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Southwest Airlines complaints 375

Southwest Airlines - baggage claim

On dec 16th I flew back to Chicago midway from Lax airport, I checked my luggage 2 of them and, I left from Lax at 4pm and got into Chicago at 10 pm I did all my Christmas shopping In California, one...

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Sep 14, 2015

Southwest Airlines - damaged bag

Returned home from Tampa to Indy sat sept 12 on flight 1660. After waiting over 20 minutes for the bags to be taken off aircraft I received my luggage ripped and no longer usable. I have called every number on file for Southwest and continue to get the run around! Bottom line my bag was destroyed I want it replaced and NO one is willing to help! I plan to show photos of my damaged bag to every social media online and make sure Southwest gets a bad name for it! Theres no excuse for the condition my bag was left in!

Jul 31, 2015

Southwest Airlines - they haven't posted our tickets

The company scammed us for large sum of money. We ordered three tickets from them, but the seller promised to send these tickets by post. We waited 3 weeks and received nothing. We urgently needed these tickets, but the company ignored our emails and questions. It was really bad and unprofessional from their side.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - stolen personal item

My wife & I just returned from a visit (Nov 2 - 8th) to Sandals Whitehouse Resort in Jamaica. We departed Montego Bay/Sangster Intl for Atlanta on Southwest #1183 at 3:00 PM.

From Atlanta, we were on SW #3093 to Columbus, OH at 9:05 PM.m
Upon arrival to our home we proceeded to opened our luggage & immediately noticed that our zipper was not in the location (top) where we intentionally placed the zipper on all of our luggage. It became immediately obvious that the piece containing my wife's newly purchased diamond necklace (SKU 286146*48, Loc./ID Cntry 210CA TH, Description 18KY Neck D.26 SSteel BK C) from 'Columbian Emeralds' for $1, 615.50 plus $ 99.98 Protection Plan at the gift shop at Sansals Whitehouse Resort had been stolen after we left the hotel. The nice boxes used to contain the necklace were almost destroyed and lying on top of the contents vs. toward the bottom as packed. We Also checked for a TSA Notification Document and found none! We know the theft had to take place after departing the resort due to the fact that we always had a line of sight on our luggage while at the resort.

We searched 'each' piece of clothing along with the interior of the luggage 'four' times without locating the diamond necklace. At this time my wife broke into tears and hasn't stopped. The necklace was my wife's 28th wedding anniversary gift.

We have contacted our attorney as a fail safe. We were advised that he has worked cases similar to ours where his research/investigations established that it is not uncommon for airport personnel to X-ray luggage looking for metal objects. Subsequently the personnel removed the object. He is willing to litigate our case if our claim is disallowed. We pray this will not be necessary.

I am going to attempt to attach photos of the destroyed boxes in support of our claim. We will also obtain an affidavit signed by friends present while packing. Also attempting to attach a copy of our receipt.

Southwest Airlines - Rip off

I book flights a month at a time for my husband. This flight was booked at the beginning of February. The departure was for Wednesday 26 from Houston. Business took him to another city, so I called to cancel the departing portion of the flight. To my surprise, I received an email from Southwest stating "No Show". I called the customer relations department who stated that I needed to prove that I called to cancel the flight. I was quite upset since we spend thousands of dollars every year with Southwest since Hurricane Katrina. I was trying to check my husband in for the returning portion of the flight scheduled for Sunday, March 2, which has not arrived yet. I discovered they not only canceled the departing ticket but the return as well.
My husband flies every week with this airline. Apparently, they state that if the customer does not show for a portion of the flight, the entire ticket is forfeited. In my opinion, this should be illegal. You are taking money for something that has not occurred yet. You took the money for the returning flight that is not scheduled to leave until Mar. 2 @ 10:20. This is theft. I am not sure if there is any governance to such madness, but if there isn't there should be. Who regulates these tricks of the airlines to steal money from customers? Ripped Off! They cancel flights and steal money!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - 2 stolen bags

I am suing southwest airlines on the basis of the following and I recommend anyone who has the same or similar problem to do so immediately: In reference to the events that occurred and resulted...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - rude stewardess

