Sonic Drive-Inattitude

Child I ordered a banana split and was told they didn't sell them at this sonic but I wasnt told that when I ordered. I had to wait till this liquor drinking dehydrated looking carhop came out to my car with an attitude because she looked like she was about pass out. The order didn't take nearly as long as everyone else is claiming theirs takes. Mine only took 16 minutes and we had ordered two cheesesteaks. The homicidal woman that came out to my car was like ohhhh child its soo hott out here. Now you are an obviously menopausal aged woman who knew that when you put in the job application. Don't complain to me about it being hot. Complain to your manager. What I didn't like is that she hovered around my vehicle even after handing me the food to try to see if there would be any other issues. So I told her about the girl taking my order saying they had banana splits. Then she was like we aint got no banana splits. Poor grammar skills. Then I was like well what she put that on my receipt for. Then she was like im gonna take a look at that for you.. Then I heard her mumble to herself. We aint got no damn banana splits. She thought I didn't hear her but I did. Then I jaked my receipt from her and said she didn"t put it on there no way. I had an attitude as well. Wont be coming back but she aint gonna last long anyways. And a [censored] named shan on judson road is a hog mouth tramp that works in the morning. Get rid of her too

  • Updated by Jack Daniels-Son, Aug 25, 2019

    i went to this locations facebook page. they sent me a computer generated message. I hope they do something about this REJECT that works there because i don't put up with sloppy service.

Aug 25, 2019

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