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F Aug 12, 2018 Review updated:

We to Sonic, Lake City Florida to approximately 2:30 PM to treat my grandchildren to slush (happy hour and cheese sticks). Waited at the drive thru for 10 min, line did not move. Went to the hop menu kiosk, still no answer. Then I went to the kiosk in front of store still no answer. I was not the only one. Waited to answer food at least 25 minutes. Seen at least 5 customers leave. While at the front kiosk, the cook came out and he said the manager was busy and couldn't come out. He said that the crew was short, have patience. Finally I got a chance to make a kiosk order and ordered four green apple slushes and four orders of cheese sticks, plus. I was told the slush machine was broken. After more than 30 minutes waiting to make an order, the slush machine was broken. Disappointed in my favorite fast food restaurant. Service was less than poor. We were told by the cook that if we wanted something from Sonic we should go to Gainesville about 45 minutes away. I hope this type of service can be turned around because I hate McDonald.


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    9wood Aug 12, 2018

    atleast the cook was nice and told you

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