This incident occurred on Air Tran flight #1 traveling from Cancun (12:50pm) to BWI. I entered the flight after a long restful week vacation to have to deal with a very rude stewardess name Erika. Not only did she gave a very nasty disposition when i asked for cream and sugar for my husband's coffee, but she constantly walked up and down the aisle hitting my arm and shoulder (she is larger than the average stewardess, and instead of walking down the aisle sideways, she switch her humongous hips down the aisle hitting several passengers on the flight. I was sitting in a buck head seat. There was no reason for her to constantly hit my arm and shoulder but only to attempt to aggravate me. I am a handicap individual with a neck, shoulder, and arm injury. At no time this did this stewardess pardon and/or apologize, or even check to see if I was okay after she hit me.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - pet policies

Boo on you…AirTran. The pet policies on AirTran are atrocious! FYI: I have already spoken w/ your customer service rep on Monday…day of flight…for 30 min. I haven't received any response yet. I'll see how long after Thanksgiving it takes for a response…if @ all. What's even more interesting is that Southwest's pet policy is: "Southwest Airlines accepts small vaccinated domestic cats & dogs. All in-cabin pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier, as indicated below & are subject to a $75 pet fare each way/pet carrier. The pet carrier counts as either a carryon item or a personal item." "Southwest Airlines allows only one pet carrier/ticketed Passenger."
"The carrier may contain two (2) cats or dogs & must be of the same species/carrier."
"The cat or dog must be completely inside the pet carrier & be able to stand up & move around the carrier with ease." This finding is particularly interesting as AirTran is NOW owned by Southwest & I followed SW's pet policy to a 'T'! Also the pet carrier I was required to purchase was nearly 1/2 the size of my carrier…& provided poor Mister Charlie far less room than Bailey Sue had in the carrier I already had. He certainly was NOT able to stand up & move around the carrier with ease…as it was quite evident when I witnessed the top of the bag bulging when he stood up.

Supposedly the policies have recently changed…however the policy stated on AirTran's own website does not reflect the 'new' changes.

My problem on Monday: While flying home for Thanksgiving…as I was waiting to board w/ my 2 precious small Maltese dogs…a 'NEW' policy was presented verbally that only 1 dog/carrier was allowed. This creates quite a problem b/c in order to do this it requires an extra carrier &…according to the 'NEW' policy…would require an extra person. As it now states…"Airfare for a pet is $75 one-way & is non-refundable. Six (6) pets are allowed with a limit of one (1) pet/paying customer traveling on the same flight." And THAT'S where 'they' got me! Nowhere did it state that 2 dogs can not be in the same carrier…nor does the current policy even have a weight restriction. But as soon as 'they' NOW noticed the '1 pet/paying passenger' policy…the issue was now 'that'…& not '2 dogs in the same carrier' issue. :0

See…I am a single young woman who has flown multiple times w/ dogs on AirTran & other companies…& have NEVER received this kind of mistreatment & humiliation…& @ the GATE no less! I nearly missed my flight d/t this last minute…'Oh we can't allow 2 dogs in the same carrier crisis.' (FYI: I had been sitting @ the gate since 9:30 am & flight did not leave till 11:08 am.) This pet carrier crisis wasn't brought to my attention until the flight was about to board!? :0| First…the claim by AirTran employee Stephanie Rutledge…was that only a mother & her pup could fly in the same carrier. Knowing that the 'current' policy did not state this…I replied w/ 'This IS her son. She's 5 & he's 2.' To which her response was: The pups must be of the same litter & under 8 wks old. That's when I required this 'new' policy be shown in WRITING. As her worried eyes skimmed the current printed policy…I could tell that it obviously did NOT have her statement in it. I even had to go so far as to bring it up on my iPad to prove to her that the policy she was holding (that I currently have in my possession)…was the SAME one on the internet. Then…& only then…did she latch on to the new '1 pet/flying customer' policy. And as I said previously…THAT'S where they had me! I was told I must purchase a 2nd carrier & pay an additional $75 pet fee. Their solution ONLY created more problems for me…cause NOW I had 3 carry-ons…& 'Oh Yeah!'…2 dogs in 2 separate carriers but only 1 paying passenger. :0{

