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Spirit Airlines - Fraudulent Charge

I was charged $69.95 on 3/20/20 by Spirit Airlines for an alleged Signature debut/SPIRIT AIR [protected] MIRAMAR FL Date 03/12/20 [protected] 0 3260 Card 8111. I never authorized or signed up for a Visa card or that alleged transaction from Spirit. As soon as I noticed the transaction, I reported my debit card number stolen to my bank McCoy Federal Credit Union and they refunded the money to my account and issued me a new debit card. They investigated the charge. Somehow Spirit disputed and my bank reversed my refund and I got stock with a $69.95 on a transaction that I never made or authorized at all. I need a refund of my money immediately. My email address is [protected]@yahoo.com.


Spirit Airlines - Fraud

I flew Spirit back in March. Today, May 8th, 2 different charges were charged to my bank account. 1 for $16.00 and another for $21.00. Spirit Airlines onboardirving txus. I've never been to Texas. I did some research to find out this is fraud. These transactions were not authorized. I recently lost my job due to Covid19 and need my money! Please address this situation. Otherwise, I'll have to report this to fraud


Spirit Airlines - Cannot cancel my $9 travel club membership

Spirit airlines customer service is non existent, I have unsubscribed my $9 membership, have sent numerous emails, been on the phone, never getting a customer service agent. I keep getting charged $69.95 on my credit card, second year this has happened. I even changed my card number, but the charge still came thru. Sent another email tonight, maybe i'll get a reply.


Spirit Airlines - Billing charge

On 1/30/20 I was charged $69.95 by Spirit on My Citi/Costco credit card.

After many attempts to talk to someone at Spirit and VERY long holds, I will try this method before I dispute the charge with my Credit Card company!

I am guessing that this is some sort of membership club renewal that I did not authorize and will not pay!

If you do not respond to this note in 7 days, I will dispute and NOT pay the charge.

Feb 03, 2020

Spirit Airlines - refund not received, unethical behavior during flight connection and missed connection

We had a horrendous experience with Spirit Airlines, on January 27, 2020, returning from Cancun to New York. The Spirit Staff were standing around during our endless 1.5 hour wait in Customs lines at...

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Dec 12, 2019

Spirit Airlines - flight confirmation # scyujp

For 25 years I work with Robert Gibson @ Ford Motor Company. Robert has been married three times in his life, with his last divorce three years ago. Robert lives alone, he has three kids that lives in the northern part of the state approximately a 4 hour drive away. Basically, Robert is a loaner who I have lunch with him approximately twice a month.
During Lunch two months ago Robert told me he met a new female friend who lives in Houston, Texas, and he communicate with her by Texting every night and this has been going on for over 4 months. Expressed a deep desire to visit his new friend but he didn't have the money. As a friend, I surprised Robert with this plane ticket to Houston to meet his new dream. Robert's kids heard about this new friend and investigated her. They found this mystery woman was a Hoax, she didn't exist. They told their father of their finding and for his safety he is not going to Houston. I'm asking for Credit for this ticket, to be used this dollar amount toward a future trip.

Dec 05, 2019

Spirit Airlines - unethical behavior

On 11/28/2019 (Thanksgiving Day) my fiancé and I were scheduled to depart Philly at 11:45 am. We were at our gate two hours early which is where we sat until 11:15 (half hour before departure) when...

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Nov 04, 2019

Spirit Airlines - checked baggage fees

Paid for baggage online when airline reservation was made (Spirit $9 Club). At the time of actual travel, only one bag was checked instead of 4 (2 checked/2 carry on - $240 total fees). Agent at counter instructed us to contact Spirit for refund.

Response from Spirit when called for refund - NO REFUND because it was purchased online through the $9 Club. We paid $240 for 2 separate trips (open legs) totaling $480 for 1 checked bag of luggage.

I have NEVER encountered such absurdity and ROBBERY in all of my LIFE! I will NEVER fly Spirit again and I will spread the word on the lack of Customer Service this pathetic company had.

Spirit Airlines - Cancelled flight

Flight 880, confirmation number a8jcxl from msp to new orleans was cancelled (spirit claims it was due to a power outage at the new orleans airport) yet other airlines are still flying there with no delays... Hmmmmm. We were notified 4 hours before departure time. I had to call customer service for assistance. They said I could drive to another airport in order to catch another spirit flight (hmmmm... I thought there was a power outage), I could take a credit (not a chance!), or I could get a refund. They refused to book us on another airline that was flying to new orleans because "its not their policy". I want the cost of my replacement tickets reimbursed ($465) since spirit can't seem to get their act together. This was going to be our first flight on spirit... Now we will never be spirit customers! Fly delta... They are reliable!

