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Speedway on 7400 3rd Street in Louisville, Ky 40214. Two Female speedway Employees are mistreated me with very rude ways and lack of Proffetionalism to me. Because l did not see the sign on the doors that said use the other so I try to open it but I dont see the sign so I finally use the other door to enter and when I enter to check my Lotto ticket so here she came with mean face by saying that this door is close if I can't see I need my eyes check then I said I didn't see it then she started saying causing words. This female im talking about is not her first time mistreating me so I said to her why when I come herw to get Gas you always mean to me and treating this way so today is her second time so tell why u always better to me and I didn't know her and she does know me but I always get my Gas here so what's her problem woth me? Then the second female rwplied and said I should go somewhere else then I left. This issue need to be address to these Employees and if is not and I go there again and they say something to me the speedway will hear from me and my Lawyer. I did get their names but next time it happens again I woll make surw I record it. These ladies need to be fired because they are making speedway looking bad and if the corporate did not do anything about this matter to stop this nonsense then Speedway will be sue one day if it let their Employees acted this way


  • Don'tBeAMoron Jun 19, 2018

    Wow. Good lord, it does seem like you need your eyes checked with all the egregious misspellings you have offered up here. I agree that you should go somewhere else. The highlights of your ineptitude are championed by your (1) lack of situational awareness and inability to read, (2) your sense of abject entitlement, (3) sounding like a cat did a backflip on your keyboard at random intervals while you proceed to projectile vomit the English language to any discerning reader trying desperately to identify with your plight to even a small degree. Spoiler alert, Ebert and Roeper are going to rate you two thumbs way down.

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  • Je
    Jelly Lassey Jun 19, 2018

    @Don'tBeAMoron I agree, Good God is what you need! I don't know what type of ignorant fool you think you are talking to my mother like that! Clearly, you know that English is not her first langauge but no worries she knows 3 other languages you don't. I've been in customer care long enough to know that's not how you treat people. People don't make mistakes?! Are you perfect?! If she went to the wrong door use your moral & respectful way to say "ma'am you used wrong the door, we can't cant use that door" and state your reasoning. She said she didn't see the sign, make sure it's big enough everyone can see the sign and no one can read chicken scratch, penmanship is important too.You coming for spelling check lol last time I check you could still read it. I'm proud of my mother for standing for herself against you rude [censored] in the meanwhile you'll see me soon I hope you got a good lawyer, oh tell your boss that BBB will be getting involved and so will cooperate. Have a nice bitter life! Btw, I don't know where your hands been you keep those thumbs to whom they belong to.

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  • Ta
    Taco Grande Aug 28, 2018

    @Jelly Lassey Good God is what you need too. First off, English doesn't need to be your first language for you not make so many spelling errors. You people with your English-isn't-my-first-language have no idea how offensive you really are to those of us who are native speakers and spellers, at least until someone like him comes along and tells you. It's like someone who doesn't do it right in YOUR language, so knock it off. I know 7 languages, and you know how hard it is to pull off syntax and nuance? English is laughably easy compared to Mandarin, Spanish, German, Latin, French, and Hindi. Lawyers? Kid, lawyers mean nothing. Sad to say, but people have overused the lawyer threat and if you don't speak English, you probably can't afford a lawyer either. Pay attention to where you're going is his, theirs, and my point. Do you just walk out into the street without looking? Yes, you probably do. You're probably hoping someone hits you, just so can lawyer up for a free meal. You're probably not white, but you are coming off as so white trash right now. Stop it. Take your own plea of "People make mistakes!" and apply it equally. They made a mistake, your mother made a mistake, you made a mistake, and he made a mistake. I'm making a mistake even by talking to you, but good grief what you said!

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  • Don'tBeAMoron May 16, 2019

    @Jelly Lassey Just now getting back to you. Sorry for the delay, I was out not making really daft mistakes at local eating establishments. You have no idea how many languages I know. But, just be content in knowing that I don't make the mistakes your mother did in any of them. Have a great day!

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