If it hadn't been for 2 lovely angels…placed in my path Monday…I would still be in Tampa Airport stranded w/ no way of getting back home…to either of the 2. First the issue was I needed to pay for an additional pet fee & carrier…which easily totaled over $100. I had only a small amount of $$ on me & they would not even speak to my mother over the phone who was trying to do anything at this point to get me home. They wouldn't even attempt to manually type in the same CC # that I used to purchase my ticket, original pet fee, & checked luggage fee. They wanted the physical card now. That's when the 1st angel walked into my life in the form of 'Kim from DC'. She ended up paying w/ her own CC & would not even give me her address to repay her…OR to even send a thank you! She must have noticed my shirt I was wearing & told me 'It's fine…I ran the half marathon w/ you yesterday". It was like a breeze of fresh comradery had entered my solo circle of it's ME against ALL of 'YOU' mentality. In a clash of irony…the Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg had brought 2 first time race runners together in this time of crisis. Of course that's where AirTran employees had to shortly dash my hope w/ yet another one of their problems. I still needed a 2nd paying passenger for the 2nd dog. That's when my 2nd angel entered my life…in the form of 'passenger last name Norman in row 30'. She volunteered to take 1 dog during the flight & that's the info she gave me as she boarded the plane in case I was also allowed to board. Of course AirTran employees went so far as to look the info on the other passenger to insure its accuracy. And THEN…& ONLY THEN…was I able to board my flight for my quick 2 hr flight back home. Boy!…it sure seemed like they were doing more to prevent me from getting on that plane than helping me to board.

I wish that's where my troubles w/ AirTran stopped…but NO! :0( I was either treated rudely or snubbed by the gentleman supervisor attendant & 2 female flight attendants. Before we took off…as the gentleman was walking the isles…I requested his attention. It felt as if he was purposely avoiding me w/ his back turned so I called for his attention w/ 'Sir'. Then you would have thought another CRISIS happened. He turned around & in a very rude, harsh tone barked, "WHAT'S HE DOING OUT?!?!" I looked down at my feet to see the most adorable, sweetest little head had popped out of the small crapped carrier I was required to purchase that was nearly 1/2 the size of my carrier. It was Mister Charlie…my mischievous little guy…that was only trying to get some air out from under the seat. He also was flying for the 1st time solo & was more anxious…as they made me separate him from his mommy 3 rows up. I replied that he wasn't out…he had just 'popped' his head out. I was then lectured as to how the carrier was to remain closed @ all times! Even though the pet policy only states: "The pet must remain in the carrier & under the seat for the duration of the flight." Mister was NEVER out of the carrier OR out from under the seat. Nowhere does it mention that the carrier must be zipped up completely OR that the dog's nose or head can't be 'popped' out for air. How does AirTran expect animals to get ANY water during the flight w/ this factitious statement that was being enforced. He also made it a point to mention "…cause I've already spoken to the pilot & he knows if there's ANY problems with you…" Not sure what would have happened cause that's where he ended his threat. I was & STILL AM insulted that he felt he had to report me to the pilot…like I was a possible terroristic threat! All due to the INCONSISTENT…INACCURATE pet policies that need some major revamping & ENFORCED PROPERLY!

How in the world does AirTran expect anyone traveling solo to fly w/ 2 small dogs weighing roughly 10 lbs combined?!?! Well according to AirTran's 'new' pet policy…they can't EVER! Even if I chose to EVER support AirTran w/ my $$ again…I couldn't as the 'new' policy stands.

I obviously wish I had never had this undue stress put upon me…but if it had not been for AirTran's inconsistent & rude treatment…I would have never been able to experience the wonderful, generous, kindness of 2 totally complete strangers! :0}

If I had the financial resources & personal connections…I would LOVE to start my own airline for animals…particularly canines. This airline would NOT make you pay $150 for 2 dogs one-way…& then make you shove them under hot seats in a much smaller carrier than the one you already had. INSTEAD it would cater to humans & canines equally…allowing carriers…or even better yet…dog car seats…to be placed securely fastened in the seat right next to you! Your dog could be attended to properly…given adequate food & especially WATER! NOT thrown under a hot seat after paying more than most humans on the plane did for their one-way ticket.

In this day in age…I have a choice as to the companies I support w/ my $$. I most certainly WILL support the companies who value & RESECT both me & my dogs! BOO…BOO on you AirTran! :0{

Jul 16, 2012

Southwest Airlines - southwest airlines kicks sober passenger off

Southwest Kicks Allegedly Sober Passenger Off Flight for Seeming Drunk

Southwest Airlines is famous for occasionally and removing folks from flights for questionable reasons: being too fat, too gay, too weepy, too Muslim. Even your boobs might pose a problem. Now a private school principal tells us that she wasn’t permitted to board a flight because an employee told her she was wasted, even though she says was completely sober — and has the documentation to prove it. This time, however, Southwest’s defense goes beyond one employee’s discretion.

