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It disgusts me that you can't redeem your points unless you have 900 points. For years, a free drink came at 750 points. there are other gas stations friendlier and cheaper than yours. You need to be mindful I have the dollars like my fellow consumers to VOTE you
out of business. [protected] or Kathy Noble


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    GenuineNerd Jan 16, 2011

    I typically don't make an issue about Speedy Reward Points...I usually save them until I get enough for a $100 gas card. I also get a free fountain drink when I buy 6 (same for coffee), and 1000 points after buying 6 sandwiches, hot dogs, or pizzas. Being a frequent Speedway customer, those points can add up fast.

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  • Ea
    Earl H May 17, 2011

    My wife and i have been using speedway for 8 or 9 years now untill today, this morning i lost over 24, 000 points entering a contest to win a grill, in very small print it said "50 points per entry". who charges to enter a contest? when i called customer service the lady rudely told me "tough, when you hit the submit button you cant for cancel and recover your points" so this is my notice to speedway I cancel you and you wont get us back, allso I will advise my friends. Are my points worth losing me and other customers? I will go back to EXXON where customer service is FIRST.

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  • De
    dennis caswick Feb 03, 2018

    for the last three weeks i have had to drive to three speedways to find pumps that work or card readers that work . i think you guys need to hire some repair guys that know what they are doing . not cause there cheep. i am getting very mad . about having to drive a lot of extra miles to go to a speedway that is up on its maintenance. the old card readers worked ten times better . than the new ones that you you cant get your card out . only to be told your card did not read . if i did not have so many points i would not go back

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