Speedwaytheft/fraud by one of your employees

S Sep 22, 2018 Review updated:

I went into my local speedway store at 2131 Forest Hills Rd. Wilson, NC 27893 on Saturday. September 22nd, 2018 at 4:59 pm to pay for my gas. There was an older lady in front of me using her rewards card and I saw the register print out a coupon and a receipt for her points. The cashier by the name of Tradacia took the lady's coupon and put it beside her register, on the opposite side where the lady was standing. She did not ask the lady if she wanted it, she just sneakily put it to the side and only gave her the points receipts. When I looked down where she had placed it, there was a whole stack of what looked like coupon receipts so it appeared she had been doing this throughout most of her shift. I wish I would've confronted her but I just thought it'd be best just to let someone know.


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    fitzdano Sep 30, 2018

    Its so sad that they do this I just had this happen to me at the Speedway In Greenwood IN the employee practicall refused to give me my coupon for a free drink he said he usually just threw them away, Do I really look that stupid!
    they have become the WalMart of gas stations,

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    Trianna Solomon Dec 23, 2018

    A cashier pocketed my money right in front of me and used my card to charge me the full balance of a pack of cigarettes. I complained and he attempted to make me wait for all the customers to finish their transactions so he could call his manager to give me back my money he stole. Horrible service. Will never buy gas or anything else there again. Speedway Liverpool NY on rt57

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    Demandingdoor Sep 01, 2019

    You can’t use those points unless you enter your pin for your rewards card, or scan the rewards card when you are purchasing the said item from coupon. So that is NOT stealing because they literally can’t be used. They automatically are connected to the rewards card and will show up on the account. The printed out coupon receipts are essentially useless and just a waste of paper.

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