Last weekend, Erinn Chioma, the principal of a Wilmington, Delaware area private school, enjoyed a lovely mother/daughter excursion with her 15-year-old daughter, three of her colleagues and their daughters at the Essence music festival in New Orleans. On the evening of Monday, July 9th, the group departed New Orleans and headed home, arriving for a layover in Houston about an hour later. Southwest is the “official” airline of the Essence festival, so Chioma wasn’t surprised to find the terminal more crowded than she had ever seen it before; the final leg of the group’s flight back home was delayed for an additional 20 minutes. Chioma says she took that time to charge her phone, use the bathroom and buy a beer along with her coworker at Buffalo Wild Wings, which she took with her to the boarding gate in a clear plastic cup.

Back at the gate, Chioma says she noticed that the employees seemed “frustrated” about having to deal with the last minute gate changes and standby issues. When she approached the counter to inquire about the status of her flight, a customer service representative told Chioma that her flight would board in ten minutes but that Chioma would not be on it because she was too drunk to fly.

“I initially thought she was joking, as I was not drunk or under the influence of any substances, ” Chioma said. She told her daughter and colleagues to go ahead and board the plane — assuming that the situation would clear up as soon as she made it clear that she wasn’t wasted — and offered to recite the Gettysburg address or to say the alphabet backwards to prove that she was sober. In response, the Southwest employee asked Chioma if she was on medication. Chioma told her she took pills for ADHD, and the rep told her she shouldn’t have mixed medication with alcohol — a fact she knew, the rep said, because her son has ADHD.

(Okay, thanks, Doc.)

The employee gave Chioma a partial Hilton hotel voucher (she still had to pay $59.99) and asked if she wanted to call the police. Definitely, Chioma said. But, according to Chioma, the police officer who arrived at the scene told her the airline had the right to refuse service to passengers and, even though he could tell she wasn’t drunk, he couldn’t give her a breathalyzer because they’re only used in traffic situations. An observer urged Chioma to go to a nearby hospital and get a toxicology test to prove her sobriety. Chimoa’s daughter got off the plane and joined her mother, and they went to the hospital for a toxicology test — Chioma had a point to prove. As you can see from the photo of the report, provided to us by Chioma, her blood alcohol level was

The argument here is deeply flawed because the blood alcohol level was taken "a few hours after the incident, " meaning she may indeed have been under the influence at the time Southwest questioned her behavior.


Southwest Airlines - refund/poor customer service

I send a letter out in Sept. Certified via post office and I still have not heard back from Airtran... My original letter.

2nd Notice January 25, 2012
Original Date 1st letter was sent out September 28, 2011

AirTran Airways, Inc.
Complaint Resolution Officer
9955 Air Tran Boulevard
Orlando, Florida 32827

Re: To Whom It May Concern,

Because I know you will do a great deal to help me of my horrible airline experience, I feel I can turn to you with a matter that has caused me much personal frustration and even more wasted time. On July 26, 2011. I had a flight that was suppose to leave Las Vegas at 7am “Flight # 227” flying into Milwaukee. I did a online check and didn't have enough ink to print my boarding pass, which I figured I would print it at the airport. When I arrived at the airport I went to go print my boarding pass at the kiosk and discovered that there was no kiosk for me to print my pass. I was livid due to the fact that Vegas being one of the most popular tourist destination/airport and to not have a kiosk to print out my boarding pass was disturbing and not acceptable. I live in new york, which our airport size don't even compare to the size of Vegas Airport and the amount of people that travel through there, which we have a kiosk to print out a boarding pass. On top of that AirTran is not even up to date with technology out of all the airlines I traveled it's also disturbing that AirTran don't even offer paperless check-in. I should be able to use my PDA to check in with my boarding pass. My entire reason for doing online check-in is to avoid long lines and being able to go to my gate directly without dealing with an agent.

When I arrived at the airport there was a long line and two agents working at the time, which I had to stand on the line. When I finally got to the front which I still had 20 mins to make my flight. I was told that I will not be able to make my flight and would have to do a standby mind you I had no check in luggage. When I arrived at my gate I notice that passengers was still boarding the plane which made me more frustrated because I could have definitely board my flight.

