M Aug 06, 2018

I went to a SmartStyle shop in Walmart yesterday. There was only 1 person there cutting hair. I was a little leary because he was a black man with 1 eye. I know that cutting African American hair is different than cutting Caucasians hair. But, i went ahead & let him cut it because i was in serious need of a haircut. I showed him 2 PICS on my phone of the cut i wanted. MY HAIR IS HORRIBLE & LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE PICS I SHOWED HIM! I just hope that my hair can be fixed. I'm afraid to let anyone from SmartStyle cut my hair. The last 2 times i went to SmartStyle my hair was messed up. I'm willing to let a MANAGER or ASSISTANT MANAGER try to cut my hair the way i want it. BUT, I WILL NOT RETURN TO SMARTSTYLE FOR FUTURE HAIRCUTS. Here's my name & cell phone number Melissa Lowrey [protected]... Thank you

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