Southwest Airlinesflight cancellation followed by poor customer service

D Apr 03, 2018

Flight cancelled due to mechanical problems. No backup plane, no offer to put us another airline. Arrived in San Juan 20 hours late, just in time to board our cruise. Gave us phony hotel vouchers (after we asked for a hotel) for Fort Lauderdale, when arrived there hotel had no record of our reservation and was booked, all hotels in the area were booked also. Lost vacation time, sleep. They gave us each $200 airline voucher, then later $100 after complaining, but nothing more. Lost money due to hotel in San Juan did not use, plus out of pocket costs for food during the delay. Never offered food vouchers, didnt offer hotel vouchers until asked, didnt offer A boarding status - nothing but $300 vouchers for flights that expire in a year. Other airlines will put you on other airline flights to get you to your destination in a timely manner, Southwest will not and it is not like their fares are any cheaper, because they are not in general. $300 voucher is nothing compared to what we went through. Can't even get senior management to read my complaint, even though I asked. They say there is nothing more they can do. I asked to refund the full round trip flight plus out of pocket costs, well in excess of the $300 voucher value.

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