I was place on a standby on the next available flight, which I did not make because it was full. I was then placed on another flight as a standby, which I finally made it on. “Flight #511” landed in Milwaukee where I had a 3hr delay, which I was not happy about. My whole day was wasted and was a complete disaster for me. I spent a total of 6 hrs extra in traveling on top of the 5 ½ hrs it takes to fly to NY. I lost a day of work and 6hrs of my time that I will never get back. As a business customer service is key and I felt like Airtran lacked that. Out of all the times I traveled throughout my life. I never had a bad experience or complained about my travels. I think that Airtran is unreliable and do not value there customers. From my experience and treatment I will never use your service again, as there are plenty of airlines that do value there customers. I rather take my business else where even if that means paying extra money to fly. I am requesting a full refund or complimentary round trip ticket. I look forward to your response, thank you in advance.


Shenese Brannon

Dec 20, 2011

Southwest Airlines - package deals scam

I recently traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada from Boston, Massachusetts using Air Tran Airlines. I booked both the flight and hotel accommodations for a group of six people through Air Tran’s website. The package I booked included a round trip flight with a layover in Milwaukee, Wisconsin both ways and two hotel rooms at Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas. The actual booking of the trip was very straightforward and easy. The website was user friendly and took very little time to complete the reservations. The website itself is very familiar to booking a trip on Expedia or other travel providers.
My complaint is from the events that occurred on the trip itself. When I went to check in for our flight the morning before we left the website showed six passengers with six seats next to each other. I went through the check in process and printed boarding passes. When we got to Boston Logan Airport our reservations were lost. The person at the main desk had no idea what went wrong or how to help us. We were left standing at the front desk for almost twenty minutes until the situation was rectified. We were lucky the plane wasn’t sold out because our seats were given to someone else. If the website allows a guest to check in for their flight and print boarding passes their seats should not be sold to other customers. I could not fathom the idea of how this happened but we were on our way to Las Vegas so in the scope of the trip it did not matter.
We landed in Las Vegas close to midnight. We got to the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino close to 1 am with hopes to check in and go to bed. This transaction did not go smoothly. The person working the front desk informed us that Planet Hollywood only received the reservation for 1 room from Air Tran and there were no other rooms available for the night. We were told there was nothing they could do about it until Air Trans Offices opened the following morning. Planet Hollywood ended up cleaning a room for us so we had a place to stay. The next morning we called Air Tran and were put on hold for close to 2 hours. Eventually we got the room situation fixed and we received our two conjoined rooms as planned. Air Tran did not offer any apologies for the trouble we went through. The only thing they were willing to do for us is to give us one $25 gift card towards future Air Tran travel.
This type of service is unacceptable. Although the convenience of booking a trip all at once is extremely appealing, the realization that there is no one around to help you when things do not go according to plan is disheartening. In this case, it was both a technology failure and a lack of personal interaction that made this service an absolute failure. I have booked a similar trip through Expedia and Orbitz in the past and it went extremely smooth. If the competition can get the service right why can’t Air Tran. The lack of cordiality pushed me over the edge. I had all of the paperwork saying I booked the trip appropriately so I did not appreciate the help desk people accusing me of lying. They should have apologized at a minimum and compensated me for my time lost waiting to check in, move rooms, and wait on hold for the next service representative. I will never fly Air Tran again due to this experience.

I would like AirTran to compensate me for my time lost and aggravation during my recent trip.


Southwest Airlines - open seating - not

My wife and I had B-40 B-41 SOUTHWEST airlines boarding passes. We had an A boarding pass from LAX to Vegas When we boarded the plane in LAS VEGAS - Albany ny, we saw 2 seats an aisle and middle seat...

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Oct 18, 2011

Southwest Airlines - scam

Airtran I won't be able to take my flight this week on the 4th. I wanted to go see my new grandbaby up there in Baltimore but I got the flu and its supposed to be bad weather up there and would make me even sicker. My husband aint getting around that good and wont use his walker so I guess we wont make it up to see that baby. We will have to wait for her to visit us. Just refund my credit card I used.

Did someone miss their medication?

Aug 09, 2011

Southwest Airlines - not happy

We flew Airtran last April from Orlando to Milwaukee. The next day we realized that my daughter left her Nintendo DS in the pocket of her seat. I was very disappointed at the run around I received from Airtran employees on trying to see if it was still on the plane. I was told the plane went on to Vegas and then cleaned. I am sure a contracted cleaning employee found it and kept it. When I called the next day another employee told me the plane was cleaned when it arrived in Atlanta. I had the tail # of the plane and someone could very easily have contacted the plane we were on checked our seat pocket to see if it was still there. Nobody could do that for me. Not sure if we will ever fly with AirTran again.


