. Bearing in mind there were 2 other empty 4 seater tables empty in the store, I don't see the issue. Firstly tables shouldn't be held for people they obviously know (first name terms), it should be first served basis. Secondly the server was being a jobs worth not letting a paying customer sit where they wished when the store is not busy. Not great customer service.

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                      Costa CoffeeService

                      My wife and myself decided to go for a coffee to Unit 2 Herten Triangle, Herten Way, Doncaster this morning.
                      On arrival, we were told that there were no available seats, ( Covid Regs), the only service available was takeaway, which we declined.
                      It was noticed, however, that a customer was taking 3/4 seats to play around with his laptop!!
                      When we drew this to the staff's attention, they said that it was not policy to ask customers to move on in this way.
                      I do not know how long he had been there, but my experience is that they buy a coffee and take an inordinate amount of time messing about with their machines to the detriment of other customers requiring a drink.
                      The point is that why do Costa allow people to use their premises as offices in this way.
                      We are good customers at Costa outlets and thoroughly enjoy your "flat whites", I would like to continue doing this.
                      Mike Clarke

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                        • Updated by Mike & June Clarke · Jul 27, 2020

                          What is your policy on customers using inordinate time on playing about with laptops in your premises?
                          This is invariably at the cost of other customers having to wait for their drinks.
                          My experience today was going for a coffee to be told that there were no seats available due to Corvid. regulations. The only service available was takeaway.
                          This I declined.
                          However, it was noticed that one individual was taking 3/4 seats to mess about on his laptop!! with no concern to other needy customers.
                          When this was brought to the attention of the staff, they said it was not policy to approach customers in this way.
                          So it seems that your premises are being used as offices by these people to the detriment of other worthier customers.
                          What do you have to say?
                          From two deserving customers!!

                        Costa CoffeeNot being allowed to use the toilet

                        Just been refused access to a toilet in costa coffee in Sevenoaks (even though I showed my bladder and bowel card) because apparently the light isn't working. I said I didn't care about turning the light on and I could use my phone. I begged them because I was desperate to urinate and they still said no. I was a customer as well because I had just bought a coffee off of them so it wasn't like I just walked in off the street asking to use the toilet. I explained to the staff that this was an emergency and like I said above I showed them my genuine bladder and bowel card from the bladder and bowel society and they basically didn't really care. I suffer from interstitial cystitis which makes it almost unbearably painful to hold urine in the bladder for longer than a few minutes. Staff had no understanding what so ever.

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                          Costa CoffeeStraight forward double espresso shot (in a can)

                          Bought 4 of the above cans of coffee from my local Coop in Torquay. What a disappointment, it was like drinking water with a hint of coffee. This is nothing like drinking the real thing, it was weak beyond description.
                          Not sure what you can do about it, but no wonder they were reduced down to a £1 each.
                          You could send me a voucher to the value of £4 or you could ignore it. Regards MW Moore.
                          27 Braddons Hill Rd East
                          TQ1 1HB

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                            Costa Coffeepods for dulce gusto

                            I love the taste of the latte pods and we spend about £15 a week on them. However we are wasting a large amount because they are spurting out liquid everywhere. We thought it was our dulce gusto machine so we bought a new one only to find that it was doing the same thing. We have thrown loads of pods in the bin because of this and bought a machine when we didn't need to. I'm really unhappy about this.
                            Mrs Clare Maxwell

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                              • Tr
                                trespass May 13, 2020

                                Yes I also am experiencing coffee pods bursting open. 16 drinks in a box but if half of them are defective, it starts to get a pretty expensive drink, which is a shame because the americano which is the main culprit is excellent coffee. disappointed!. I hope costa are sorting this problem. d beatty.

                                0 Votes

                              Costa CoffeeLarge tall boy stainless steel travel mug

                              I'm complaining about a large stainless steel Travel mug, my husband brought me for Christmas, And was very happy to receive this as I have used costa coffee / hot chocolate quite a bit, the problem with the product is when you try to drink for it, it dribble out and gone over two of my White work top,
                              So I have to use a straw to drink from this, and I think this is unacceptable.
                              I've complained on the Costa coffee site over a week ago and haven't heard anything back, I think this is a very poorly managed site,

                              Large tall boy stainless steel travel mug
                              Large tall boy stainless steel travel mug

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                                Jan 10, 2020

                                Costa Coffee — Baby changing door lock

                                I was in the baby changing toilet with my little girl, after sorting her I used the toilet that wa...

                                Jan 10, 2020

                                Costa Coffee — Deliberate disposal of mouth retainers by staff.

                                Please see attached. I was assured in August that the case would be reviewed whilst I was on holiday. I wa...

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