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Spirit Airlines review: Long flight delays, cancellations, lost wages from work, uber charges... And more!

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My name is Kathleen Fishman and I had booked a flight on June 20 - 25 coming from Orlando to Newark. My return flight to Orlando was originally scheduled for Sunday, June 25th departing at 1:02 (NK3169) confirmation code (WHZDSP) My return flight from Spirit was not only delayed 4 times and we waited over 9 hours until they matter of fact simply announced the flight was canceled and to go downstairs to re-book or get a refund. That line was over and hour and a half long! By the time I got to the ticket counter, apparently or so I was told, the next available flight I could book was 4 days later! I said absolutley not! I supposedly got a refund which is still not appearing on my credit card balance either. Now I had to order an Uber to go back to my family so now Ive incurred those charges which I will provide. I then called Spirit on the phone trying to get a sooner return flight and explained to the c/s what the ticket agent told me about no flight availability until the 29th! FOUR DAYS LATER! After over an hour and a half on the phone she offered me a flight to Mrytle Beach, SC with a 6 hour layover and then a return to Orlando. I did book that as I had no other options but... they charged me $340 for that flight which was MORE than my original flight and... they re-charged me and additional $85 for my 1 checked bag! I cant even get into the dis-respect from all staff at Spirit, the lack of concern, the attitudes! Not to mention our return flight from yesterday was another nightmare, was delayed 3 times and the layover ended up being over 10 hours at no fault of mine or anyone else! DISGRACE! we were all treated like animals and nothing was done to help or accommodate anyone! Not to mention all the extra charges I incurred and could not afford not was I expecting! We were also blatantly lied to! I am livid and want to be compensated not only for my uber charges, additional bag check charges, the difference of the amount of my original ticket against the re-booked flight cost! I am also contacting my local news, my local senator, and making a formal complaint to the department of transportation. Below is listed the extra charges I had no choice to incur. These are the charges I am demanding be refunded back to me. I do not want any flight vouchers or points as I will never be flying Spirit again. Your airline should be shut down, its run like a dis-orgainzed circus, and not 1 representative was around from Spirit (upper management) to address any of the issues. As passengers we are well aware there is a disgracefully blatant absence of much needed staff, pilots, flight attendants, etc. We saw employees and pilots literally walk away from pending flights "timing out"! How dare you insult us all by blaming every damn delay and cancelation on weather when we all know and very aware this was NOT the case. All I know is I want the money back of charges I had no choice to incur. Spirit is responsible and should step up and take responsibility! I personally did not have the extra money to spend as most people! I have all the charges to prove my added expenses below. Disgusted, Kathleen Fishman

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