My AirTran flight was cancelled. The checkin agent gave me a voucher for an airport hotel stay. But with the voucher, it cost me $80. Expedia has the same hotel without this voucher for¨$68. This voucher is a joke. Don't fly AirTran. It's bad enough that they don't care about your cancelled flight, but to give you a voucher that costs you extra to stay at a hotel until the next flight? cut me a break.

After delaying our flight for 12 hours, it was finally canceled. Air Tran employees were not apologetic AND would not reimburse us for our cab ride home that night from the airport OR our cab ride back to the airport the next morning. Very poor customer service!

Sep 28, 2007

Rec'd 1 round trip pass for flight on confirmation #GTFS8G 3/18/2007. When I tried to redeem it, I was hung up on twice and then finally got some one who told me it was only worth $100. and I would have to call some other department. At this point I had spent over 30 minutes trying to obtain their redemption and gave up... If they don't intend to honor them, they should not issue them...

My family and I flew from Orlando to Laguardia on Sunday Dec 30. I have three young children; 3 year old twins and a 2 year old baby. Our flight was delayed nearly one hour that day so my young children were restless and tired from waiting for the flight to leave. I asked the gate attendant behind the counter if we would be able to board a bit earlier with the folks in wheelchairs since we had two strollers and was hoping that we would be offered some consideration for the difficulty my wife and I would have in boarding with our three carry-ons and three children.

Unfortunately, the AirTran gate attendant did not agree that we merited any such consideration and asked us to wait in line till our zone was called.

While waiting in line to board the plane, two of my children began to cry since we had to take them out of their strollers while they were half asleep. The gate attendant, who was the same woman that had refused my earlier request, appeared more annoyed than helpful.

When I handed all five of our boarding passes to her, for some unknown reason she refused to take them, stating that each individual had to hand her their passes separately.

I think it is completely outrageous to expect toddlers to stand on line and hand in boarding passes individually not to mention the inconvenience to the other passengers who had to wait while we explained the process to the children.

Considering not only our time, but the additional unnecessary delay & frustration to the rest of the flight's passengers, this represents the height of unprofessionalism and pettiness by your employee. With so many alternatives to your airline, I will be actively discouraging friends, colleagues and acquaintances from flying AirTran.

(By the way, the gate attendant is the gal who worked at Orlando airport at gate 97 between 2PM and 4 PM on Dec 30, 2007. I wish I had her name so I could post it as well)

sad situation

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - transfer funds policy change

I am very disappointed with southwest! I cancelled 2 tickets on April 25th because of a weather issue at the destination. I was told that I could use the amount for any traveler, not just the ticketed ones. Supposedly on April 29th, they decided to enforce the policy said to have been in place for 10 months and no longer will allow it. My son has been out of the country for nearly 2 years. We were trying to book tickets for my daughter and her boyfriend to meet my son and his fiance in Dallas. My daughter and son have not seen one another since he left. They have not met the other's new relationship. We have planned an entire week of family/friends reunion based on the fact that we had these funds to purchase tickets. Now, they are refusing to let me use the funds.

It is too far for my daughter and her boyfriend to drive because of their commitments at school. If we don't get this worked out, it will be 6 more months before they see each other as he is moving to the east coast the week after the planned events.

This is very upsetting! If that was the policy on April 25th yet not being enforced, why was I told that it could be done?

Please do something to take care of this. I was promised a phone call, but all I got was an email. Makes me feel like a very valued customer.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - ripping off their customers

Southwest airlines has a "new policy" that they never informed anyone about. If a person books a ticket for another passenger and the trip is cancelled, the buyer of the tickets will not get the other passengers flight miles back regardless of who paid for the tickets. This exact thing happened to me and it is my duty to inform other people. This must be a ripoff scam to compensate for money lost when their planes fuselage was ripping open in mid air. Please please please don't buy from southwest, they are knowingly ripping off good people.

SW doesn't even give you a chance to pay more if you want a refundable ticket..I don't care what you say this is ripping the people off.
And I will never fly SW again! Just a perfect example of the rich getting richer off those who have less!

