Southwest Airlinescancelled flight #141


Our returning flight #141 was cancelled last minute to Oakland, CA. We were first told that it was due to fog, but after questioning why an earlier flight to Oakland took off and flights to San Jose were taken off as scheduled. We were then told our flight was cancelled due to maintenance. We arrived after debarking a cruise ship and which our toddler daughter was ill and had a fever. This was supposed to be an hour and a half flight. Which would get us home in enough time to take our daughter to see her doctor. However, our flight was cancelled and we were given two options to get on a flight to Phoenix and then catch another plane to Oakland, this was over a 4 hour flight or wait until 8pm for another non stop flight to Oakland. After explaining our situation with a sick toddler neither of these options would work, it was suggest we take an earlier flight to San Jose a city near Oakland. With no real good options we choose to fly to San Jose. We were guaranteed on a 3:55pm flight which was a 6 hour wait again with a toddler with a fever. However, we were told that we would be placed on an earlier flight as stand by, which after waiting for two earlier flights hoping to get on as a stand by, eventually found out that we actually were not on a stand by list cause we had guaranteed seats on a later flight. So we were lied too, probably to get us to be quiet about the inconvenience and our ill child. So after waiting 6 hours we got on a flight to San Jose, had to be Uber to Oakland ($65) where are car was parked, fighting 2.5 hours of traffic and another hour ride home. Getting home after 9pm. This was a horrible experience for us, plus they sent our baggage on the 12:15pm flight to San Jose so worrying that all our luggage would be there once we arrived. I want Southwest to return our returning flight charges and our Uber cost to Oakland. That is the least that can be done for the inconvenience and the stressfulness of this experience. Plus the lack of concern for our ill and feverish toddler. This was unacceptable service!

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