Oct 03, 2019

Spirit Airlines - charge on credit card

I live in Qatar and traveled to the US or used Spirit Airways ever in my life. Today I got a charge on my credit card of USD 468.58 got who knows what. Please guide me on the steps to get the charge reversed. The process has already been started with my bankers but it's going to take 3-4 months for a resolution and I will be paying interest for no reason all this time.


Spirit Airlines - bags

BOOKING DATE Sunday, September 29, 2019
I buy a ticket to LA, California with justify.com I finished making the ticket purchase on the same page pay for the suitcase I m taking . I was charged the total of $100.00.
I know that if you buy at the same instant for the suitcase the price is less. I look forward to your prompt response
Jorge A. Vega

Sep 30, 2019

Spirit Airlines - lost bag

Very disappointed. I have been flying Spirits very often. At the beginning of the year I flew into ecuador and te watches were stolen form my bag made a complain very disappointed and they send me...

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Spirit Airlines - seating

I am at Fort Lauderdale airport flying to Hartford Connecticut and flight number 162. As a broad shouldered man I asked not to be in the middle seat at the back of the plane that it would be...

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Spirit Airlines - cancellation and delay refund

8/9/19 flight 267 for Hunie and Hope Hirokawa lf686q, and William Hirokawa Lbjv3m for extra fees for rental car $250 (change of location - closed) cancellation of flight and lost whole day of family...

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Aug 17, 2019

Spirit Airlines - Unauthorized charge to credit card

This in Ana Maria Talpa and I flew w Spirit on August 9 2019 to Fort Lauderdale Florida, made some snack and drink purchases on the plane along with paying for luggage. Today is August 17 2019 and...

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Spirit Airlines - refund

Hello this was my family's first vacation together and it got ruined because our flight got delayed 4-5 times over 6 hours of waiting in the airport which caused us to miss the boat when they finally got the plane ready we would of landed in Orlando around 3:45 pm and still had the 45min drive to the port, the boat last call was at 2:30 so we would have been stuck in Orlando no hotel, rental car, etc so is there anyway we can get a refund or a different cruise please

Aug 10, 2019

Spirit Airlines - flight cancellation

I have a family of 5 who booked a Spirit Flight to a Cruise. We arrived 35 minutes before the plane left. I had already checked in and was told that I had been checked out because I was not there at...

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Jul 30, 2019

Spirit Airlines - $9 membership charged

My membership was automatically renewed and my credit card was charged $69.95 today without any notification. I tried to contact customer service but just hear an automatic voice without a representative. I login in my account and canceled my membership and realized after that the fee cannot be refunded. So I lost my membership and my money.
This is a horrible policy and company just wants to steal money from customers.
Be aware!

Spirit Airlines - stolen property

My daughter and i flew to san diego june 5 2019 and my daughter paid xtra to put luggage on plane
In San Diego we got luggage went to our room the next morning getting dressed all her jewelry boxes was in her luggage and empty.
We know it was stolen in san diego cuz wen reported next morning 2 other couples had same problem. The guy took complaint and said they will be calling. 5 days went by no call so wen we go to airport the manager laughed said nothing they can do and their was a couple there again reporting their loses. Why do we pay for luggage to be on plane jus to getting robbed😡😡😡😡😡


Spirit Airlines - cancelled flight

To Whom It May Concern:
A small group of us (4 people) were in Las Vegas last week. We were scheduled to fly home on Sunday night to Philadelphia. After we checked our bags and passed through security and was waiting at the gate, the announcement was made that the flight was cancelled for everyone go to the front desk to get a new flight. After a 2 1/2 to 3 hour line, when it was our turn to talk to your representative, all she said to us was that the best you could do was a flight out on Thursday and if that wasn't acceptable here was our money back and to find our own way home. Now you have 2 senior citizens and the other gentleman is a heart patient and his wife at 12:00 am. looking for not only a flight home and a place to stay for the night. It cost us 200.00 to stay at a hotel, then another 200.00 to book another flight home the next day. I have never been treated so badly and rudely by a company before in my life. At least compensate people for another nights stay and try to help a little more with finding a flight home. This was a disgrace on your part. Nothing at all was offered, other than the for mentioned statement from your attendant. Is this kind of message that you are sending people to talk about your service and company?

Mr. James Ryan Sr.
E-mail address [protected]@aol.com

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