If the ticket you purchased is non-refundable, it is indeed non-refundable. Tickets are, however, changeable for up to one year providing you pay the difference in fare if there is any. Southwest, unlike other airlines, does not charge a "change fee, " which can be very expensive. Moreover, once a ticket is issued, it is non-transferable. In other words, you can not travel on your friend's ticket even though you paid for it. This is true with all airlines and the rules are available at or via their 800 customer service line. Accordingly, Southwest is not getting away with anything, so please don't accuse them otherwise. It is your responsibility to know what you are purchasing before you do so.

I bought a ticket for a friend. She can not use the ticket now and Southwest said they could not allow me to use it or give me a refund. Southwest is stealing 400.00 from me. How can they get by with that?

This is not a new policy. The person who actually flies receives the frequent flier miles, NOT the person who pays for the ticket. The rules are available at or over the phone. It is my duty to inform you this policy is ubiquitous at all airlines and therefore is not a a rip-off or a scam, You should always know what you are purchasing prior to buying a ticket. The information is readily available.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - maintenance issue with flight

Hello on Monday June 13, 2011 I was scheduled to fly from Atlanta, GA airport to New York Laguardia airport flight #360. Flight was scheduled to leave @ 7:30 which of course it did not leave on time. But that is not my issue right now, the issue was that they let this airplane fly out of Atlanta and get half way to New York to tell us that we have to turn around and go back to Atlanta after being in the air for over an hour. My problem is that usually when people take those early morning flights it is because they may have some place to be at certain time and the earlier they fly the better. I am very disappointed that an airline would turn the plane around fly back to the departing station and not accommodate the passengers for their inconvience.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - rude

I had driven from Canada to Minneapolis and then taken Airtran from Minneapolis to Florida and the flight was pretty much okay. On the way back, (From Florida to Minni) 2 weeks later, it was a different story. We arrived to the desk where we got our tickets (myself, my friend and her parents), and the lady stated that only 2 of us had assigned seats, (my friends dad and myself) and if we go through security, then to our gate, we would be assigned seats. We go through security, and go to the gate only to be told "Okay go sit down and we will call you up". That never happened. 5 minutes before they began boarding, my friends parents walked up to the desk and made it clear that we still didn't have the 2 assigned seats. The lady began talking very rudely saying things like, "No YOU'RE not listening to me.. listen to what I'm saying... stop talking". There was also a man who was separated from his family, because the airline overbooked. They said, "well 2 of you can get on and 2 of your can catch the flight 6 hours from now". This was a big issue because we had driven from Canada, and it would have been hard to arrange where the 2 that left would wait. We then said, "okay well that guy can go with his family and we'll wait for the 6 oclock flight". We were compensated with first class to Milwaukee (not from Milawakee to Minni), 2 paid for hotel rooms when we arrived in Minni (it would be 11 by the time we landed) and 4 free round trips to anywhere the airline flies. This seemed fantastic and we were obviously happy. We get to Minneapolis, call the hotel we were supposedly booked in, only to discover that they did not in fact book us any rooms. We had called the shuttle already and there was no time for anything. We literally were stranded at the airport with NO hotel room because they lied and never booked our hotel rooms. It seems so unprofessional to lie to your paying customers, when you're just screwing your company up in the end. We're now planning a trip to Aruba, but I'm not sure if i'm able to trust this airline.


I have always been happy with airtrain but last week i flew from Baltimore to tampa to visit family and they lost one of my bags. I has been 1 week and i have not seen my bag. I saw my bag get into the airplane and get out but they claim they cannot find the bag. The worst thing is i had to pay $30 to send my bags and not they have lost one of my bags. My husband have been wearing the same clothes over and over again. They claim they have found my bad and was being delivery and that was 3 days ago i have not seen it yet. I will never fly airtrain again i will let everyone i know not to fly throught them.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Southwest Airlines - flight credit transfers

I purchased two tickets in April or May of 2017 and before the flight I changed my plans and drove to my original destination. When seeking options before canceling my flight I was told I coud use the credit or transfer the credit to someome else use. I decided to cancel. I called in November 2017 to clarify my credit for another vacation I was taking and decided not to use Southwest. When checking with Southwest I was told again I could use my credit or transfer it. In February I was planning another vacation and decided to drive versus fly. I actually wrote my confirmation # down during this conversation so I wouldn't have to call again and bother to get the number. I called in April to confirm use of tranferring of credit to my father for a vacation he was planning. I received the same story of tranfering credit but my dad chose to fly from the local airport instead of Denver. I finally placed an ad to transfer the credit to someone who needed to fly before June 12th (1 year after original flight). I arranged the details with the intended receipient and called Southwest to ensure ease of transfer- GUESS WHAT- the tickets weren't transferable anymore. I want to thank Marsha as the original contact who obviously didn't care to discuss it so she had me call Customer Relations. Then helpful Richard got on the line and basically took the stance No we can't. I was very reasonable despite my absolute anger now. No one seemed as helpful as they do on the commercials. They did offer to extend my credit after the one year deadline. Of course it'll be $50 per ticket charge. I don't know how they can change the rules and I have to agree with them. I can tell you one thing- Once this transaction is complete I can guarantee you I won't fly Southwest. I'd rather deal with integrity and pay the bag fees. Their commercials are actually kind of funny!

Nov 24, 2007

Southwest Airlines policy at stated on their website is that children between the ages of 5 to 11 flying unaccompanied by an adult will be preboarded and identified to the flight attendant as such. My 5 year old granddaughter was denied preboarding when her father attempted to arrange it with the boarding agent. Her distraught mother attempted to talk with the agent from California concerning the policy as it is stated, he handed the phone back to the father and said "forget her" Southwest attitude and refusal to abide by their own policy goes to show the real way that they actually feel about their customer base. We will never fly them again, and will do all that is humanly possible to spread the word of their complete disregard for the welfare of the children that fly with them.

A similar thing is happening to us. My husband cancelled a flight in Dec 2017 as my mother had passed away. He was given credit for the flight which has an expiration date of 8/23/11. It appears that we are going to have to use it or lose it as Southwest won't allow us to gift or transfer it and they won't refund it. They told us to ask for an extension on the expiration date "after the expiration date", however, after two e-mails to them asking whether they will definitely grant the extension, we rec'd a resonse saying that extension requests are not guaranteed. Guess we're flying whether we want to or not since we can't afford to lose that kind of money! Question: Has anyone out there been granted an extention to an expiration date on a flight credit by Southwest? We'd really like to know. Thanks!

I am with you 100 percent. I have the same exact problem with SouthWest. Whatever information they gave me is useless. They completely mislead me with the information that I could transfer my credit. If they would have told me differently I would have done something with it, but now I'm without opportunity to even use the ticket myself and lost out on almost 400 dollars. This new policy they created in April should not apply to those who signed up for a different policy prior to April. Unfortunately, as they say...they stole my 400 dollars. I will never again fly with SouthWest, as to let them cheat me a second time.

Apr 24, 2008

In this age of child abduction & child rape, why would any sane person put a 5 year old child on an airplane ALONE!

Southwest Airlines - items stolen

I had traveled with my family of four for spring vacation from San Jose to San Diego by Southwest flight 3369 Tkt no [protected] Confirmation no X6IVRD on 2ndApril 2011. When I collected my baggage at San Diego, I found that one of my Stroller/Bag was cut down partially on one side. I contacted southwest personal that inspected the baggage, lodged the complaint Report Number [protected] and replaced it. I asked me how it happened and as I have just arrived and to check whether every thing is fine in the bag. He informed that it may happened during TSA screening as the bag was locked. On reaching Hotel, I checked the bag & found my leather jacket, beauty kit, Sony Camcorder &Chargers of laptop daughters e-reader missing . I have tried to reach different departments, but to no avail.. My missing property amounted is around $1500.00.
I have heard that Southwest Airline has the most customer-friendly policy when it comes to checked luggage. but We are disappointed and feel as though Southwest Airlines baggage teams should collaborate more effectively and communicate with their customers. Mistakes happen, but Southwest should do a better job of handling customer concerns.
The airline crews are so friendly and outgoing... that image diminishes when you deal with the baggage office. The two are incongruent.

Damage Report Receipt Number [protected]
Taken date 04/02/2011
PNR X6IVRD; BAGTAG: [protected]

First, it is unfortunate what happened to you. Southwest did the right thing by replacing the bag. However, when you lock a bag and theft occurs, it is not unreasonable to assume the TSA played a role. Unfortunately, the TSA remains outside the purview of Southwest. You might want to consider filing a report directly with the TSA instead of the airline. As for the attitude of baggage employees, imagine what it is like to be blamed and yelled at all day for things you had nothing to do with. Every customer is a complaint. It's stressful indeed. No imagine that you are being paid substantially less than the cheery people who provide such great customer service in the cabin. Although what happened to you is unfortunate, blaming people who had nothing to do with your mishap and then chastising their attitude is just arrogant.

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